May 2008

[Catch Me Now] Episode 19

Last night I finished watching episode 19 of Catch Me Now. One more episode left to watch..I hope the ending will be satisfying…

*contains major spoilers*

The tragedy of this episode..BT’s death.

I was really sad that BT had to die T_T Watching those left behind were really sad too..so I’ve decided to dedicate this post on Screencaptures of his final moments and the scenes where his team mourn over his death..

11 Responses to “[Catch Me Now] Episode 19”

  • chibi says:

    awww…so sad =(

  • summer says:

    Thanks KTVB.. u have done screen cap for tis episode, .. so sad.. i cry so terrible while watch this episode.. so sad to see BT die… i never wonder he wil die in tis series.. really sad.. but luckly, b4 he die, Ah Kiu did wear the ring and say will married wif him… so touched lo.. any way, tis episode, everyone of them had done a great job, they really act very well.. everyone so sad for their member leave them.. great job..

  • Aww can’t believe BT actually died! 🙁

  • Kes says:

    This is so great to se Johnson getting more and more (and bigger) roles..
    I’ve always supported Johnson (ever since I noticed him in “To Get Stuck In Time”) and of course I’ll continue ^^.
    Seing him died really made me weep… but I was kinda happy.. coz it was a well acted scene (johnson is really great and he didn’t dissapoint med)

  • Sharon says:

    so sad…never thought he’d died when i watched that…but it was obvious when seeing teh preview of it, i’ve just got one more episode to go too, its on today, and i guess they’ll show teh atlernate ending too…

  • KTVB says:

    It’s sad that such a likable character has to die., personally he is my favourite from the team (though it was a very hard choice between Jack and Long Leg Crab as well). It’s because he’s such a liked character from the audience’s perspective that makes his character’s choice of death to have such an impact. His death also triggers the desire from his team to seek revenge for him~

    To Sharon: Same here~ guessing you’re from Sydney watching it from TVBJ Satelite too?

    To Kes: I liked the scene too because I agree with you in that it was well acted out, by Johnson Lee and the rest of the thief team.

  • kinki says:

    I just finished watching this series too!
    Love Jack & BT the best, and they both died.. so sad 🙁

    I think everyone did very pretty good in this series, even the newcomers, Aimee Chan(Nana) & Koni Lui (Long-leg crab). Sharon Chan & Fala Chen are both pretty as usual. But wonder what’s wrong with Idy Chan’s voice.

    The alternative and the original ending are both good. I’d prefer the alternative one, I guess I just like a happier ending =)

    Thought the series was intense and fun to watch. An above average TVB series.

  • nich says:

    Yes… this is definitely a brilliant series by TVB. Good plot, good cast, good pace… not too draggy, not too abrupt.

    BT’s death was totally unexpected, so is Jack’s. But I guess TVB has to show either Jack died or got captured, because they sort of need to tell the public that no matter what type of thief you are, it’s still a wrong thing. and, urm… I prefer the alternate ending, I’m a sucker for happy endings… LOL

  • cF says:

    I cried so much for BT. It was definitely unexpected.. I would definitely hold Keyman responsible!!

    Overall, loved this series!!

  • e-tw (: says:

    I think TVB chose BT to die because he was a really well-liked character. His death was really unexpected and the scene was really well acted, which made me emotional as well. I also feel bad for Keyman, because of the guiltiness for BT’s death…

  • mandy says:

    BT was obviously very well liked and a person who cheered the group up when they were down. he died to give damien a reason to kill evergreen. i cried so much when he died, forever a BT fan ! (;

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