At the moment I haven’t started watching any new series, so I don’t really have any new thoughts to share ^^; ……BUT!

I found this half drafted post sitting around since November last year! XD So I’ve decided to be a good girl and finish it off (have a few from some other older series too). I figured while I STILL have The Four Banner up *cough*cough*~ it would still fit in nicely, yeh? haha..ok….onto the post!

What is the fate of the couples? Do they end up together?
**Warning: Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this post covers scenes in the final episode, so an extra warning message ^__^]

I have to say the romantic aspect of the series does lack a bit. A little disappointed with its development but I guess it’s not the main focus. Nevertheless it did interest me at first to watch how the Four Great Constables will each have a woman in their lives; how they would meet and how their own little love plot will unfold. haha..I mean, how could you watch a TVB series with cool male characters but no love interests for them right lol? [That was until I found out Kate was paired up with Raymond >_<]*cough*cough* anyways…

When we meet the Four, the girls and see their respective personalities, I had a few predictions in how their love story will turn out. Two girls for one guy sounds like it would make things interesting too XD (or the other way around). It doesn’t look like it would happen in this series though lol

Raymond (Heartless) will fall in love with the enemy’s assassin/spy Kate and change into a nicer person, learning to care about the people around him. In the process of deceiving his feelings, Kate will eventually fall in love with Raymond for real.

Kenneth (Metal Hand )- the good boy, will have a softy spot for the spoilt Selena who will also change into a nicer person because of him.
Sammul (Life Chaser) – the one who never settles down to one woman eventually would after meeting Vivi.

Ron (Cold Blood) will start to have emotions

My predictions actually weren’t that off the real thing lol I guess these ideas have been used before so they weren’t that fresh or new.

Raymond and Kate

Being an assassin from the evil side, Kate was ordered to get close to Raymond by pretending to be a kind-hearted doctor (with no martial arts skills).  She always stuck around to take care of him and was determined to help him cure his asthma. The two have some similarities- they are both stubborn and while Raymond is heartless, the ‘true identity’ of Kate is also heartless (and does not know what love is). Eventually the two fall in love, but their relationship is with filled with both love and hate after Kate’s true identity is revealed.  Again and again, Kate used and betrayed him. He trusted her lies and fell for it again and again. However right at the end, Kate chooses Raymond over her master, saving everyone and ‘dies‘. She ‘sacrificed‘ herself for the one she loved…

To be honest, I’m glad Kate does not end up with Raymond in the end because she put him in so much ‘crap’.  Despite her changing him into a more caring person, I dreaded watching Kate (more than the actual character).  I  think I would have liked her character if it wasn’t Kate playing the role..sorry Kate. You (and Cilla) ruined the series for me. I prefer Ron and Raymond not having a love story at all if it was going to turn out like this ><

Kenneth and Selena

Now this couple is kinda cute, especially later on in the series  lol Selena always felt Kenneth was in her way and he’d keep grabbing onto her whip when she wanted to attack him.  She then later started to look up to him and wanted to be his apprentice to learn more moves. The two go through lots together- e.g lost and trapped at the rock mountains and they quarrel a lot; yet look out for each other as friends.  Selena starts to lose it when her own clan betrays her after her father gets killed and has no where to go. She had ‘no one left’ and wanted to avenge her father even if it means losing her own life. When she gets captured by the bad guys, Kenneth was willing to give up his Constable position to save her. Later on, he confessed his feelings for her and that she was not alone; protecting her and not letting anyone hurt her anymore (so sweet!) From then on, she put the sadness behind her and decided to be an ordinary girl with him ^^ However, because of Kate, Selena becomes blind 🙁

In the last episode, Selena unexpectedly regains her eye sight while Kenneth was taking a bath and she was pouring water for him XD That scene was very sweet XD and they decided to get married! Unfortunately- just when the two were happily together, the Blue Sky Clan ask her to return and become their leader again after the bad guys were defeated. She agrees and ..I guess that’s it. Their wedding will be postponed until later…( Kenneth was disappointed and Selena tried cheering him up lol)

This was the couple I really wanted to end up with each other, so I was quite disappointed (same reaction as Kenneth lol) If it wasnt for her father, she would so-not go back to a clan which was all full of traitors and cowards.

