January 2007

[The Price of Greed] Episode 15-16

This series is indeed getting very interesting!! The more the people find out or suspect Sammul, the more incidences occur to counter it. Feel sorry for Kate’s father!! It must of been a crazy shock to find out Sammul is allied with all those people!! He overheard the conversation that Ben(the doctor) had with Kate, in which Kate did not believe in him. Kate’s father was very smart, but things may not be as bad for him if he didn’t continue to follow them and witness the fingers getting chopped off. Their whole house and business has already been invaded.
Like TVB “Love is Beautiful” where the king could not speak or write anymore because the bad guys made him like that, word by word, he blinked out the words he wanted to say; with the help of Ben, he was able to write a whole passage for Kate. Now she really knows the truth~ unfortunetly, her father does die =( but luckily just before his death, he was able to write his will, giving all this properties/assets to his daughter 80% and his wife 20%. Sammul and the evil leader looked so angry xD

Episode 16 continues with more exciting stuff. I thought Kate has been dealing with the situation very well (with the help of her doctor friend). When the bad guys had schemed to force her to sell off her father’s business; she pretended to have injured her arm so her signature was invalid (did not look like her usual signature and her hand was not injured at all). She also arranged her mother to meet elsewhere telling her they found her brother at some other place (I believe this information was false and just to get her away). They also safely left Kate’s son at the doctor’s place. When Sammul found Kate taking all the money and investment documents etc, Kate was running away like mad, and eventually he finds out that Kate is suspecting him. Once again he lies to her, and cleverly Kate plays along, saying she should have trusted him. Catching him unaware, she uses a vase and smashes his head and running off! She suceeded! ^^ That’s the way to go! She goes back to her company where she announces she’ll never sell off the company, and that she is having a divorce with Sammul, so he no longer has anything to do with her family business!! All seems to go well, except when the two (Kate and Ben) went inside the car, the evil Sammul loosened the car breaks, causing Kate and the doctor to have a car accident, and have been hospitalised and seriously injured and unconscious.

Sammul is quite devious; planting seeds already for Vivien in previous episodes, and twisting the truth to trick Vivien in thinking her husband had cheated on her and loved Kate all along; even taking off their wedding rings!! He also hinted the money in their car was like the two were planning to elope.
It’s perfect timing for Bosco to come back (with his mother)! He’s the only one they can count on now! Unfortunately, once they arrived at Shanghai, they bump into the fake Sister o_o Not a good start..

One Response to “[The Price of Greed] Episode 15-16”

  • chibi says:

    Agreed, this episode was very exciting and u summarised it well. I watched this episode 3 times, heheee… For once I actually like Kate’s character since she is finally using her head; all the other episodes she just seemed like a very naive person.

    Cant wait for more!

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