November 2008

[The Four] Favourite Constable

Who is your favourite of The Four Great Constables?

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I really like the contrasting personalities of these 4 :)  My most anticipated part of the series was watching these four become great friends especially since the four of them didn’t start out that well ^^

There are qualities in each of the 4 which I like but my favourite would still have to go to “Mo Ching” (Raymond). Maybe its because I’m bias and a big Raymond fan- I was drawn to his character from the start and thought his very witty, calm, arrogant personality was very awesome XD I wanted to see how he would soften though (but not by Kate lol..anyways) I also like the way he fights on his wheelchair, having all those weapons on it.  I felt sorry for him when he was weak, like when he was having his asthma (?) attack and the times he loses his wheelchair. I pitied him more when we see his downfall in the series- being used and hurt by Kate again and again. He kept falling for her trap and it was then I really wanted to see the confident, clever, arrogant him again.

I actually started liking Sammul’s “Zeoi Ming” while watching The Four second time around (I’ve finished the series, but re-screening it as its currently being broadcasted on TVBJ). First time around I liked him the least. I found him slightly annoying and a big attention seeker, but now I really enjoy watching his funny expressions and the light-hearted-ness/humour he brings to the show. It’s amusing to watch his interactions with the ladies, and kinda cute to see Kenneth protective over his sister. I think the name really suits him- not only is his agility his specialty, he’s also chasing girls all the time lol

Kenneth’s “Tit Sau” has the characteristics of a true hero in most ancient series. He is righteous, loyal/filial and kindhearted. His character is likable by most because he is easier to relate to since he is more normal. I didn’t find his character stand out as much compared to the others  because he could be a little ‘boring’. Nevertheless, we all like a nice guy, don’t we? ;P His love story with Selena makes his character more interesting to watch and his fist attacks are awesome too.

Ron’s “Lang Hoot” possesses the personality I would usually find cool =D I love watching assassin characters- the cool looking, emotionless/cold blooded and silent ones whom are really powerful. His costume from the start especially reminded me of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII whom I love XD TVB doesn’t have these types of characters that much which I guess is why his character is so popular (he’s even nominated for Favourite Character this year) I still don’t feel much for his character though- he doesn’t do much except stand there and try look cool lol

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  • chibi says:

    I haven’t watched enough of the series to determine which character I like most.. but here are my thought so far:

    Raymond- I haven’t seen the downfall which you mentioned yet, but his character seems okay.. a bit too arrogant for my liking though (and I absolutely hate his pairing with Kate, but I guess I can’t really judge his character based on the horrible co-star..)

    Samuel- He’s pretty funny and makes the series more light hearted. But then he could also get on my nerves at time since he’s kinda lame and doesn’t seem to take things too seriously. That’s a little annoying.

    Kenneth- He’s alright..your typical good hero. Like you said, we can relate to him more since he seems the most ‘normal’ but the downturn of that is he can be a bit boring XD Watching Selena got on my nerves too… oh boy..bad co-stars..

    Ron- Ummm… I think he’s trying too hard to be cool- well, the TVB director is trying to, at least. I mean come on.. the name is screaming out “I HAVE AN AWESOME NAME, now adore me” XD He doest do much except stand around, and try to look cool without saying or doing anything..

    All in All.. I don’t think I have a particular favourite. Their characters were deliberately made different and contrasting- so it’d be a interesting combination to watch. However, I think their drastically differentness makes the show very unbelievable :/
    (but hey, this whole story is not suppose to be realistic XD) And as with every character trait, there’s a bad one that comes with it.. Good guy becomes too boring, bad guy becomes a try-hard.

  • hanny says:

    the drama was a bit pissing cuz of raymond.. ehh .. i don’t even find him heartless.. i didn’t really like raymond in this movie but.. i stil love him <3 x] lols..! i think ron wass bestt outt of all of themm ;] and then sammul !

    • SzeKa says:

      Ikr? >_<.. i didnt like watching him in this movie either.. i think i prefer him to be heartless all the way through instead of softening when he met kate =.=..