Since the main couples were Raymond&Kate and Kenneth&Selena, there were hardly any scenes for the love interests for Sammul and Ron (hehe E.U guys XD). I heard they even cut out a few of their scenes to shorten the series. Maybe it was because of this, their love story was very underdeveloped. For both of them, it felt like it was only one-sided love…

Sammul and Vivi

They first encountered each other when Sammul and his family tricked her and stole her money. It turns out that she’s Kenneth’s sister and with that settled, she was always around him because of her brother. With Sammul’s flirty personality, she developed a crush for him. However from what I can see, Sammul doesn’t feel the same way for her and is merely playing around with her and was never serious about her. One day, because Sammul wanted to eat something, she went all the way out of the city to buy it for him which eventually led her to become captured and eventually raped. This causes her to become crazy and even attempted a few times to kill herself. Sammul felt guilty, but that was it. Later, Sammul helps Vivi bring back her up her spirits and hope in life by ‘waking her up’ and giving her the courage to face life again. I think he cared about her but it didn’t seem like he loved her.

In the final episode, Vivi gets captured again because she went ran back to retrieve the  pair of shoes she had made for him. After she was freed, Sammul’s family started pestering him to treat Vivi more seriously and to think about marriage.  Sammul being the funny one, started rehearsing lines in what to say to her lol, saying how he’s not ‘ready to be tied down’ etc. But when she appeared, he seemed he had seriously considered their relationship. He was expecting her to confess her feelings to him but instead he becomes extremely disappointed when she tells him that she has decided to leave to another city to learn writing from some teacher. She tells him she is really happy to have a ‘brother’ like him and that she won’t forget him. Sammul wishes her all the best, and with that, the two never got together by the end of the series…Honestly I find that kinda odd? She’s leaving and he doesn’t say anything that he should? To be it seems like Vivi gave up on Sammul because she thinks he only treats her as his sister and so decides to move on with her life but Sammul doesn’t do anything..?

Ron and  Cilla

At the start, Ron is an assassin who would kill anyone who pays him well and because of a fight he becomes badly injured as he hid in a cave where he lived. Cilla, the daughter of Dalian Pledge Leader is attacked by her father’s enemies and she eventually runs and hides in the same cave as Ron. When the men find her, Ron kills them off because they were in his territory and because of this, Cilla sees Ron as her saviour. She wants to do everything to repay him but he doesn’t want her around, justifying he didn’t kill the people because of her. Later she does things indirectly against her father and brother to help him and even pretends to be sick to sneak out to find him. However he doesn’t care or return her love. When Cilla is forced to marry someone else far away, she goes to find him in hope he’ll take her away with him but he refuses. He sees there is no reason for him to take away and she leaves, disappointed and upset. On the day of the wedding however, Ron comes to save her in her wedding carriage and takes her hiding in the mountains. However it was only a part of Dominic’s plan and he was merely obeying his orders.

Just before Cilla’s father dies, he asks Ron to take care of his daughter and gives her hand to him. Ron promises…[ lol, this is funny as the same thing happened in Selena and Kenneth’s situation; yet it was obvious Keneth will loook after Selena even without being asked. I can’t say the same for Ron though]

After Cilla’s brother dies too, she has no more family or palce to go and decides to become a nun. When Ron asks her why, she is determined. Was she hoping he’ll stop her? I get the feeling it’s the same as Vivi, but Ron doesn’t try very hard lol. He respects her decision (like Sammul to Vivi) and walks away…I think he is starting to care about her, but I dont’ know about anything else.

20 Responses to “[The Four] The Romance Plot & Couples”

  • lizzy says:

    Ah.. happy to read that you liked Selena & Kenneth as couple in here, it was also the best couple from all.. Ron & Cilla was my least fav couple.

  • Rin says:

    Except for Selena and Kate, I did not know why they chose Vivi & Cilla to pair up with Sammul and Ron =/ I think I’m expressed how disappointed with their pairing since day one.. but.. still! I can’t help question >.<
    Before watching though, I thought it was gonna be another Kate & Kenneth pairing while it’s Raymond and Selena like back in Face to Fate.. haha. I’m okay with Selena and Kenneth though ^^ I just really did not like Kate’s role… seriously.

    • KTVB says:

      I’d think its someone they might wanna promote or something, but they’re pretty hopeless. Next series I see, Cilla has a30 second appearance in gem of Life (as some snobby girl gong for an interview against Ada) and Vivi as a bitchy girlin Page of Treasures…um..great stuff

  • abby says:

    I also agree with Rin. I don’t like Vivi and Cilla. It makes me bored.

  • Nicole says:

    Hey,The ending for Kenneath is nice.watched it too

  • kat says:

    It’s kinda sad that TVB could gather four pretty good (well, except Ron, but he didn’t do much here) 😛 actors for this series, while for the four main actresses were rather disappointing.

