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    Growing Through Life

  • 2/3 way through the series already! I can just feel all the “drama” building up and about to KABOOM and explode lol
  • A lot happened during these episodes. There was a lot of focus on Bosco, Toby and Cecilia. Shortly after Bosco started pursuing Toby, she gets into a serious car accident, causing her legs to become disabled.
  • Bosco seized this opportunity to “show his continuous love and support” for Toby. This eventually moves Toby and her parents and the two become a couple.
  • It’s kind of strange watching Bosco and Toby together. I don’t see the two as a couple  because from our perspective, everything is a lie. We can clearly see he does not love Toby at all and is simply using her, yet is able to deceive everyone else so well that no one suspects him. With the support from Bosco and her family, Toby undergoes treatment and she slowly recovers and is able to walk again…From watching this whole situation, I am actually grateful that Bosco was there and gave her the courage to continue to live on. I don’t know what Toby would do without him. Does anyone think the “good  Bosco” would have been there for Toby out of sympathy..?I wonder if Bosco will eventually fall in love with Toby for real..?
  • I absolutely loved Cecilia’s acting in these episodes. All those emotions from all the devastation were expressed really well.
  • Firstly she  was traumatized by her daughter’s condition, causing the baby inside her to become unstable. She was also the one who did the hard bit by telling her daughter that she has become disabled! Feeling completely helpless, her suspicions also started to arise and she starts to suspect Damien and Raymond’s mother’s relationship from various clues.. The whole world felt like it was falling on her and I really felt sorry for her. The scene where she went crazy digging through Damian’s thing-determined to find evidence of  his “affair” with Raymond’s mother was so sad to watch..she became a total mess and eventually finds a box. She was so scared to open it and be confronted with “the truth”. She eventually does to find photos of her and Damien during their anniversaries together. I was SO RELIEVED!! I seriously did not want Cecilia to find out because I know it will shatter all the happiness she has.. It was also very comforting and reassuring when Damien showed Cecilia a lot of love and care and “told her” about he went out of Raymond’s mother in the past to clear any further suspicion she had..unfortunately the inevitable happened. Bosco emailed over the blood test results to Cecilia, revealing Damien and Raymond’s father and son relationship!! Because of this, Cecilia loses focus and accidentally falls down the stairs, losing her baby 🙁 I was actually relieved it wasn’t Bosco who pushed her down the stairs …
  • Growing Through Life

  • Bosco convinces Cecilia not to reveal  the truth to Damian yet for Toby’s sake..This allows Bosco to use Cecilia by “being on her and Toby’s side” to take her revenge on Damien and Raymond. To win points from Cecila by being part of her family, Bosco proposes to Toby and the two will be getting married! Knowing that Damian plans to hand over his business to Raymond, Cecilia is determined that the business should belong to Toby/Bosco and not Raymond…
  • I think Bosco and Toby getting married is way too quick lol but I guess the story must proceed..At this time, Song Wen Fei (Ella) shows up again! hehe I think she’s come back in the perfect timing. She’s back to fight for Bosco and I couldn’t help but root for Bosco and enjoyed how he consistently rejected her yet she still blindly “chases after him” (I know, I’m evil lol) Ella has come back different now..she’s more obsessed than before and she’s willing to give up everything for Bosco because she realised she cannot live with him. Bosco joked to her saying he “may consider” her if she becomes richer/wealthier than Toby/Damian’s business (which is impossible in my view..) They are HUGE! But Ella would not give up and she’s willing to “put herself out there”  to get her way around with other business men..I wonder where all this would lead to..Will she just become another tool of Bosco?

Growing Through Life

  • As you can imagine though, Song Wen Fei’s return has caused Raymond to go all ‘messed up’ again… He still loved her so much. It was heartbreaking to see him so hurt again because of her, especially when she showed him her wrist where she attempted to kill herself many several times for Bosco! He wanted to be with her yet she kept pushing him away and rejecting him (just like her to Bosco really) The scene where Raymond hugged Song Wen Fei and said ” Please, please stop torturing yourself” reminded me of his scene with Charmaine in “The Drive of Life”.

