Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

Episode 19 had lots of suspense, especially with Kate trying to escape out of bed and pretend to be unconscious so the others won’t notice. She was in a really dangerous position! The sister was freaky as well, opening the door twice in a row and Sammul pretending that something happened to their son. I was so scared Kate would fall for it >__<” but luckily she didn’t. All the thunderstorm-ing nights added to the atmosphere and it was also useful for the storyline plot (how Kate escapes).

The final episode was a bit bland. Bosco and co, managed to trick the bunch of bad guys into thinking they had real evidence against them, and they ended up trying to escape and they ended up getting killed. What annoyed me throughout the series with the evil bunch is their acting. The leader just laughs and tries to deny everything when evidence is held against him. They just don’t seem that convincing.

So..what is the price of greed (according to this story)? I believe its death. The bad guys could have gotten away with it (maybe?) if they had stopped after cheating all the money off the first girl. Or the second one; but being greedy they go after more rich girls which causes the truth to come out. But what doesn’t make much sense is the price paid by all those innocent people as well. Lots of innocent people died in the series including the doctor Ben (Kate’s school friend) who was obviously not greedy. Other than Sammul, the rest of the evil gang wanted to stop and escape when they thought the good guys had evidence against them. Do they die less painfully than Sammul who has decided to continue to be greedy? I don’t think so..

How did it end? I’m quite surprised Bosco ends up with Kate actually. I would have thought Bosco ends up with Shirley, but instead, Shirley just wants Bosco to be happy and she buries her feelings for him. She ends up going overseas, taking her opportunity to become a violinist and her mother goes with her.
Overall, I enjoyed the second half of the story better than the first half simply because it was not as draggy and I did not like much of Shirley’s story. The second half picked up faster, so I’d rate this series 7/10

9 Responses to “[The Price of Greed] Episode 19-20[Final]”

  • chibi says:

    I am so glad for the latter part of this series, or I would have seriously rated it 2/10. It was really uninteresting in the first half of the series x_x

    The end episodes were suspensful and packed with action.
    I really can’t stand looking at Sammuel anymore, lol.. I hated his character, argh (But I guess that was the point of him)

  • Carmen says:

    It was really smart of Kate to eat sleeping pills so then when Sammul was talking about their son in an accident she heard nothing.

  • KTVB says:

    ooo….I didn’t realise she had sleeping pills!! I was wondering what the bottoe was on the ground XD Thanks for that ^^

  • ROMANCER says:

    THIS COULD BE A LITTLE LATE BUT! Well, I reckon Bosco was better with Kate then Shirley. I don’t know why. LOL, maybe cause I’m biased. I simply do not like Shirley -shrug-

  • KTVB says:

    Never too late Romancer! ^^ I preferred Kate over Shirley too~

  • Wait, I thought Bosco and Shirley were blood-related… Unless it’s an incest kind of thing… 8|

  • KTVB says:

    To Michael: Nope, Bosco and Shirley are not blood-related. They were both from different families who were captured when they were young and both lost their families. They grew up together treating each other like brothers and sisters.

  • WOW… I need to go rent this series out and re-watch the early eps… anyone know a good rental store (that carries TVB series) in Arizona?

  • sherona says:

    well..i never like the actress named Kate..so i was frustated that she ends up with Bosco. I have liked Shirley better as it seems to me she has improved tremendously in her acting through out the years….Kate, acting is a bit dry and cold, sometimes no emotion to show she is in great pain over loved ones, although she is quite pretty…well, everybody has their own opinion, right!

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