April 2008

[New Series]: Catch Me Now

Upcoming series to be released in Hong Kong April 21, after D.I.E

Cast: Damian Lau, Idy Chan, Joe Ma, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Johnson Lee, Evergreen Mak, Sherming Yiu, Aimee Chan, Lo Lok Lam…
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern/Polices/Thieves/Action
Filmed in October 2007, airing in April 2008


Robs the rich and gives the poor, he’s more than just a thief
Fights against injustice and crime, he’s more than just a cop

A sum of drug money triggers battle of wits between Kwong Yeung (Joe Ma) and Ko Chi (Damien Lau), a detective and a thief. Yeung gradually discovers the true identity of Chi is a mob chief who uses the restaurant business to cover his illegal activities. Despite all efforts, Yeung lacks sufficient evidence to support allegations against Chi. Nevertheless Yeung keeps a close eye on Chi and believes in the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Yeung’s devotion to his work sours his relationship with his wife Hong Mei-Lei (Fala Chen). Fortunately, Lei is given support and encouragement by her best friend Bao Yung-Yung (Idy Chan Yuk Lin). Chi is deeply attracted to Yung’s kind-hearted personality. He even risks exposing his secret identity to save her life. There is a choice between love and ideal…

Synopsis Credits: Astro On Demand

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Comments: When I first saw the trailer on the TVB Sales Presentation Clip 2008, I was quite excited by seeing Idy Chan =) I actually haven’t watch any series of hers before, other than a few glimpse of her scenes from The Return of the Condor Heroes. Somehow though, I look forward to seeing her return after so long and she seems quite compatible with Damien Lau ~ This should be interesting!

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11 Responses to “[New Series]: Catch Me Now”

  • kes says:

    I think a lot of people are looking forward to this serie.

    I one of the “old” reader (I grew up watching the so-called 80’s dramas) and I’m really looking forward to Idy’s return.

    oh.. and the trailer was good – it made me wan to see more ^^

  • soupgirl says:

    Wow, Sharon Chan, haven’t seen her for a long time. I like Fala and Idy as well. Guess I might catch this after all ^__^

  • chibi says:

    Currently watching it and so far…Idy Chan doesn’t seem as interesting as I thought her character would be.. Her voice is kinda croaky too o.o

  • sakuragi says:

    Catch me now is kinda nice.. kinda like the hot girl in the thief team.. anybody have any idea wat her name is and her details? wanna know more bout her.. xD

  • Lionel says:

    The girl in the thief team is called Koni Lui Wai Yee

  • KTVB says:

    I’ve just watched episode 6-10 and I’m loving the series more and more =)

    One of my favourite episodes is episode 9! The episode was filled with suspense and action as the team undergoes the operation of robbing the necklace ^^

    BT also faces his dilemma as he has feelings for Sharon. I wonder how they will progress! I also really like Fala and Joe together and starting to get used to Idy’s character too

  • Tigrex says:

    the themesong is preety cool as well…luv how the thief team works! sad to see it end so soon though only 20eps

  • londoneye says:

    I <3 watching Koni Lui! She is so pretty and I love her role. But I wish that she and BT were a couple!

  • Cal says:

    Found this series quite enjoyable. A tasty cat-and-mouse series. I did like Idy Chan in Return of the Condor Heroes but I did not like her role in this series. Her character here is too wimpy and too simple-minded though some of it improves over time. Some wimpiness could make the story more interesting, but cranking up the wimp dose to the max is just unpleasant to watch. Somehow she is dressed in a matronly fashion too. Her voice seemed to quiver quite a bit, especially at the beginning. The part is well-acted though. The comraderie within the “thieving” team was particularly nice and touching to watch, especially around episode 19. Enjoyed watching Joe Ma as the cop too. I’m surprised Sharon Chan looked much skinnier in the face in this series than she was in The Charm Beneath.

  • Star says:

    This is sorta like a modern day robin hood. Cuz he’s stealing for the poor (I think?)

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