December 2013

[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 3

See: Part 1 | Part 2

Episode 16 has got to be my favourite episode because it has lots of romantic scenes! ^^

While Kate is asleep in Dayo’s arm, Dayo takes a photo of her with her phone. He then sees the video recording of himself drunk at the hotel room. He clicks the delete button; but couldn’t bring himself to press the ‘confirm’ button, and cancels it He leaves the recording in there and Kate shortly wakes up. 🙂


TVB Bounty Lady

Dayo: How are you feeling?
Kate: Did I sleep for ages?
Dayo: It’s year 2047
Kate: That long? No wonder I feel so awake. Off to work..
Dayo: Hey–you’ve been out all night, don’t you need to go home and shower?
Kate: Do I look really bad?
Dayo: Have you seen the movie ‘_____(some horror movie?)’? You’re acting like the main character.
*Kate slaps his shoulder and her stomach grumbles*
Dayo: Hungry?
*Kate nods*
Dayo: Let’s eat?
Kate: You shouting?
Dayo: Ok.

In the next scene, two the come out of a taxi and arrive at Kate’s home.
Dayo: I’ll take you upstairs.
Kate: Nah no need. You want to make up for making me look this bad? No need..
Dayo: Ok up to you.
Kate walks off but when she turns around, she finds him still there looking at her. He walks up to her and asks “You want to ask me for some coffee at your place?”
Kate: If you don’t mind 3 combined in 1, then come up.
Dayo: Your house has a lot of people though…
Kate: What’s drinking coffee and a lot of people got to do with it? It’s not anything…
Dayo: What?
Kate: What?
Dayo: What, what?
Kate: What, what?
After a long pause and the two looking at each other, Kate yawns (fake?) and looks away.
Dayo: You’re tired. Go upstairs to rest.
Kate: Good night..
Dayo: Good night…
Kate walks off, and turns to look at him one more time before walking off.

TVB Bounty Lady

Back at home, Kate has a lot of think about since she was semi-conscious when Dayo kissed her on the forehead. When she saw the photo Dayo took off her sleeping, she was scared that he deleted the video clip, but was relieved to find it still there. Kate then accidentally sends the photo of her asleep in his arms to Sharon which makes her extremely jealous.
Back at the office, when Dayo was feeling down about his brother Benz, Kate attempts to cheer him up and to see what was wrong. Sharon sees and interrupts, reminding Kate that she is his girlfriend and starts talking about the issue in which Kate is unaware of.

TVB Bounty Lady

During lunch, Dayo goes to find Kate and asks what she’s eating and Kate sticks her fork at him.
Dayo: Why so much hate?
Kate: Who has time to hate you?
Dayo: No hate..then closeness then.
Kate: I think Sharon is closer to you.
Dayo grabs a bit of her rice, sniffs it: Woah..such a huge vinegar (jealousy) smell
Kate: Look I’m just eating a lunch box, there’s no need to pick a fight.
Dayo: Look, my brother and Elena’s thing; it’s an unfortunate thing for my family; so that’s why I don’t go around telling people.
Kate: Well your family matters, don’t go telling people, don’t say anymore.
Dayo: Exactly, so many unfortunate things in my family I don’t want to bring home another relative (i.e Sharon)
Upon hearing this, Kate turns her face away and sneaks a smiles.
Kate: If you don’t want another relative, you should tell Sharon clearly; if not, she’ll just go deeper and deeper then you’re in trouble.
Dayo: I want her to get deeper and deeper into the relationship.

Dayo tells Kate that he is doing all this, pretending to date Sharon, just to hurt her to make her realise the one she loves is Louis and not him. He asks Kate to pretend to be his girlfriend to hurt Sharon. Upon hearing this, Kate comments “Are you sure it’s going to work? Doesn’t sound very reliable”
Dayo: The problem is, can you make it work? Can you be a super realistic girlfriend? If you can’t, then don’t do it. Let’s try it *Dayo closes his eyes and points to his lips*
Kate looking stunned:  I- need to think about it.
Dayo: OK! I won’t bother you, I know about 10 Miss Hong Kongs-
Kate: What? Miss Hong Kong? Sharon’s not going to believe that. Do we have to kiss?
Dayo: If your kiss is bad once is already too much. *Dayo closes his eyes again* Kate freaks out and starts eating her lunch box quickly: My mouth is all full, can’t kiss at the moment. Next time if we need to kiss, I’m sure it will come naturally. Dayo laughs at Kate’s nervousness lol
TVB Bounty Lady

In the following scene, Sharon and Louis are having dinner and Kate and Dayo pretend to be dating and deliberately walk past for Sharon to see. After a few failed attempts, Dayo and Kate do the extreme of dancing across the road and swiftly hops into a taxi together catching the eye of Sharon who chases them. Unfortunately, Louis does not want Sharon to know Dayo is ‘cheating on her’ so Sharon fails to ‘catch them on the spot’.
TVB Bounty Lady

Since the night was still early, Kate and Dayo go on a date and the two have a lot of fun playing at amusement centre/arcade. With the tickets they won, Kate claims a pink photo frame and the two run out to streets to get their photo taken.

TVB Bounty Lady
TVB Bounty Lady

As they were joking around, Dayo ends up straining his neck muscle and Kate helps give him a massage. Another couple end up bumping into Kate and she ends up hugging onto him~
TVB Bounty Lady

After a long intimate moment *with the sub themesong playing in the background*, Kates gets off and states : Someone just knocked me.
Dayo: I told you you’d fall in love with me
Kate: Yea right. I love the look of your strained neck

^____^ *Continue to part 4

9 Responses to “[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 3”

  • curly_fries says:

    I think Dayo was referring to Kate when he said “relative”.

    Love your recaps!! Makes me want to watch the scenes again 😀

    • KTVB says:

      hmmm how so? I had my own interpretation of what he said but I could have misunderstood…why would he have referred Kate as a “relative”?

      Thanks curly_fries!! ^^ Me too…!! ehehe Glad you like them!

      • curly_fries says:

        I thought that when Dayo said he didn’t want to bring home another relative, he was explaining to Kate why he hasn’t asked her to be his girlfriend yet, even after their beach moment. When Kate heard that he was referring to her as a potential ‘relative’, she sneaked in a giggle.

        That’s just my take – if only I can meet Dayo in person and ask him hehe

  • Rin says:

    I just watched this episode!! 😀 soooo cute I think I’m gonna miss them when I finish watching… any chance TVB can pair them up again? Lol.

    • KTVB says:

      YAY!! Love sharing the excitement with fellow Kate x Dayo fans!!

      hahah..*sigh* I wish too!! (tho we won’t be seeing Dayo in TVB until at least maybe 2017 since he mentioned his schedule is all booked out for the next 2 years and no TVB)

  • Chibi says:

    Awwwwwwww <333 haha these keep getting better and better ^^ woohooo

  • AC says:

    The beach scene is my favorite! I normally don’t think of Dayo Wong as handsome or anything, but Kate and Dayo make quite a sexy pair!

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