There were two scenes in episode 2 of The Seventh Day that particularly caught my attention. I really liked those scenes too =) They had resemblances to other scenes used before in TVB. Perhaps it was used more than once, but this is one I can still remember ^^;

Near the start of the episode, Kevin gives Niki a lift from the Police Station. When they arrive, Niki’s skirt gets stuck on the seat and can’t get it off. Kevin leans over and helps her where Niki starts to feel something for him. Similarly, in episode 22 of Heart of Greed, Yoyo’s seat belt gets stuck and Raymond leans over to help her. In both cases, the two get close to each other and it is not hard to see that the girls feel something for the guys.


Towards the end of the episode, Kevin is chased by a gang of men in a fight and Niki happened to be nearby. He grabbed Niki and pulled her aside, hiding while covering her mouth so she wouldn’t make any noise. This is another scene where Niki is right up close to Kevin and looks at him <3 Likewise, in episode 3 of Devil’s Disciples, Sharon pulls Kevin aside as she is hiding from some other men. Kevin was attracted to Sharon in Devil, while Niki was attracted to Kevin in Seventh.

I personally liked that scene when I saw it in Devil’s Disciples. I’m glad this scene happened again in The Seventh Day ^^ I really like Niki and Kevin’s relationship here so far (it’s so romantic! <3 ) and I’m a lot more interested in seeing more of them compared to Bosco and Natalie.

6 Responses to “[Moments of Comparison] The Seventh Day vs. Heart and Devil”

  • blue_angel_12 says:

    haha you sure noticed to those two similarities !! great catch haha

  • Summer says:

    KTVB~ Yeah.. me too.. while i watch Niki + Kevin in the car part.. i oso think of Ray + Yoyo at Heart Of Greed..haha.. is actually quite sweet and touched … right… 🙂


  • chibi says:

    um, haha ok. Interesting comparisons!

  • Jessica says:

    lols..i didnt even notice those simalarities yur eyesite is good hehe..anyways i loved these too dramas esp for HOG is because of Ray that i watched and for 7th day because of Niki…OMg in 7th day I LOVE THE DOGGIEE JACK HESS SOOO CUTEE AND REALLY LISTENS TO NIki ALOT..WIsh i had a dog like that….but then i cant raise any pets in my house..=(..

  • alexis says:

    i KNEW i saw the seatbelt/car scene before! good job!!

  • VWaterlily says:

    Over here in America, on TVB1, we just wrapped up The Seventh Day yesterday! I agree: Kevin and Nikki are more interesting for me than Bosco and Natalie.

    Side note: Master of Tai Chi is currently on episode 19 or 20 too.

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