Growing Through Life

  • I felt sorry for Ziqi when Raymond constantly defend for Song Wen Fei and kept yelling at Ziqi because of her. Poor Ziqi!! She did so much for him yet that’s what she gets in return..Ziqi has been so sad watching Raymond care so much for Song Wen Fei who clearly does not love him. Ziqi finally burst into tears and confessed her feelings to Raymond.. Unfortunately he did not feel the same way, and had never even considered her. Oh wells..it’s a good starting point for him to know lol Can’t wait to watch the scenes where Raymond finally falls for her ^^

Growing Through Life

  • The end of episode 20 was pretty sad, especially watching Raymond’s crying scenes- both at the hospital and when he was hiding in the kitchen crying 🙁 🙁 The only comforting thing was that Ziqi was with him..
  • Growing Through Life

  • Ziqi saw the the whole argument scene between Raymond’s mother and Damian just before Raymond’s mother died of heart-attack…I have a feeling  she will keep this from Raymond  for Raymond’s mother’s sake..but would eventually reveal this later on at crucial times..
  • Raymond absolutely hates Damian now..yet at the same time I feel so sorry for both of them.  Damian’s bound to feel guilty for the rest of his life- with no one to talk to..
  • Growing Through Life

    Growing Through Life

  • It’s kind of weird how all this happened during Bosco and Toby’s wedding, but I guess the audience wouldn’t care much for them anyway (at least I didn’t)  since we know Bosco doesn’t actually like Toby and no one wishes for their happiness..I’m surprised Song Wen Fei didn’t show up either lol Thought she’d be desperate enough..
  • All in all..the whole mess was caused by Bosco..and poor Cecilia too who has no idea of how much Bosco had distorted the truth and manipulated her..everyone is becoming Bosco’s puppets.. I can’t wait til everyone his Bosco’s real side

31 Responses to “[Growing Through Life] Episode 16-20 Scribbles”

  • chibi says:

    waahhh..juicy drama XD Sounds quite good (though very typical…and predictable, hehe)

    Bosoc is such a tool, and so sad for Cecila’s loss of child..

    • KTVB says:

      hehe yeah I can kinda guess what was gonna happen but I’m still enjoying it quite a bit because of Raymond and Bosco xD

      Cecila’s baby was a boy too! 🙁 And knowing that Damian always wanted to have a son… At the same time, Raymond IS his son..oh dear..

  • echizen says:

    I can’t wait for your updates 🙂

    p/s: my friend told me that episode 20 has a legendary crying scene from Raymond and is a must watch for Raymond fans. Hehe I know you were waiting for Raymond’s climax in this series. This must be it 😀

  • sarah says:

    I also felt relieved when i found out that Cecila tripped by herself and not by Bosco. Means that Bosco is not FULLA bad Bosco yet! Phew…
    It’ll be so dreadful to watch since i know that Hanson will soon find out that his best buddie Bosco will betray him! ): ): I really can’t wait to watch all those emotional scenes of Raymond! Can’t wait!
    I agree with the scene that reminds you of Charmaine and Raymond in DOL! It does remind me also when i was watching that!
    Very excited for you episode 20 update! :p

    • echizen says:

      Linus just want to get back at Damian I suppose. He never intended to hurt Cecilia’s baby. It was shown by his reaction when Cecilia fell 🙁

      • KTVB says:

        I know..but still indirectly his fault..just look at the grin on his face. Still- he didn’t have the intention to..

        • echizen says:

          Lol yeah indirectly is his fault, just that at this time he still has conscience and never intending to hurt Cecilia physically. He was smiling because he knew Cecilia “knows” but when Cecilia fell Linus rushed forward and was anxious. It shows he still has the “good” side in him 🙁

  • leon says:

    I think the best scene of Cecilia is when she woke up. It’s very hard for her to see Damien, Raymond and Raymond’s mom sat that, like a family while her daughter was stood far away.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea! Especially when they were saying things like “Doesn’t matter about the loss of the child, as long as you’re ok” . I can imagine what’s going through Cecilia’s mind: it was like Damian was saying “I always wanted a son and now I already have one, so I’m content”. Obviously that’s not what Damian was thinking, but yeh. Poor Cecilia!

