December 2013

[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 4

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In episode 17, Dayo deliberately sends the “bed photo” of himself and Sharon to Louis in order to ‘wake-him-up’ so that Louis won’t continue to lie to himself. Louis is furious thinking Dayo has taken advantage of Sharon and the two get into a fight and they both accidentally get trapped inside a freezer room. When Kate and Sharon find the two, Sharon runs to Louis while Kate rushes to Dayo. Kate calls out to him and cries as she tries to wake him up, telling him not to leave her.  When Kate notices Dayo open his eyes, she hugs onto him tightly in joy and kisses him twice on the lips. ^^

TVB Bounty Lady

TVB Bounty Lady

In the hospital, Kate is watching Dayo sleep.
Dayo: Does my sleeping pose look really good?
Kate: You’re awake- that’s good
Dayo: I’ve been awake for a long time already.
Kate slaps his arm: You were pretending to sleep? I was really worried about you..
Dayo: Initially I was planning to pretend until you leave, but you didn’t leave at all, and I’m scared that you’d sneak attack me again (referring to her kiss)
Kate: I was really nervous before, I didn’t know what I was doing that’s all- do you think I really want to kiss you?
Dayo: Don’t worry- it was so cold before, just pretend you had an ice-block; no- double ice block (as he points to his upper and lower lips)

Later, Dayo breaks up with Sharon by making her realise Louis is the one most  important to her and not him. To make it clear, Dayo even forced a kiss at Sharon, making her really upset and angry. Sharon slaps across the face Dayo and leaves.

After this, Kate and Dayo go and talk at their usual hang-out area.
Kate: It’s lucky this time you guessed right, but what if Sharon really did love you?
Dayo: After many years of experience, I know I won’t get it wrong.
Kate: You only have three students (Louis, Jazz and Benz); do you really think you’re a god, Founder?
Dayo: As long as it’s true, doesn’t matter how many students I have. It’s like how I got you to date me because I know you won’t like someone like me.
Kate: You’re not worried that I’m only pretending with real feelings?
Dayo: Yea, humans are creatures with feelings. You can pretend with real feelings, but you’re different to Sharon. You have experience. You have set standards.
Kate *in disbelief*: What standards?
Dayo: Standards in picking guys. When I first met you, I thought you were only after money. Later, I realised you a “water-drinking creature”, you know- those who get full on drinking “love-feelings-water”. The ones you like, the ones you will pick, are decent good guys.

TVB Bounty Lady

Kate *eyes becoming teary*: Decent good men, out of 100, there’s not even 1%.
Dayo: Doesn’t matter how much %, the thing is, you have those kinds of standards. Do you think I’m one of the 1%?
Kate: You’re the complete opposite of the 1%
Dayo: There you go. Decent good man. *steps back* Bad man- *points at himself* I’m guessing if today the one I forced kissed was you instead, you probably won’t slap me because you’re not as clear as Sharon. You’d be a bit confused, but once you get home, you’d be awake again. You’d regret it so much you’d start hitting yourself; and then the next morning you may even get the police to arrest me.
Kate: Wrong. *Slaps Dayo across the face* Bad man- slap me back. Bad man? How bad are you?
Kate becomes extremely upset and walks away…

(Jerk! 🙁 why not just admit your feelings? 🙁 )

Later on, Kate goes to find Dayo at Buddy Mary (a bar) to ask about Sharon, and he deliberately leaves to chat up with another woman. Kate being hurt once again, leaves. Benz chases after her and tells her that Dayo wasn’t like this before and it’s all because after “Laura” passed away, he has been pretending to be a bad guy. Dayo stops Benz from saying anymore and leaves with him.

TVB Bounty Lady

The two brothers have a talk.

Benz: Thinking about Kate?
Dayo: Thinking about you- broadcasting hero.
Benz: You’re blaming me on telling Kate too much? I think she deserves to know. Initially when I first met her, I thought she was a very stereotypical Hong Kong girl, but after knowing her she is very caring and attentive, especially towards you, and goes all out for you.
Dayo: Did you get paid to say this?
Benz:  Stop pretending in front of your brother. You have feelings for her, then you have feeling for her or else, why would you be so frustrated right now?
Dayo: I know what I am; I rather not drag other people down.
Benz: All thanks to ‘Laura’, you turned so hopeless at love.
Dayo: Don’t blame other people.
Benz: ‘Laura’ passed away a long time already. You should just let go. When you’re young, you think life is long and have plenty of time and nothing is urgent to do. Who knew that in a blink of an eye and you’d turn old. Some things which are gone you can’t chase back. ‘Laura’ is dead, so she is dead; but Kate is still alive. You both have a lot of opportunities to develop. If you have feelings towards her then please take the opportunity, don’t regret it after she marries someone else.