  • rachel says:

    man, i have got to catch up, i’m always behind when watching tvb series. i haven’t even started watching this yet and you’re already watching it the second time around!!

    from the descriptions, i like sammul’s character and personality the best, it seems like he would bring a lot of humor to the story. as for least favorite, it would have to be ron, i don’t know, but for some reason, from watching promotions and pictures and such, he has a very unattractive face lol and i don’t really like his character, he seems sorta like a robot with no expressions…but i guess i’ll need to hurry up and watch this before making any more assumptions lol 😀

  • summer says:

    actually the 4 of them , i also like so much, feel this series is interesting, 4 of them give me different feels ,and i feel TVB is great, they did find them to be the role , just suit them lo..
    Ray ~ Mo Ching , the way he talk and his expression , give ppl a feel of, he really that kind of person.. with no cares, feels and loves .. any way, when he fall in love to Kate, he deeply ” Yau Ching ” is too much Ching…haha..

    Kenneth ~ Tit Sau, he is those gentle and straigh forward person.. his face, already give me the feel.. so, just suit him this role.. and love the paired of him with Selena ( actually after Master Tai – Chi, feel they’re match )

    Zui Ming ~ haha.. with him, the series gain some laughters.. and feel, he is those like to gossip here and gossip there and always say alot fo funny funny word in between 4 them.. makes the series, wont feel bored..haha..
    any way,its wasted that, Kenneth sis did not be with him at the end… any way, tis series.. 4 of them, their love story, don’t have any great ending ..

    Lang Hoot – i like him the most..haha.. don’t know why, feel he is cool and ” ying ” lo.. he seldom talk.. but, when he talk.. its just cool..and among 4, i like to see him the most..haha.. ( any way, 4 oso love to see la.. )

    so, over all the series..its nice and interesting..
    enjoyed watching… beside, i also like the role of their ” Uncle , Mr. Chu Kok ” and their aunt ( Tam Siew Wan ) who care of the family …
    And Selena & Kenneth Sis,Kate is the best actors in the series.. to Lang Hoot lovers.. ( don’t remember her name ) feel, her shotting just normal.. and she don’t on screen tat lot.. don’t really feel, her appearance.

  • ade says:

    Hi KTVB,

    This is my first posting on your blog. Like to say that I enjoy reading your comments very much especially the episodic summaries, very insightful and interesting. I was looking forward to the one for the Four but anyway, keep up the great job. I will continue to visit regularly.

    As for the favourite constable among the Four, my vote is for Mo Ching. Such a complex character and interesting from the start. Great casting because Raymond is such a fine and subtle actor (check out the way his eyes twitch and those tiny changes in facial expression that betray the underlying emotion). His portrayal was spot-on of a character who is emotionally damaged because of his physical weakness and is so vulnerable underneath all that arrogance. Just love it. Great change of pace from his good guy portrayal in Moonlight Resonance. Hope he gets the TVB acting award as he really deserves it!

    I also liked Tit Sau for his good nature (at the beginning, how he would tolerate all of Mo Ching’s insults! But of course he became more impulsive later because of his brother’s death, not so nice!) Again great casting because Kenneth is perfect as the straightforward and upright guy.

    Zeoi Ming is not the type I usually go for but Samuel portrayed him very well so at least he was fun to watch.

    As for Lang Hoot, Ron did a good job considering that he wasn’t given much screen time. Not much was dwelled on his origins or emotional psyche so I couldn’t really warm up to him. Maybe it was deliberate so that he would appear cool and distant.

    Anyway, that’s my two-cents worth (opinion). Overall, I love this series, would be nice if there’s a sequel with all four of them again!

  • ade says:

    Hi again,

    Oops forgot to mention that a sequel would be nice but this time with stronger female leads.

    Also, I have to say that I totally agree with KTVB’s feeling about wanting to see the “confident, clever, arrogant him (Mo Ching) again” after his downfall at the end. It’s funny but that was exactly what I felt as well!


