December 2013

[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 2

Continuation of some of my favourite Kate x Dayo scenes from [Bounty Lady] See Part 1: Kate & Dayo Scene 1

In episode 12, Kate goes to find Dayo after Jazz’s wedding was called off. She was touched by how much Dayo had sacrificed for his friend and went to see if he was ok. He ends up resting his head on her lap and the limited edition bag they won together. Kate smiles as she watches him rest peacefully, until Dayo suddenly speaks out “You keep looking at me, how am I supposed to sleep?” lol


TVB Bounty Lady

Later on, Dayo starts saying things about how the one who hurts the other person is as hurt as the one getting hurt. Dayo seems to be talking from his own experience.  Kate ends up asking if he was the one being hurt, or the other. Dayo lightly slaps her across the face.
Kate: Why did you hit me for?
Dayo: Nosey.
Kate: Good thing it didn’t really hurt.
Dayo: Because I was never serious. *Starts tapping Kate’s nose* You should make sure you’re not too serious with me.
Kate: What? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
Dayo: Oh..I thought you were so curious about me because you have a bit of feeling towards me.
Kate *in denial/confused*: Are you serious?  You’re not young or good looking/smart, why would I like you for?
Dayo: Best to stay this way because I’m a super chewy beef. Decent girls can’t handle it.
Kate: You’re starting to think I’m a decent girl?
Dayo: I’m just generally speaking. I’m only 3 minute in the moment, you think it’s short, I think it’s very long already. If you don’t want to die, don’t develop feelings for me.
Kate: Don’t worry, I don’t like that heavy taste. I don’t want to die early, ok? *Kate shifts across and moves away from his head*

The next day, Dayo and Kate are sending text messages across to each other at work and Dayo asks her out for dinner at a French restaurant. He tells her it’s to thank her for using her lap as a pillow and she happily accepts. Back at home, Kate is having a dilemma about whether she should go or not, knowing he’s probably the 99% of men out there who is not a decent guy. She later convinces herself that she’s not “dating” him, just having a meal together. Unfortunately when she arrived, it turned out Dayo was trying to set her up with the owner of the restaurant and Dayo quickly leaves after the introduction.
TVB Bounty Lady

Kate becomes extremely upset by this… and leaves shortly after.. She goes to sells their ‘baby’ (bag) and returns half the cash to Dayo. It’s like Dayo knows Kate has feelings for him and deliberately pushes her away. As Kate leaves, Dayo pours the alcohol on his head…

After this incident, the two resume as normal as if nothing has happened and Kate continues to have a crush on him as she happily replays the video clip on her phone. On the other hand, Dayo wants to help one of the employees Sharon Chan (also Kate’s friend and his friend Louis Yuen’s secret crush) fulfil her wish of having her own family. Kate notices Dayo hanging out with Sharon lately and follows him.


TVB Bounty Lady

Sharon invites the two to her place for dinner and as Sharon heads to the kitchen to prepare food, Dayo and Kate point at each other and say at the same time:
Dayo: Are you a person? You’re a girl, why aren’t you helping in the kitchen?
Kate: Are you a person? You’re a guy, why are you sitting here?
Dayo: Hey- it’s always a male lion waiting for the female lion to bring him food.
Kate: At lease you just admit being an animal.
Dayo pretends to be a lion next to Kate and growls saying he is hungry and starts thumping his chest saying “I don’t know why I’ve become a gorilla but I’m reallllly hungry”
Kate: Did you brush your teeth? Ok Ok, you’re so annoying *Kate goes off to the kitchen to help out*
During this time, Dayo sneaks into Sharon’s room to find out more about her and accidentally knocks his legs on a luggage.
Kate walks by and finds him: No wonder you want me to go away, you’re trying to steal underwear.
Dayo: That’s because you have that hobby, don’t accuse other people. I just got lost.
Kate: If it’s not a hobby, you must be after Sharon.

Kate realises that Dayo is trying to help Sharon and insists she will be able to help him.

