As I am really busy during this period and do not have enough time to spend on this blog, I’ll be jotting down my thoughts on the TVB series as quick scribbles. This will ensure you’ll get more regular updates from me 🙂 Apologies for the draft-ness of my upcoming posts. Hope you guys enjoy what I have to share! [May contains spoilers]

    Raymond Lam in Growing Through Life TVB

  • Raymond’s character reminds me of his role in Moonlight Resonance. The sweet kind-natured guy that everyone loves (He even wears a similar style checkered shirt). Family and morals are the most important things to him and he believe people should be steady and not take shortcuts. I felt really sorry for him from Episode 1 when he was trying so hard to run his father’s business and protect it from his evil Uncle. Based on the trailer’s I’ve seen, it looks as though Raymond’s character will suffer a lot more- facing many betrayals from his loved ones..bound to be a lot of tears! I’m already fearing what will happen to this poor guy, but looking forward to his growth and maturity as he “grows through life”. As he faces all the challenges in life, its not had to predict he may end up losing himself in the process. Guess we’ll just have to watch more to see.
  • At first I thought Damien would play Raymond’s father. Then I found out I was wrong- he played Raymond’s greedy Uncle. The families are in bad terms with each other ( Damien towards Raymond and his mother) and it was frustrating to watch the first two episodes when we saw how far he pushed Raymond to a corner for his own greedy business desires. It had to be for a reason- and it seemed pretty obvious that he was jealous and hated his brother -Raymond’s father (who had passed away). It’s indeed interesting seeing Damien take on this role- it’s a bit different to his usual. When Raymond’s mother mentioned to Damien about him owing her, or she and Raymond’s father doing something wrong to him in the past, I was thinking “did Raymond’s mother use to go out with Damien? Don’t tell me Raymond is actually Damien’s son…” In episode 4, the first part was revealed. Looking at the hints from Raymond’s mother’s flashback and opening sequence, I have a feeling my latter thought may also be true too…
  • Raymond’s fiancee is quite pretty and I was surprised when she was speaking Cantonese (own voice without dubbing ^^) It may be her face expression but I keep getting the impression she’s sad most of the time. Even though I didn’t know her character that well in episode 1, I was disappointed that she let her brother betray Raymond =X
  • Bosco’s character is rather cool. He’s quite smart, fun and caring. I really like watching his appearance. Clearly he is a lot more business orientated and intelligent compared to Raymond.  I’m really happy he is here to help Raymond in his family business- going against Damian. Raymond would be so lost without his help as Bosco often comes up with most of the resolutions. Unfortunately for this reason, I really fear when he betrays Raymond and becomes ruthless. You can tell he’s someone who is very competitive and can achieve much more. For many years, Bosco’s father constantly compared him to Raymond. While he may not show it now, I fear somewhere inside him, he will not stay loyal towards Raymond. I can see he far exceeds Raymond’s ability to run a business. Maybe I’ve seen too many trailers..I should enjoy “good” Bosco now while I can hehe

  • I felt really sorry for Bosco when they revealed his past relationship with Raymond’s fiancee! Bosco was so angry with her when she broke up with him “If you don’t love me then I have nothing to say. But if you’re not staying with me  because I’m poor- I will never forgive you!!” The sad thing from all this is Raymond’s fiancee already agreed to marry Raymond but when she meets Bosco again (after 5 years?), she realised she still loves him 🙁 It’s clear that she loves Bosco more than Raymond and is having doubts *sigh* She was  very disappointed that Bosco acted as though they never dated each other before- as if it was no big deal. She kept trying to get his attention but he didn’t really give her any which made her more upset. Oh dear…what is she doing!!! Things are gonna get ugly..the wedding will not go ahead..
  • Cecilla’s quite pretty in the series! I like her character a lot and how she’s trying to reconcile the “Hoi” family relationship
  • The “spy” Damien sent to Raymond’s company is pretty funny. I think she has some resemblances to Toby. She tries to act innocent and “lost” to get away with things. I don’t think she’s that pretty might take some time to get used to her.
  • Whilst I am currently enjoying the series and wanting to watch more, the series is somehow predictable. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve seen the trailers or read the synopsis- or maybe have watched too many TVB dramas with TVB reusing ideas or exploring similar themes. TVB also gives it away through the opening theme video which makes me think my prediction may be correct…

24 Responses to “[Growing Through Life] Episode 1-5 Scribbles”

  • chibi says:

    haha that was a fun read! It didn’t feel drafty to me at all, so good job!

    After hearing your thoughts, I’m still undecided whether this is worth watching or not? The trailers looked very though, too bad it’s kinda predictable.

    What to watch..

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks chibi! 🙂

      I know what you mean-such dilemma~ Predictable is one thing, but watching it play out is another. Looking forward to seeing the story unfold and more of Raymond and Bosco 🙂

    • faithict says:

      i agreed with you chibi…i still do not know if this is worth watching yet…i thought about waiting for a while and see how the review is before start watching… 🙂

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I have to agree, the series is quite predictable. I’m watching it cause I really enjoy watching Raymond’s fiance and I’m looking forward to the Toby-Bosco. But something tells me that this relationship is like a one-sided love…

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..I can imagine the one-sided love from Toby to Bosco. And I can imagine Bosco using Toby too XD Or maybe I’m just thinking too much lol

  • echizen says:

    The story looks predictable but most of the cast makes it up for me, and I haven’t seen Bosco’s acting since Don Juan De Mercado which was so short 😛

  • sarah says:

    Agree that it’s actually quite predictable but i think it’s actually a good drama! 😀 Although sometimes, i get lost from all the business talk!

