While browsing through my computer, I found a whole bunch of Bosco and Tavia screencaptures that I’ve previously made from Heart of Greed while I was watching it, but didn’t end up putting them up on this blog. I remember that I wanted to make a post just for them because Tavia just looks sooo pretty =D and I quite like this couple. So, here they are! ^^ (Not in any particular order)

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  • Summer says:

    haha.. tis screencapture is nice, i oso got done it… cos u know la, Tavia & Bosco is my fav…u can see it at my web… sligthly abit same la… now i m doing On The First Beat screencaptures, stil not finish yet, later once finish will upload to my web… haha…

    ei, KTVB, done some on Dak Dak Dei wif Siong joi Sum or Siong Joi Sum wif Alfred la, i oso done it lioa.. wanna see urs too..haha…

    u know, i love visit ur web .. is interesting..

  • KTVB says:

    lol, I already made HEAPS of screencaptures for Seung Joi Sum and Alfred in all my other Heart of Greed Post XD

    P.s: Thanks for your continuous support, Summer =)

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : oh.. ic.. .okok…. haha..

  • Socks says:

    Aww. =D This post made my day.

  • groovy says:

    aww nice captures K Jackie & Gilbert are a gorgeous couple..one of my fav now after HOG : )  pity so little time of them in HOG ma..

  • T says:

    nice screen shots in that bottum left one it’s kind of the same “hug” for natalie on seventh day… that weird “hug”

  • tvbauntie says:

    Lovely Bota screencaps! Thanks! Love Bota – they were fantastic as a couple in HOG!

  • Winnie says:

    thx so much for the screen capture of Bota!!!!

  • Summer says:

    in Heart of Greed la, Bota Moment ( Jackie & Gilbert ) the moment tat i love to watch most is while they married , play golf ( their 1st meet moment ) , everytime Gilbert kiss Jackie forehead and while Dai Kai giving advise to them to get back to each other , they both with tears on eyes and saying they stil love each other while Dai Kai ask… they few moment is most i love to watch in HOG… feel so sweet and romantic lo… haha….

  • groovy says:

    my Jackie-Gilbert moments(random order):

    -forehead kisses(so feel like he really love her for real =D)
    -wedding scene(cos its been years since i’ve liked a wedding scene from TVB)
    -court slap(ouch! emotionally)
    -and lots more mah..

    Too bad this pairing is not popular :(. Personally I think Bosco-Tavia gives a lot more sparks than Bosco-Myolie.

  • Summer says:

    Groovy : actually la… i do love Bosco pair Tavia more then Bosco pair Myolie lo.. i feel tat, Bota is more match and they really looks like a pair of sweet sweet couple, then…

    did u log in to You Tube to watch back Bosco & Tavia at Yuen Siew Cheong ( Kao Fu Bo ) chat room.. to promote Heart Of Greed, there got around 7 video ar…. i did watch all.. u can see they both is just like couple, and u will see Tavia feed Bosco ate potatoes chip la..then help Bosco to wipe his mouth la… while seeing his mouth got some chips ..then.. u wil see, Tavia will sometimes give a hug to Bosco la.. is just like a pair of sweet couples lo… if u never seen it, can log in to my web, i did upload all 7 vidoe in my web… is so sweet.. if compare wif Linda & Mosses while they at chatroom.. but Linda & mosses i did not upload in my web.. haha.. cos i only love to see Bosco & Tavia la… haha….


  • groovy says:


    I know! I saw the chatroom too, they are natural and not awkward with each other, so cute and pleasant to watch 😀

    Bosco-Tavia gives more feel to me than Bosco-Myolie and I like that they have very different kind of relationship and characters in DB and HOG ^^

    and I also like that there are people like u summer and K who like Bota too and made nice screenshots of them :D.. hehehe

  • Summer says:

    groovy : haha… yaya… u saw it…. while i watching it.. oh.. is so sweet and so happy to see them act in tat way lo.. haha….

    Groovy, hope so u enjoy viewing my web site lo… welcome u always…

  • KTVB says:

    I think those moments you guys mentioned were most of their scenes XD

    I actually liked the two in HOG more than DB

  • Summer says:

    KTVB: yaya.. me too.. i oso love to see them in HOG , rather then DB …. er.. may b, in HOG, can see that they always in nice wearing, both of leng chai & leng lui..so love to see their wearing in HOG, plus.. in HOG leh…. sometimes will see their happy & sweet sweet moment, sometimes will feel sad and cry for when they were in quarrel moment… haha.. any way, did love BOTA alot… haha…. 

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : why..suddenly Chan Chung LIng appear de.. haha…she’s pretty too… but seldom see her on screen lo….

  • bubblegurl says:

    love all the tavia&bosco screencaptures in the heart of greed serie three parts i love the best are the slap across the face by tavia to bosco,bosco’s mom,himself,tavia. Coming into tavia’s house till the end of the chapter,and the part where tavia know’s the truth why bosco side with his stepmom

  • kinki says:

    tavia and bosco are great together

    they look so compatible..
    tavia’s hairstyle’s cool
    and bosco looks good too

  • Shurlee says:

    Heeyy!! Thanks for posting these!! I love them!!
    Bosco and Tavia are so cute together and are so romantic in Heart Of Greed!!
    BoTa 4ever!!
    x x x xx

  • ka4 says:

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