Back at home, Kate’s elder sister, Tracey Ip tells her that she bumped into  Kate’s ex bf ‘Sunny’ and found out he is now single, and is still interested/misses her. He is rich, smart and decent looking and her family pushes her to ‘go for it’ and that she’d help set up a lunch meeting.

At the work kitchen, Kate is on the phone with her sister when Dayo walks pass and overhears the conversation from outside.
Kate: Sis, can you decline ‘Sunny’ for me? Don’t keep saying he’s a great catch. I know ‘Sunny’ may well be the 1% ..but can you give me some time? I want to wait a bit. I want to wait for a person.
Upon hearing this, Dayo pretends to speak to someone on the phone which Kate overhears: “What did you have for lunch? Your voice sounds so sexy it doesn’t sound like you. You’re calling and it’s not even dinner time yet . Tonight? Tonight I’m not physically ready though. Beg me. Just kidding. Ok- see you at the usual spot. Bye”
TVB Bounty Lady

Kate becomes really teary and upset and tries to wipe her tears as Dayo walks into the kitchen.
Dayo: Hi
Kate: Hi
Dayo: Are you alright there?
Kate: Where are you going tonight? *tries to ask with a smile*
Dayo: Buddy Mary
Kate: Have another date?
Dayo: Do you have an opinion?
Kate: Have fun.
Dayo: Thanks.
As Kate walks off, Dayo tries hard to hold back his tears…

That night, Kate goes to the restaurant to see ‘Sunny’. Standing at the door and seeing his back, she couldn’t bring herself to see him and walks off.
Dayo is at Buddy Mary with that girl and has a few drinks. The two go to a hotel room but Dayo stops at the door. He apologises to her and slaps himself across the face and leaves.

Kate and Dayo walk aimlessly on the street until they find each other at the other side of the crossing.

TVB Bounty Lady

The two run up to each other and embrace each other tightly ……*sub theemsong starts playing again*

TVB Bounty Lady

And then they kiss…. ^^
TVB Bounty Lady

Awww ^^ They finally get together!!!! 🙂

The two hear honking sounds from the cars as they were still standing in the middle of the road and run back onto the footpath together.

Kate: I thought you were at Buddy Mary.
Dayo: Went, and left.
Kate smiles as Dayo wipes the tears off her face.
Dayo: How about your 1%?
Kate: I’m not even 1% interested
Dayo: 1%- not a shame.
Kate: It is a shame. I might not be able to find it ever again this life..but I can’t pass myself. How about you? Are you done pretending to be a bad guy?
Dayo: Pretended for a long time. *touches Kates hair* I don’t think I’ve ever really been happy. It’s like I’m being someone else. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to be myself.
Kate: No matter who you are, ‘Heung Kwong Nam” (Dayo), I really like you.
Dayo: “Seng Fa Lui” (Kate)…

TVB Bounty Lady

At this moment, the two get interrupted by an unwelcomed voice and appearance – Laura.

Laura was in fact alive, and has come back to break apart the couple and claim Dayo as her own…
AHHHHH!!!..oh dear..and so,  this brings the series to the last 3 episodes of the series. To be honest, episode 18-20 are not my favourites at all and annoy me to the max XD plus, Laura is too creepy and sore to the eyes…Not sure if I want to  just end my lovely recaps here XD Might add in a final finale happy ending  We shall see…haha

5 Responses to “[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 4”

  • Chibi says:

    haha damn… you’re leaving the ending of it a cliff hanger!! XP Sounds nasty.

    But yaaaay, Dayo and Kate get together ^.^ ohohho~ It’s a bit cliched when someone starts pretending to be the bad guy to push the other one away… though it’s always super sweet when they finally get together. Some great chemistry ^^

    • KTVB says:

      lol sorry ^^;

      It did showed how much Kate loved and sacrificed for Dayo though but some parts just made me angry lol (and it’s slightly cliche too)

      Ya…except Dayo is supposedly pretending to be ‘bad guy’ throughout the series (although I alwasys aw him as good lol)

  • theresa says:

    u have to do the last ep 19 … kate showed how much she loved dayo ..when he “lost his memory” she looked after him and suffered everything he did to her.

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