  • misstila says:

    this drama is gettin better and better. but omg im starting to hate bosco’s character so selfish and mean but i guess it’s a more realistic approach in life. i don’t really like toby’s character at first she was ok but she’s actually really selfish too. i loved that part when ella was crying and bosco rejected her. i feel so bad for ziqi tho =[ and even though bosco didn’t push cecilia it was his fault if he never emailed the results to her she wouldn’t have fell down the stairs. -..-“” but yea wasn’t there a scene during the theme song when he shoves/kicks damian? lol i think bosco will turn out to be soo bad :,[

    • KTVB says:

      People change because of many factors and we can clearly see the cause of Bosco’s one. Raymond didn’t really do anything wrong to him but because of the way people treated Bosco and Raymond,he became so jealous (Bias from Damian, favouritism from Dominic, Rich/poor background and being looked down upon) I wonder if Bosco knows that Ziqi is not the type of girl to like Raymond only because he was rich. Either way, the fact Ziqi liked Raymond just made him more angry..
      All Bosco wants is power now!

      Yea I love watching Bosco reject Ella hehe That girl really needs to seriously wake up. At least he’s not leading her on or anything. And I find it amusing that Ella thinks Bosco’s only doing it (marrying Toby) to take revenge on her. “Hate” being the other side of “Love”. I loved how Bosco told her that she’s overestimating the importance of her in his life lol But I think she’s still in denial.. I hope I never become one of these helpless love-sick girls..there are people like Ella in this world…

  • Snow says:

    i loved the part fung hugged wenfei and told her not to hurt herself anymore :)) but yea, im so annoyed at wenfei! she came back even more… lunatic lol.

    i absolutely, totally adore ziqi! 😀 she’s such a sweetheart… loved it when she pushed wenfei after wenfei slapped fung. and the confession scene was memorable too :))

    i dnt entirely hate bosco but still he’s really getting so mean >< and although i understand cecilia for being upset, i do feel sorry for damien lol because he had no idea wats going on

    • KTVB says:

      I love those confrontation scenes too! The “slap” then “push” and then yelling back and fainting XD Have you seen Drive of Life? If this was put into the same love story line as Drive of Life- Ziqi would be seen as playing Myolie’s role and Raymond would end up back with Wen Fei (Charmaine) in the end (Thank god that won’t happen lol)

      I feel sorry for Damien because he’s doing the best he can..he can’t change what has already happened in the past, but looks like Cecilia will never forgive him 🙁 Poor guy..and yes! Like you said..he has no idea what’s going on!

      • Snow says:

        i only watched bits of DOL here and there… my friend told me it is very long-winded lol but i think i’ll finish it up once i’ve watched all the other series on hand now~ but charmaine’s character surely isnt as crazy as ella right?

        yea… damien is a nice guy, big change from the beginning!

  • Christine says:

    yaaay! you got a new banner<3

  • echizen says:

    Haven’t watch episode 20? I know you’ll love it because it’s the saddest episode so far and Raymond is the focus of this week 🙂

    • Snow says:

      it IS the saddest episode… i was crying along with fung, both at the hospital and in his kitchen at home…. never crossed my mind that his mom would just leave like this TT

      my heart ached seeing fung cry… he really executed that last scene so well!!! the way he was crying so heartbreakingly while ziqi also cried with him… thats such a beautiful scene and i believe they will become a coupld because of this

  • cooldudejohn says:

    wow, seems like a lot of drama! maybe this would encourage me to actually watch the series! been soo busy. Havven’t even started on CBML!!

  • mee says:

    hi, does anyone know where to grab the pinyin lyrics for this theme song… love this song. but struggle to findn it 🙁 ray has an amazing voiceeee

  • mee says:

    oh reali.. thank u so much =D

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