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22 Responses to “[Catch Me Now] Who is your favourite Thief?”

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ i vote for Jack Ko ..haha.. he is great .. like to watch him alot.. any way others is oso nice la.. but, if need to choose, vote for Jack Ko ler..

  • chibi says:

    It’s gotta be Jack =) But… BT and LongLeg Crab are pretty interesting too..

  • kammi says:

    i reackon it should be BT.. coz his soo funni!!~ i toTally luv his scenez!!~ btw.. long leg crab is also interestin’ too!!~

  • cF says:

    I vote for Long Leg Crab.. but it’s not letting me!!

  • winnie says:

    i like all of them..they are very pro & a good and strong team spirit.
    i like Jack cause he is very handsome and look very steady & cool.
    besides, im quite admire Long Leg Crab. She is quite good in acting even thoough she is new.
    BT is great. he look very pro when he touch those electronic device. before, i don’t really have interest in him. But this movie change me. hahaha

  • chibi says:

    cF: Try voting on the poll on the left hand side =)

  • kinky says:

    ya… this drama very impress me… it’s really a good drama…. this so much must see drama~!!!

  • cF says:

    Yay! I voted. Thanks chibi!

    Anyway, my vote was for Long Leg Crab, bother for the character and the actress. Koni doesn’t strike me as a newbie at all, and the character itself is also very likeable. Plus, a female sniper is just hot!

    Other than LLC, I think Hao Lo is real suave too. I love his confidence, and his colourful shirts too! BT is also not bad, and I usually love Johnson’s characters, but I find BT a bit somber sometimes..

  • Kes says:

    hehe…. sorry… I got to go for BT even though the rest of the team is great too..

    I’ve always been a Johnson fan (and still am). BUT.. just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I blindly choose him ^^
    BT is a funny and very likeable character.. that’s why I vote him (and of cours.. BT happens to be johnson ^^)

  • Carmen says:

    I’m for BT, just the fact that he collect Mimi’s is enough to love him. ^^

    Has anyone else noticed that the accessoires Madracer wears are the same as J-celeb Gackt?
    The pinky fluffy shirt also reminds me of No ni saku hana you ni.. or is it just me?.. =.=

  • Sammi says:

    I couldn’t choose from long leg crab or bt.. they were both great but i chose.. long leg crab she made a cool female thief icon… ^__^

  • Kelly says:

    i vote for bt because he is so funny. it was so sads to see him die at the end of the show. i though long leg crab was quite good too but my second would have to go to jack ko.

  • Moon says:

    BT i love BT LOL

  • Moon says:

    BT!! BT is the best

  • JeSs says:

    i vote for BT . i love him :X

  • londoneye says:

    I love Jack’s personality, Long leg crab’s prettiness and coolness, but BT is so cute and cool!

  • coco says:

    I votr for BT, He’s a nice guy

  • shirley says:

    I like Jack~He’s handsome! *drools*

  • singapore says:

    Bt ROCKS TO THE MAX LA!!!! he’s so damm cool!!!!

  • mandy says:

    i’m a johnson fan, so it’s BT all the way 😀 he’s also really nice and has a good sense of humour.

  • mandy says:

    oh, and let’s never forget he’s the most adorable thief i’ve ever seen (:

  • Hacker says:

    Ppl can u teach me how to hack?
    btw why did u die?

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