In episode 14, Dayo and Kate were trying to help Sharon become a internet singing celebrity by getting her to sing a themesong for an ad.  During this time, Kate also realised Sharon has started developing feelings for him.
She starts to ask Dayo whether he has ever fallen in love with a client which he has tried to find a lover for.
Dayo: I really can’t answer you because I haven’t-
Kate: Not even an exception?
Dayo: ..Yes. One.
Kate:  Who?
Dayo: You. *Kate has a pleasant surprised look on her face*  I have a special feeling towards you. It’s like… a celebrity and paparazzi. Like, do you have anything else to ask? Do you need to ask whether I’ve had a wife before, or other kids?
Kate: You would tell me? 😀
Dayo: Let’s exchange- how about I ask you- When was your first time? No let’s talk about last time- who dumped who?
Kate started becoming overwhelmed: Enough, enough, don’t ask me anymore.

TVB Bounty Lady

Kate changes the topic back to Sharon and tells him that Sharon  sings really well in her bedroom, but not in the studio, so the solution is to record in her bedroom. Dayo is thrilled with the outcome and grabs Kate’s face and pretends to kiss her which freaks her out….

During this process of helping Sharon, Sharon ends up falling for Dayo and even confesses her feelings to him (bringing shock to Kate, Dayo and Louis who witness this) In hope not to shatter her newly developed self confidence, Louis pleads Dayo to help him by accepting her. Sharon and Kate’s friendship also become shaky after this when Sharon finds the video clip of Dayo on her phone and realises Kate and her have fallen for the same person. Sharon starts becoming a scheming person. When Dayo is asleep, Sharon deliberately takes “bed” photos with him and sends this to Kate by “accident”.

In episode 15, Kate pulls a muscle on her neck when  Dayo and his brother Benz Hui were having an argument about Elena Kong. The two end up walking along the beach together at night where Dayo offers to give her a neck massage. Dayo’s ‘butcher’s knife ring’ (which he is seen wearing during the series) ends up poking her so he takes it off and give it to  Kate who puts in her pocket. The two end up leaving when Dayo gets a phone call from security to go grab his drunken brother. While Benz is drunk, Benz scolds back at Dayo “You have no right to scold at me. You’ve turned crazy because of a girl as well!. *Ben starts grabbing Kate* And You- why do you have to come back? My brother was fine, but after you left, he completely changed! If you really love him, please help! He misses you every day, has no mood to do anything; has not dated, just wearing that butcher’s knife ring you gave him! He says he is sorry towards you!” Dayo KO’s Benz to sleep to shut him up and tells Kate not to believe a word a drunk person has said.

As Kate was outside and about to leave, Dayo rushes out thinking he had lost his knife-ring. He rushes back to the beach and frantically looks for it, pleading Kate to help him. Kate takes the ring out of her pocket and uses it to ask more about his past and starts playing around with it as Dayo tries to get it back from her. In the process, Kate drops the ring for real
Kate: I’m so sorry! I’ll definitely find it back for you. I promise you I’ll find it for you.
*Dayo finds the ring, but this time decides to pull a prank back on her.*
Dayo: It’s fate!  There was once a person who said they would exchange an apartment for the ring. I refused because the ring meant too much to me. Just playing around with it and it’s disappeared..it’s fate. FAAAAATTTEEEE. *Dayo walks off*
Kate: I’m so sorry! I’ll look for it, I’ll look for it!
TVB Bounty Lady

Late next morning when Dayo arrives at work, he notices Kate not in her office. His colleague tells him that Kate called in to ask for leave, despite having an urgent contract to sign and mentioned ‘I’ll find it first’. This is when Dayo realises Kate was still searching for his ring at the beach and rushes off to find her.

TVB Bounty Lady

Dayo: Hey..you were looking for it all night?
Kate: I went through the entire beach. I went through myself as well. But I still can’t find it. I’ll keep looking..
Dayo: No no, no need. I found it, look- it’s right here.
Kate: You’re lying to me. This one is fake.
Dayo: There is only this one. Sorry, I already found it last night..
*Kate starts bursting into tears.*
Dayo: Don’t be angry.
Kate: I’m not angry. I’m really happy that you found the ring back.
Dayo: Sorry…sorry..
*Kate falls into his arms*and mumbles just as she falls asleep*: “It’s good that it’s found…this ring is very important to you..”

Dayo kisses her on the forehead and holds her in his arms ^___^

TVB Bounty Lady

*so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet* ^____^ It is probably my most favourite scene in the series ^^

*Continue onto Part 3*

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  • Chibi says:

    AWWWWWWWwww XDD That last scene <333 heehe so cute ^^ I'm enjoying these recaps of Kate and Dayo! Gonna go read part three now, ^___^!

    Good job K!

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