As I am really busy during this period and do not have enough time to spend on this blog, I’ll be jotting down my thoughts on the TVB series as quick scribbles. This will ensure you’ll get more regular updates from me 🙂 Apologies for the draft-ness of my upcoming posts. Hope you guys enjoy what I have to share! [Contains spoilers]

Growing Through Life Bosco, Song Wen Fei & Zhao Ziqi

  • I have to get this out off my chest first…omg..I seriously could not stand watching Song Wen Fei (who plays Raymond’s fiancee “Yiu Kwan”) in these 5 episodes. She is so so so selfish I can’t emphasise enough…. I don’t care if there’s no “right or wrong when it comes to love“. To me, everything she did was so selfish. After all they’ve gone through- Raymond is suddenly “no one” to her and she breaks up with him- calling off their wedding. She is only “grateful” towards him, nothing else. She realised that she can’t lie to herself anymore and she will never accept Raymond because she “can’t stand marrying someone she does not love”. It makes me wonder what’s so good about her that both Raymond and Bosco like her for. Wen Fei continued to actively pursue Bosco despite getting rejected again and again. She even went to the extreme of hurting Raymond even more by revealing the man she could not let go of was his best friend Bosco (in hope Bosco wouldn’t suppress his feelings towards her)>< ARGGGHH I hope she doesn’t end up with anyone in the end (hehe) Looks like she’s going overseas~ hopefully this means we won’t hear from her for a while XD I seriously do not sympathise with her at all and she was a mess to watch.
  • The confrontation scene where Raymond finds out that Bosco was the “cause” of the wedding failure wasn’t as painful to watch as it could have been lol 9that’s a good thing) Clearly Wen Fei did not care about anyone but herself- her selfish act of hurting Bosco and Raymond’s relationship, and cutting Raymond even more was unforgivable! She also made Raymond hurt Bosco- does she really think Bosco will end up with her after all that? I’m glad Zhao Ziqi was there to defend for Bosco and quickly cleared Raymond’s misunderstanding. Wen Fei was in a rush to blurb everything out and then says “Don’t blame Linus (Bosco), blame me” to Raymond. I’m just glad that in the end, it did not affect Bosco and Raymond’s friendship.
  • I loved how Bosco told her to go away when she ran over to him and walked away with Ziqi- his action clearly showed he was not interested in her and just wanted her to stop bothering him. I’m just glad she’s out of Raymond’s life and that he won’t have anymore false hope.
  • I really like Bosco ‘s character!! I love how caring he is towards everyone around him. I also loved the way he handled the situation with Wen Fei and clearly told her that he does not/will never love her. He kept his distance from Wen Fei and tried to mend Raymond and Wen Fei’s relationship when she broke up with Raymond. He ended up using Ziqi and kissed her in front of Wen Fei to make her think she was his girlfriend XD (Poor Ziqi though- he stole her first kiss lol). I really like the bond he shares with his father (Dominic) and his friendship with both Toby and Ziqi.
  • I really like watching Bosco & Ziqi scenes 😀 They’re really refreshing and cute together! They developed an understanding for each other after he finds out her “background” and she finds out his past with Wen Fei.
  • It’s amazing how these 5 episodes made me warm up to Ziqi’s character (aka the spy “Fong Lai Ging”) so much. I think she’s absolutely adorable. I love how she can get away with things- even going up against Damian lol Maybe Bosco and Raymond are nice guys so they still forgive her- treat her nice even after she betrayed them. I found it particularly cute how she managed to get Raymond to have lunch with her after she betrayed him lol (and she was secretly plotting to get a piece of his hair for Daimian for DNA test XD) I like how her eyes just glow up when she hears about money but also how guilty she felt for betraying Raymond.  She has really good chemistry with both Raymond and Bosco and I could almost see a love triangle blossom from this, or a very close friendship XD I also find it quite funny how she’s always with dogs on the street – pretty sure one of the dogs was ‘Jack (from “The Seventh day) but ended up adopting a different doggy (back to Bosco’s place).
  • It was touching when she got kicked out of Raymond’s company and she was reading her diary about how happy she was working there: How nice Raymond’s mother was to her, how they asked her to dinner, or when Raymond thanked her when she took him home when he was drunk on the streets.

    Growing Through Life Bosco & Zhao Ziqi

  • I really like how optimistic she is and does everything for her family. It’s sad to think the “thing” in her brain could turn into brain cancer” 🙁 The above scene with Bosco and the dog was cute- it brought the two closer as they both cared for it together. It also pretty sad when the doggy died from cancer! 🙁 I’m glad that they could spend its last few moments with it. It was particularly sad scene because we know Ziqi could potentially end up just like the doggy- dying young- and out of nowhere. Bosco is suspecting Ziqi’s constant headaches may be worse than they appear..
  • I was really happy for Cecila and Damian when they found out she was pregnant with their son 😀 I can’t help by feel all their happiness- and how much Damian wanted a son :)  I have a feeling it won’t go as well as they hope but my fingers are crossed that she’ll be able to deliver her baby successfully!
  • Raymond’s mother blurted out the secret to Damian that Raymond was actually his son because she couldn’t bare to see the way he was treating him. I didn’t feel much about the scene because I was expecting it to happen already. When this secret comes out, I could only imagine what it would do to Damian’s family…
  • It makes me wonder what Damian’s aim is when he starts “challenging” Bosco. Is him simply just trying to put-him-down?
  • 1/3 through the series! Please don’t go downhill anytime soon lol

17 Responses to “[Growing Through Life] Episode 6-10 Scribbles”

  • Chibi says:

    ooooooooo..sounds interesting~ and yay, you actually labeled the characters in the screen shot so I know who you’re talking about! (Both actresses don’t look very pretty though… ^^;)

    And wow, Raymond’s fiancee sounds like a selfish cow. I’m glad she’s out of Raymond’s life as he deserves better (and lol, this is coming from someone who hasn’t even watched the show!)

