I thought I’d do some screencaps from the opening, since there aren’t many screencaptures or pictures you can find for [The Price of Greed] on the Internet; and since its a warehoused series, TVB doesn’t have an official webpage for it either. So a special treat for [The Price of Greed] fans, here you go!

5 Responses to “[The Price of Greed] Opening Screencaps”

  • lidothief says:

    this is awesome. update soon.

  • Chris says:

    Hey thanks for the reviews. At first I hated this b/c of the period of time it is in as usually I didn’t particulary enjoy it as well as I could. But near the ending when all the bad guys were going mad etc I laughed my head off. Though the thing is, they were evil enough.. They all seemed to be a scamming bunch of cowards..

    And I think Shirley was actually a really cool and sweet character.. I liked the sign language, it was fun to watch for me. And her teaching with the little kids were hilarious although at some point other people besides her Mum + Step Bro would understand her sign language. I was like what the…

    And you said about Sammuel’s acting. I’m sorry but me, Mum and Dad think Samuel can’t act. In ALL the years he’s been in TVB and I haven’t seen any improvement in him yet he still has important roles. It’s ridiculous. I think with someone else playing that character it would’ve been more effective.

    The bit with the photo frustrated me too. How on earth do you doubt someone with a photo at that time? I mean nowadays I can easily crop it but in those days it was impossible -.-

    And I agree, the title is sort of ridiculous in English. I think the Chinese bit was fine but there was innocent people dying all over the place. I mean the victim who had a picture with Sammuel, she was so not meant to die -.-

    And the poor last victim. That was HORRIBLE how she loved him so much and he just kicked her and left her there! God I wanted to slap him SO hard. [Character not Sammuel.] And she was still telling him to leg it, then he got shot. He’s so stupid to walk out the FRONT door. Can it be more obvious? *Highlights FRONT*.

    It’s quite shocking how they believed him over and over and over again.. Bosco got so much evidence and they just chucked it at him like he was some fool. I suppose that’s what made them deserve to suffer but death penalty was a bit silly, especially for the Dad. And with the Doctor’s death, when they were fighting. Is it me or was Sammuel some invincible robot? He was STABBED in the KNEE and he still stood there like Ok stab me but I’m not letting go of that cloth. -.-

    Thanks for the caps btw. I really loved it when Bosco danced with Kate to annoy Sammuel. It was so hilarious. And Kate was so evil to Sammuel near the end it was fun.

    A question of which what ever happened to the little kid? Did they find him. It may seem obvious but I swear they should’ve just told us instead of leaving it in suspense. And I knew Bosco would never end up with Shirley cause all he ever saw her as was a sister, even if they weren’t blood related. Yet I think the silly thing was Kate and Bosco’s relationship. They were really good friends and Bosco fancied Kate but Kate never showed her love back? I mean Kate just dates him like that? They never had a proper chemistry. Shirley and Bosco had a much better chemistry than Kate and Bosco. They never even kissed. I mean Kate hugged Bosco or something but that was it.. Uhh.. At least they could’ve given us SOME sort of romance scenes. I think Kate looks older than Bosco and they don’t even match any way..

  • KTVB says:

    To Chris:

    Yea..I don’t really like the timing period either~
    Very true about the “cowardness” ~ they all died in a silly way too lol

    I don’t really get how Shirley is expected to control the class or teach them stuff when she can’t speak to them..

    Who would you of liked to play Sammul’s role? He’s character was too annoying to watch~

    I can’t believe the last Victim (Vivien Yeo) chose him over her own husband!! Even after seeing what an idiot he was..I was quite shocked when he bashed the first victim (bashing girls is just wrong! same with guys but you know what I mean) so it wasn’t surprising for what he did to the girl at the end..

    That’s why I thought Sammul’s character wasn’t human..lol

    Kate bit his ear! I was like ‘haha! Take that!’

  • Chris says:

    Oh them getting killed was classical. Especially the leader got killed by Sammuel and all this money flew up in the air. Ha ha.. Shame..
    I was laughing my head off when they were playing around with Shirley. Nobody knew what she meant when she did the sign language, so obviously, Bosco came and saved the day. How typical was that?
    Sam had a really good character to play but he totally ruined it. He always just rolled his eyes when he was upset.. I swear when you’re upset, you don’t roll your eyes -.- It was as though he was thinking ‘whatever’ instead of ‘I’m innocent!!” Erm… Raymond Lam maybe?
    Bashing girls are wrong. Getting in a fight with a girl in the first place is stupid, you either get beaten up and everyone will say “you got beaten up by a girl!” or you beat the girl up and everyone will say “omg you beat up a girl!” so that’s dumb already. But I can’t believe Vivien was so stupid!! Her husband was so great and loved her so much.. *Sob* I swear Sam character was some cold-blooded alien. I wanted to know if his blood was blue when Vivien’s husband stabbed him.. Ha ha..
    Omg when Kate bit his ear I was like :OO!! COOOOOL!! Ha ha..

  • Summer says:

    Wua.. haha, now i m watching The Price of Greed.. Bosco, really handsome..ar… Yeong Si Kei, is cute .. haha…

    abt Shirley, she cant talk in the movie, compare wif Chilam ( The Return Of Cuckoo ) her acting,feel like lack of something, i will prefer Chilam’s acting
    feel like Chilam, act more naturally, no matter how, Shirley in TPOG quite ok ar, she gives me a feel of cute cute, i dun really likes Kate’s acting, not too natural..

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