In these five episodes, I started to switch my interest towards watching Bosco and Natalie’s relationship and found them more entertaining than Niki and Kevin’s relationship. I guess it might be because they haven’t really gotten together at this stage, even though they started dating. There were still some parts which made my eyes roll, but some of the other parts were light entertainment and amusing.

It was funny how Natalie was coming up with ways to break off her relationship with Bosco, while he was trying to please her and keep their relationship, covering up all the mistakes he made in the past to chase her while Natalie was deliberately putting him in those situations, e.g When Suki came out of his house, Joel finding out that Bosco had ‘stolen’ Natalie from him.

Natalie meeting Bosco’s family was really funny too and I found it entertaining to watch the contrast in what she had initially planned and how the real outcome turned out. After that night the two started falling for the other and ended up holding hands without realising XD It was so sweet^^… Bosco even thought to himself that he may have possibly pursued her even if she wasn’t a rich girl…The excitement came again when Bosco was to meet Natalie’s parents XD

Bosco was shocked when he saw Natalie’s was nothing like how he had imagined and realised that something has gone wrong! After his friends gave the idea to him that Natalie was possibly testing him by taking her to a ‘poorer’ house, to hide the fact she has money, other things seem to have conveniently fitted in with that idea, E.g new toothbrush, not many family photos and Natalie not knowing which control was for the TV and fan ^^;

When Bosco found out that Natalie wasn’t indeed the rich girl, he starts avoiding her for days until he tried to break off the relationship by hinting to her that he has been cheating on her. However, Natalie didn’t mind..little did he know that his two friends had lied to Natalie beforehand that Bosco had some cancer so she “knew” he was only faking it to break off her relationship with him. She believed it was because Bosco didn’t want to give her any burdens. Despite the Cancer, Natalie stood by Bosco’s side which made Bosoc moved by later on when he found out. He decided not to break up with her because there was a girl who loved him so much, and he started developing feelings for her too. They’re so cute together <3

This part was quite cute! Bosco was in love with Natalie and he started singing his Dicey Business Sub theme song as he danced into the house xD

Bosco and Natalie actually fell for each other for real, but the two find out each other’s initial “true” intentions XD Hope things don’t go too messy from this moment on…

On the other hand, problems start arising in Niki and Kevin’s relationship and they were really to do with their parents. Niki’s father doesn’t like Kevin, while Kevin’s dad returns after abandoning him for all these years, while Niki tries to help mend their relationship. Kevin’s father ends up lying and eventually uses Niki to get closer to his son and also uses her trust in “lending” money to him, making it look bad on Kevin in Niki’s dad’s perspectives. The storyline just felt kind of cliche and nothing really fresh and new. Their relationship going straight into their father’s issues seemed a little rushed toe. I think it would have been better if there was a something before that…

5 Responses to “[The Seventh Day] Episode 6-10 Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    hmmmm……my view on this series has still yet to change :/ I still don’t think either couple is exciting and different- everything has already been done before.. I prefer a series with a different theme, and have character relationships build and form while there’s a main driving force behind the storyline.

    Boys and girls who like watching these couples… have no fear~ things are pretty common in relationships and you’ll be able to experience them all for yourself one day! (or maybe you already are =))

  • FaNNy says:

    i loved the part when bosco sang the DB subtheme, it added a special touch to the story =] lolz xD

  • Summer says:

    i love the part of these 2 pairs kissing and Bosco sang his song, is so cute lo.. and after episode 10, oh.. coming up.. will be sad lo.. plus touching oso.. now i m up to episode 17, while watching episode 15 to 17, its really sad.. makes me cry for whole nite, while watching..

  • Nich says:

    I, too, find Nikki and Kevin’s storyline very clichéd but I thoroughly enjoyed Bosco and Natalie’s story. It was comical and fun.

    I usually skip the Nikki and Kevin’s part till about eps 18 … then the story gets a lil better. I find the ending a bit rushed, though. =)

  • groovy says:

    Both stories are cliched and copied from Korean drama(A Moment to Remember) and Western Movie(How 2 Lose a Guy in 10 Days XD)

    I am surprised that I was actually enjoying Bosco and Natalie’s storyline more too starting from episode 6 onwards XD

    Like Nich I also think Niki and Kevin’s part boring until eps 18 or so.

    I really like from episode 17-20 when both stories got into their meaty parts 😀

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