January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 33

I’m also proud to see Jessica did not choose to be with Michael, even though she broke up with Bobby =D If she went with him after knowing what a selfish guy he was; that would be very disappointing.

More exciting stuff in this episode… Benz accidentally finds out Michael ‘s evil scheme of taking over ONISAC from Leanne and as a consequence, he gets run over by a car T_T ahh!!!! aww..poor thing..even though he was a annoying character through the whole series, he was a nice guy overall. Michael actually left him and drove away!! even though it was after some thought he drove back to get him. Michael ended up taking him to some dodgey doctor’s place hoping to save him, but not willing to take him to the hospital for real treatment. The scene was so disgusting I won’t take any screencaps of it, but the room was all green and the way that one guy was trying to save was like torturing Benz instead.

Looks a bit unrealistic than Florence’s character would like Benz but anyways..lol At least someone actually cared about him that way. Benz actually wanted to ask Leanne where he could get that handbag for her. The two probably could have became a couple. Who would have known he’d find out from her Michael’s scheme. The last time he spent with Florence was the lunch they had together. I believe the last scene Ben z had with Bobby was when Bobby was telling him he was still angry at him for saying such things to Jessica. The last scene Benz had with Bosco was at the Casino asking whether he knew about Michael’s scheme where Bosco lied. I believe Benz won’t make it..all of those moments are the last.. so sad..

In this episode, Bosco also accidentally overhears Michael and his evil ally’s plans of taking over ONISAC when he was in the bathroom. I would have thought that Bosco would have realised it was wrong to do it, but instead he was easily influenced by Michael and believed it was okay.

Two more episodes to go!!

~~Other Screencaps~~

Bosco tries to apologise to Tavia and is concerned about their baby.

Coming back after gambling

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  • chibi says:

    Poor Benz, really. It was pretty tragic for him, and its all because of Michael, rar. Hate Michael for that..if he was his real friend, he’d choose Benz’s life over his career. Who does he think he is anyway. He’s evil, arrogant and selfish. Florence scene was pretty cute, cant believe Benz actually went to get the bag for her 😀

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