  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: I think Kenneth and Selena look better as a couple here than Master of Taichi ^^;

    I’m a bit confused by your comment “And Selena & Kenneth Sis,Kate is the best actors in the series.” So do you think the female leads are the stronger actors?

    To ade: Thanks for commenting and liking my posts =D As for Lang Hoot, yea..they only had a little bit about his past/parents, grew up in the wild I guess..It’s sorta interesting how all 4 of them haven’t been raised by their real parents.
    And I agree with you about need of a stronger female cast!

  • taylor says:

    i loved this series because i havent watched an ancient series in a while. i think mo ching and chi yin were very cute but it was really sad that he kept getting hurt by her. i think she loved him too but she had to obey her master since he saved her life and everything. its sad that they dont end up together, ): kate has improved a lot on her acting and i like her now ^^; i also realized that ron and sammul didnt really get a lot of screen time compared to kenneth and raymond. and i think i’d rather have watched this series in 2009 cus i heard tvb cut a lot since they needed a series to fill in the time space between moonlight and gem which is quite unfair to this series but we cant decide that so ohh well. hope theres a seuquel~

  • 'Muff says:

    I’ve just started watching it. x)

    Haven’t even finished the first episode, so I can’t say that I can pick a favourite character.


    – I don’t like Raymond’s arrogance. e_e
    – Kenneth’s character’s so likeable! That honesty and all. Yup, as you said, hero-type. <3
    – Sammul’s character is LOL-making! <3

    Ron’s character hasn’t been shown yet. 😀

  • Emotionless says:

    i wonder did they die in the end???

  • 'Muff says:

    Looking back…

    a) Raymond’s still arrogant, but in a tolerable manner. xD It’s funny how he’s so pissy that he has to work with a “jokester” and a cold-blooded “creature”.
    b) Kenneth is still nice. 😀 It’s funny how he’s so protective of his little sister. x)
    c) Sammul is such a flirt! :O
    d) Ron is cool. 😀 I’m not up to the stage where his interesting character background fades into non-existence and he simply begins to stand there and look cool yet, so yeah. x)

    Nope, I don’t have a favourite. But man, I love watching them work together. 😀

  • chibi says:

    Okies…now that I’ve almost finished the series (up to episode 22) I’m gonna comment again since my thoughts have slightly changed since I first commented.

    I don’t like Raymond’s character.. his arrogance is getting on my nerves but more because of his silly blind love for Kate that makes me annoyed by him so much! I can’t feel for his character much…

    Kenneth- actually comes out as my favourite..although boring most of the time at first, his love for his sister and brother shines through. We see the calm, righteous hero.. but when he is confronted by the ugly truth and becomes under pressure, he loses his equilibrium and we suddenly see a fully-rounded and well developed character being unfolded. Sometimes boring, especially the beginning, but hey, still better than the other 3.

    Samuel and Ron start fading in the background towards the end. I don’t mind Ron as much anymore since his “coolness” has been toned down so it doens’t feel like he’s just there wanting to grab my attention- like in the earlier episodes. I’m liking his character more ever since he redeemed himself saving the Prince. But too bad, they wasted his character by not giving him much role.

    Thoughts on Samuel remain mostly the same though.

  • Vaneffle says:

    Raymond’s character was great! I especially liked the way he dealt with problems.

    The Four was really good. The thing I got pissed at is the way none of the couples get together in the end… awww….

  • Cheryl says:

    I luv Zoei Ming the most… he is the only 1 trying to make this drama funny rather than the 3 Mr. Cools. haha 🙂
    Raymond is a very good in bringing out the sharacter Mo Ching. Although he is physically disabled, he is the strongest of the 4 to face the hardship in life. I wonder what will happen is Samuel is Mo Ching… na… impossible!

  • the four says:

    I really like ray’s role in the series. It must be really hard to act cool and such. look at the picture… He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you think???????