    I did see the bit about Ziyi getting kicked out and Raymond’s mum taking her back (though I had nooo idea what was happening at the time, lol)

    Great summary! ope the series will continue to get better 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      hehe has it convinced you to watch it yet? XD The story is definitely picking up!

      haha yea..I reckon when she’s back it’s gonna just cause more trouble. Who knows what she’ll turn into when she gets back.

    • echizen says:

      Hehe both actresses to me have ok looks but for some reason Bosco and Raymond look so great in this series. I love the actings and the eyecandi-ness 😀

  • sarah says:

    omg, i love your summary of the 5 episodes. it is exactly what i think! i used to have sympathy for that Song Wen Fei but as the episodes progress, i find her so annoying and is also very happy that she’s going overseas. Raymond and Zhao is very cute and funny…and i am loving Raymond’s relationship with Bosco! <3 <3
    Hope the ratings won't be too low.

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks sarah 😀 Glad we share the same thoughts!

      Yea I was “ok” with Song Wen Fei at first (I tried to put myself in her shoes lol), but couldn’t quite work haha

  • Aly says:

    Song Wen Fei’s character is just miserable to watch. I don’t know if it is her character or her acting but she always is so sad. She definitely does not deserve either guy, let alone both guys falling for her. I’m glad Bosco is over her. She can go overseas as long as she wants. Ziqi’s character is very likeable and I can’t wait to see the relationship between the three develop. I don’t want Bosco to become a villain. Nooooo! Please no!

    • KTVB says:

      I agree! Miserable to watch describes it perfectly lol I’m glad Bosco is over her, although we can tell the fact she left him because he was poor still bothered him a lot. I guess that’s another driving force/motivation for his career driven mind. He wants to make those who looked down on him/not appreciate him in the past, regret it.

      I don’t want Bosco to become a villain too!!! 🙁

  • echizen says:

    This series is getting better 🙂

    I can’t stand Yiu Kwan too. What a selfish woman. She only think for herself first. Does she realize she has hurt Hanson’s feelings so much? and Linus who she loves not only emotionally but physically too? Arghhh…

    I feel sorry for Linus about his dad’s double standard between him and Raymond. Isn’t this foreshadowing bigger troubles? Damian’s challenging Linus is foreshadowing something too 🙁

    Lai Ging is adorable![Mimi Lo did a good job too at the dubbing] She has chemistry with Bosco, Raymond and Damian :D. I love how the series builds up the chemistry between Linus, Lai Ging and Hanson. I can see a growing triangle love but it’s not forced 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..tell me about it. How about that scene after the “confrontation” when Raymond and Yiu Kwan were in the car -.- She kept bragging on about her and Linus. She kept on talking even though he told her not to say anymore and that he understood etc.

      Yea..maybe it’s a parents thing. Parents like to compare and praise other kids. But I do fear its foreshadowing bigger troubles too. Damian challenging Linus is gonna make Linus angry- he’ll definitely get back at him for the way Damian treated him…I hope when Bosco gets with Toby, he actually likes her rather than using her..

      Yup!! Very natural build up bonds/relationships. I wonder how it will roll out 🙂 Looking forward to see more Lai Ging!

  • Rich says:

    I am loving this series so far!

    I didn’t really feel antagonistic towards Wen Fei as I did hurt for Raymond. I really didn’t think about how selfish Wen Fei was, only how Raymond would recover.

    After the challenge and words from Damian to Bosco in episode 10, I can’t wait until 11 is out!

    • KTVB says:

      haha I was actually more angry at how selfish she was than the way Raymond was hurt lol

      Damian’s challenges are worrying me!! lol

  • dazza says:

    hey in episode 7 when the guy wid d glasses is negotiating with the other guy in the restaurant, the piano was playing does anyone know what song it is?

  • misstila says:

    at first i really didn’t like fong lai ging but then as the drama progresses im beginning to like her character. i think bosco’s character starts off as a good guy but then jealousy begins to hit him and he starts to hate raymond and then betrays him.

  • Tracey says:

    I totally agree with u on everything about Wen Fei. At first I thought it’ll be another boring mainland drama but so far it’s progressing pretty good.

  • nam1ra says:

    – Yiu Kwan is out of picture for the time being. I hope she won’t come back.

    – The storyline is kind of predictable, but I’m still watching it anyway because of Raymond and Bosco. Raymond hasn’t changed; he’s still the lovely guy whom everyone loves. I’m looking forward to see him plays ‘the bad guy’, maybe in any other series in the future. I like Bosco’s character as Linus. He seems to appreciate his friendship with Hanson, he helps Hanson a lot, caring and kindhearted.

    – Love the bonding between Lai Keng and Linus! Linus has feelings for Lai Keng, unfortunately she has a crush on Hanson.. and I guess this is the turning point where Linus will start to become the bad guy in this series 🙁 He has been criticised so many times and I don’t think his ego could take it anymore.

    – Macy has feelings for Linus and I think it will be nice too if they could be a couple, but I don’t think it is possible because Linus hates Hoi Leung (Macy’s dad) so much. Her character has not so much effect until now, I hope something big will happen to her character soon.

    – No comment for Hanson’s mom, but I like Liza (Macy’s mom). She is very tolerant and patient. She must be very sad when she finds out about Hoi Leung and Hanson’s real relationship.

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