March 2008

[The Seventh Day] Episode 11-15

Up until now, Natalie and Bosco still wins it for me <3 I still enjoy watching Natalie and Bosco’s relationship and storyline over Niki and Kevin’s. I love the chemistry they share and I’ve been been rooting for this couple since.

I liked episode 11 a lot because I thought the scenes after Bosco and Natalie broke up were quite ..sad…aww..I felt really sorry for them and watching both of them feeling that their feelings have been ‘cheated’ by the other. It is obvious they both developed real feelings, but were angry that the other had “used” them, so won’t admit that they put their true feelings in the relationship.

At first they’d do things to each other to show they hated each other, but it was different to the first five episodes where it was truly from “dislike”. At times I felt they were still quite cute when they were arguing again, but when it comes down to it, both of them are getting hurt, especially when they’re attacked emotionally because of the love they experienced as a couple.

Watching them now getting hurt from each encounter is quite heartbreaking, especially in the following “toy” scene.

When Natalie’s vehicle broke down after a “race” with Bosco’s car, Bosco reverses his car back to her and starts throwing out all the toys in his car that she had previously bought for him, calling them rubbish then driving off. Natalie starts pushing her vehicle but then stops to pick up all her toys and she starts to cry.. =( I thought that was a really sad scene.

That same night when Bosco goes back into his car after a dinner with “Jessie”, he finds a Heart left in his car. He considered throwing it out, but after some thought, he doesn’t and puts it on the seat next too him..it shows that he actually really cares for Natalie a lot in the inside.The two kept thinking about each other..

I’m glad that Bosco eventually let down his barrier first, his stubbornness by offering the drink to Natalie. (This couple is A LOT better than the relationships in Marriage of Inconvenience hehe). The two pretended not to have any feelings for the other so were now able to talk together each other mutually without arguing with the other They’ve become friends. Things have gone more awkward now that “Jessie” is between them and it makes it harder for them to be with each other.

I’m anticipating the scenes when Natalie and Bosco will go to Japan =) And of course, I look forward to seeing them get back together ^^

Niki and Kevin’s storyline seem to pick up a bit when Kevin starts acting cold towards Niki when the story about how ‘his ex-girlfriend has mysteriously disappeared in Japan 5 years ago’ is brought up. However, we as audiences know that Kevin is the good guy so whatever he is hiding will be something that will only make Niki love him more. Kevin and Niki finally go to the beautiful Japan scenes (which I feel quite familiar with even though it’s not at the same city ^^)

I still do not feel much for the story yet though.. maybe it was because I’ve previously got the story spoiled on my chat box about Selena having aids so I had a feeling that, that was the thing Kevin was keeping from Niki. I find the Selena-Kevin-Niki bits draggy and don’t like seeing Kevin give so much attention to Selena. Even though I know they are trying to show that Kevin really cares about Selena but ultimately loves Niki, I wish he would show it more. He was so worried about Selena that when he was rushing around trying to find her, he didn’t even wait for Niki and she was trying to keep up running from behind him. Niki is his girlfriend, not Selena.

The parts that made my eyes a bit teary were scenes in episode 15 where Niki was suffering from her condition. Watching someone dying and her father so worried about her is the sad bit.

I think Niki should have told Kevin about her cancer, he has the right to know. It’ll just put him in greater guilt and regret if she were dying and he wasn’t there to be by her side to support her. Niki would rather let Kevin be with Selena? I really wanted Kevin to find out but Niki chooses not to let him know.

Do I like Selena’s character here? Not really. At first I felt sorry for her but the way she treats Niki I just feel she is so selfish, while Niki plays the selfless person.

I hope the final episodes will get better because so far I still find Niki and Kevin’s storyline not as “moving” as I had hoped..

5 Responses to “[The Seventh Day] Episode 11-15”

  • chibi says:

    Another great summary and cool screencaps to compliment. I agree that Niki and Kevin’s relationship is very draggy.. and it’s also kinda annoying that Niki is that “selfless” and Selena is that selfish o.o It just drives the audience crazy… tvb is using a very cliched formula here ^^; All of this is just to make it seem more tragic if Niki dies.

  • Summer says:

    i really love Bosco and Natalie pyjamas..haha..so cute and sweet..haha…. and these few episode, is quite sad la, they love each other.. but they dun voice to each other lo… the next few episode la…18 to 20..will be sweet and romance..

  • truc says:

    mg. after i started to watch 7th day i realise tvb took some idea fom an american movie called” How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days”. if u ever watch that movie and then watch sventh day u see what i mean. One good ex is when bosco and natile both said that they will dump each other in ten days just like the u.s movie. it’s really mess up how they just gonna use the same idea. 7 th day also use a lot more things. IN the u.s movie the girl date the guy to get ideas for her magazine story, and the guy date the girl bcuz of a bet. mg. Also at the end bosco and natile fall for each other just like the america movie. It’a like wtf, if u ever watch that movie.

  • Alex says:

    I love the story behind Bosco&Natalie. Now, I just scroll through the episodes just to see the parts when Bosco and Natalie think about their love they still had for each other.

  • happydude says:

    hey i really super love bosco and nathalie.this is my second time watching and i really loved them. i will watch it every year. and thanks for supporting them as well. if theres any drama abt them pairing up, pls update. thanks.(: love boscolie.(:

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