    • KTVB says:

      I’m ok with the business talk (makes more scene than Maufacturing car parts in Driving Through life lol- or maybe I just start to zone out XD)

  • Snow says:

    i agree with u, just thinking about how bosco will be betraying fung later makes my heart pain now lol! from the trailers, we can see that fung really executed his crying scenes so well! he’s got a huge load of heartache in front of him 🙁

  • An Pham says:

    wow if this is drafty than i don’t know what i call my school essay anymore?

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks An Pham XD This one turned out less draft that I thought it would be ^^; Are you following the series too?

      • An Pham says:

        how can i? it’s not dub in vietnamese yet!!! i sooooo can’t wait for it!!! there just starting to dubb “when lanes merge” so i still have a long wait to go

  • misstila says:

    for some reason i really like this drama though its interesting and it’s more realistic than the other tvb dramas. and i don’t think damien’s character is that evil as the way others perceive him as. and one thing i don’t agree with you is i think raymond’s fiance is ugly and shes really selfish shes my least favorite character here >.<

    • KTVB says:

      I think Damien has really good acting skills- there are times where you dislike him, and other times you can sorta see where he is getting at. I think it may be true that almost all his decisions are business-orientated.

      I really dislike the selfish, arrogant greedy side and the way he treats Raymond- taking over Raymond’s father’s business. He constantly justifies that everything he is doing is for the best for the company. At times, I’m actually convinced. (He clearly believes he is the better businessman to run the company, so goes through all means to steal Raymond’s father’s business). Only leaving a small electrical appliance factory to Raymond because he couldn’t see the business value of it- later wants to take it over too when another business man was interest in the land and was willing to exchange it for some other large projects. However, at the end of the day- its to fulfill his own selfish interest-money and business are the most important things to him. He does what he wants and disregards family and everything else that is important to others.

      No matter how he tries to cover it up by saying its “business decision”, I think he’s just bias/bitter towards Raymond and his mother..

      At other times, I like watching his relationship with his wife (Cecilla) and daughter (Toby). I think he does love them a lot but have different priorities. I think he’s pretty good with sweet-talking/chasing girls when he wants to- specifically referring to the scene where he was trying to cheer up his wife-take her to the beach at night/ring/dancing scene.

      Yea I don’t like Raymond’s fiance much..and I can already picture her getting more selfish..

  • Ri says:

    So far the show has been ok for me.. I really like Bosco’s character! And you’re right – I’m just gonna enjoy “good Bosco” while I still can haha. He has great chemistry w Raymond, but there are already signs of him constantly being compared to Raymond by his dad so I’m guessing this will play a part in his betrayal later on!

    I like Toby and Raymond’s brotherly-sisterly relationship in this drama! It’s quite seldom you get to see relationships like this (like in Moonlight Resonance!) and I’m glad they’re not gonna make Toby like Raymond or anything.. or at least I’m pretty sure they won’t!

    I don’t really like Raymond’s fiance. She DOES look perpetually sad! And she’s really wishy washy and so easily swayed.

    All in all, nothing explosive yet but I hope it picks up soon. Will continue watching and looking forward to your other scribbles! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      haha I’m 100% sure that won’t happen XD TVB seems to be pretty good at building those type of family bonds (or maybe it’s just Raymond hehe)

  • Sharon says:

    Oh Raymond’s finacee was actually speaking Cantonese? I had a feeling if she was since it didn’t sound much like a dub. If so, her canto is quite okay. On the other hand, the other girl with short hair, her dub doesn’t really match at times… lol

    • KTVB says:

      Yea the other girl is dubbed by Mimi Lo 🙂 It doesn’t match because the actress is speaking in Mandarin (and its quite different to Canto). I think the voice suits her though! 🙂

  • Ex-banker says:

    This show is worth the watch! I’m impressed tt e marketing strategy are real n relevant. Nicely done! To be honest, I was hoping is Bosco’s character to quit Raymond’s uncle’s conglomerate and join rivals “boss ye” after being insulted repeatedly.

    Totally respect Bosco’s uncle for 1) his ability to make his unreasonable be seem logical, ie after insulting and undervaluing Bosco’s hard work, he explains something like, if a man can’t bear such insults how can he be taught, hence how can he be placed high powered position? Lol..

    2) His ignite principle of never using his loved ones to do his dirty work against his nemesis!

    Ps: totally love tt cute “spy girl”! Her character’s really worthy to be loved! Haha not to mention her simplistic nature seems soooo genuinely adorable! Cheers!

  • Affections says:

    After Linus woke up, he passed a CD to Macy.
    Whats the title of that song?

  • Constance ^_^ says:

    I’m here in cambodia and I am watching this drama. The climax of this story is high from the start. But, i really like it.

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