    As for the pairings, except for Ron/Cilla (now who is the better actor in this pairing? hard to tell lol) the other three are ok. The best overall was probably Kenneth/Selena, pretty good chemistry and storyline I guess!

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you that “the four main actresses were rather disappointing.”I’m ok with Selena but the other 3..argh!

  • AC says:

    I was so excited for this series because of the 4 lead guys but I didn’t like the pairings (except for Selena and Kenneth) either! I think that part kinda dragged down the series.. but my fave character was Sammul! I don’t get why they had to cut his parts.

    by the way, my dream would have been to cast Bosco in this series as the villian and it would have been perfect. haha.. but i know he was filming woil3 at the time in a cool environment while the others had to sweat filming in the heat.

  • 'Muff says:

    My favourite pairing was Kenneth and Selena too ^^ It was so sweet~ Such a pity they didn’t get together right at the end. I guess they would… sometime in the future, but it’s not as satisfying 🙁

    As for Raymond and Kate… ugh, how could Raymond fall into her trap again and again. So much for being smart… and gets his brain clouded with the whole looove idea. -_-” At least Kate did start having feelings for him.

    Sammul was my favourite character, haha. He didn’t have that much screentime 🙁 It was funny the way he was expecting Vivi to confess to him in the last episode, yet she was telling him that she was gonna leave him D;

    Ron… ok, his character would’ve been pretty cool… but same with Sammul – it didn’t seem like he was getting much screentime -_-” I don’t think Cilla portrayed her character very well. She sounded… weak, and whiney. I guess her acting just isn’t very developed. It was sort of sweet at the end how Ron was hinting that he was starting to have feelings… (even though it seemed really unnatural and forced, because throughout the series, he never liked her.) But sweet nonetheless, hahaha.

    How funny. None of them, by the end of the series, are actually together with their woman of interest. Erm, *coughcough*

  • sugar says:

    i saw vivi and cicilia in Easterly Showers as maids for Liza. I was like O.O … they didn’t even talk. but nice post … i’ll rather the character kate played was played by someone else .. most of the time she looked wooden, no offense to her fans though i think she looks pretty here. (:

  • Sharon says:

    RonCilla and SammulVivi couples were boring. They shouldn’t even made them there maybe? Or maybe should of made it into a grand production? And use other people? lol

    • KTVB says:

      yea..they were boring =\ To be honest, i’d rather Raymond not have a love interest if it has to be Kate lol

      haha Grand Production would have been nice, but the story/script itself doesn’t feel ‘grand’. A lot more work would have to be put into it.

  • Jade says:

    Lmao… my favorite couple is keneth and selena…

    urhh… i was sooo glad that Ron and Raymond didn’t end up with anyone… Cilia is not that compatible for Ron… and i hate Kate’s character… i never liked any character that she acted… I love Ron’s character…

    I thought that Vivi and Sammul looked cute together… i was soo sad when they were not together at the end… D:

  • que says:

    i have done watch the series…and kinda sad with the ending where each of them doesn’t end up with their pais but i like kenneth/selena pairs. they looks cute together especially toward the end and glad that raymond didn’t end with kate. i mostly hate cilia in this series. her acting need improvement. lack of expression and emotional. she ruins the series…

  • Lala says:

    I dont really think much of kate but after watching this, i really dislike her! I like watching
    kenneth and Selena together though.

  • Blues says:

    im a real big kate fan, bit i gotta admit, kate’s acting in this series was a bit…fake..or should i say, forced? it wasnt as good as her in moonlight resonance, where she actually created a tense surrounding…ehh at least her acting is improving! : Speech of Silence, and A Great Way To Care was awesome :]

  • hong says:

    Raymond (Heartless) and Kate spent a night together after that she should of had a baby with him that way even though ahe leaves him later he should have a child so when he looks at the child he could think of her
    that’s just my way of thinking
    I think these 2 lack romantic scenes

  • sephiria says:

    RONNN!!!!! why they didn’t pair him with a better actress… hemmm…. it is so dissaponting… and yeah!! I’m feeling sick with kate’s role…

  • Yi Xuan says:

    why did Vivi and Sammuel didn’t end up together? Why did he ask her and try to keep her by his side i mean any women will be happy if their BF or their Crush ask them not to leave.
    And also Ron why didn’t he end up with Cilla?
    Sad!!! Only couple did not get married also…..

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