  • que says:

    i love ray in this eries!!^^ maybe becoz i’m ray fans so really looking forward to his performances. his character was cool and arrogant. very funny when he always attack Sammul word’s at the beginning of the series. kenneth roles is a normal man…feel hurt when he mad at ray becoz of kate..=( i’m not ron fans but i think his role kind a different from the other as he always act stuborn, but kind character in Triumph in the skies…the academy…so his character here very interesting.

  • Mia says:

    :)I would say my favorite character so far would probably be Heartless, Ray’s character. It’s a biased since I’m a HUGE fan, but what can I say? I love his witty sayings, and although I don’t always like arrogant people, I find Heartless very clever and likeable. His pairing with Kate’s character is okay…
    Kenneth comes next because he’s the all around usual good guy hero! His acting has improved greatly, and it’s cute to watch Metal Fist protect his sister! :]
    Sammul is hilarious, and its nice for him to often bring some lightness into the series, although Chaser can become a bit in your face sometimes…
    I haven’t felt much from Cold Blood, Ron’s character…his facial expressions sometimes give me the creeps though, but not much action has happened with him…
    All in all, I LOVE this series, and I can’t wait to see what more TVB has to offer! 🙂

  • Cal says:

    It was tricky to pick a favorite out of the 4, but I would pick Raymond. Though he was often caustic at the beginning, those who were near him could have learned a thing or 2 from him. He was the more dominant problem solver at the beginning. Had the others been better than him at problem solving, we might have seen him admiring and perhaps complimenting them. Once he starts believing that “his gf” is a decent doctor, he starts showing some respect. Not sure how to react to his being repeatedly fooled by “his gf” until the 11th hour though. A very thin line separating devotion from stupidity. I’m very glad to see Raymond in this role since I previously saw him in Drive of Life (too brash and bratty at the beginning), Golden Faith (playing a character that is much too naive, impulsive and had a really bad haircut there), and A Step into the past (from bratty/spoiled to evil at times).

    It took a little time, but I did warm up to Sammul’s character. He was willing to accept the consequences of his past doings no matter how much he would have to sacrifice in order to redeem himself. I don’t think he was very convincing at being flaky and materialistic at the beginning because I always felt from early on that deep down the character he plays is good, loyal, etc.

    Kenneth Ma seems to look better without wearing period costumes. His character is such a good guy that one has to like it but somehow it is not too memorable except for his devotion to his “Ms Lam” and his (..almost) unwavering support for justice/the truth.

    The chemistry of the group of 4 is such that it leaves Ron Ng being a muscle man. They don’t show him in much of a romantic relationship until the end when he might have finally spoken about his interest in Ms Ling, had he been given the chance. Minimal air time for his living relatives. The series doesn’t exactly showcase him being a problem solver either. The character is likeable but the character isn’t particularly special.

    Certainly the group of 4 is much more interesting than each of the 4. It took me a long time to like Ms Lam. So impetuous/impulsive at the beginning. I can’t help thinking that she chose a particularly silly weapon (whip?) for a girl as she often ends up in a pulling match during her fights with male opponents. Her strong male opponents are much grander in stature than herself. How can a much smaller girl win a pulling match in such situations? Think also how there were only a few females who knew martial arts in that series, so her opponents would be predominantly men. And science tells us men are more muscular than women. So why would she pick such a weapon? So she would have a high chance of losing?

    A pity that none of the 4 men seemed to end up living happily ever after with their significant other.

  • KC says:

    Is there a difference in the series for mandarin (25 epi) and cantonese (24 epi) version?

  • thymine says:

    hahas somehow i feel that i’m the only one who like Ron’s character! (As cold blood). Perhaps because that character is a bit more secretive, being in terms of his background and personality 😀 like not much focus how he survived and grew with wolves, where he learnt martial arts from and why he was found killing people in the beginning of the show 😀 and he doesnt show his feelings much but remained supportive, cool headed in the end (compared to many others who had mini-conflicts and distrust towards each other)

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