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TVB Born Rich Lyrics

English Translations by KTVB Please credit if re-posted. Thanks! : )

Two Rounds of Life (Sub Themesong to Born Rich)- Kay Tse

Destiny simply loves to fool with people, poor and rich  isn’t left out.
Everything most beloved is rarely everlasting
In intimate interaction, gratitude and resent, love and hate
mostly until old age
The more people don’t want to let go, the more it will be inclined to let go

*In difficult times, I am a friend
When severing/breaking the friendship; sharing with me
Turn around, leaving separately,
after wantonly devastating
leaving me behind to pack up the stall(pick up the mess)
How did we once depend on each other to live- fall and change into a pair of repelling rivals?
All because of alcohol, woman’s looks, selfish personal gains, longing/desire and demand
returning me a gift- a sharp-cutting dagger
Love so deeply, yet still not enough, knowing you I truly can’t see through
Unless God wants our legs tied together

Be hostile until death before I can rest


Really can’t see this through

How did we once depend on each other to live- fall and change into a pair of repelling rivals?
All because of one’s selfish interest, you forget that very day I held your hands
I’m not enough, don’t love enough
neglect to save you back
Unless God wants me to witness your death
Regret until death before we can rest


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Comments: Aww I love this song! This is such a sad heartbreaking song and  suits the series really well. When I first translated the themesong by Gallen, I really want to translate this one too! I feel that the two songs complement each other and Kay sings the song from the persona of Anita’s character (Renee) and her love towards Gallen.

I especially loved when this song  first played in the series- which was when Anita finds out that Gallen was actually her brother and she refuses to accept the truth- running away.

She refuses to let go of her relationship with Gallen and even if she did try, their lives will intertwine and it will torture her for the rest of her life because her life is tied with his.  Judging from the song lyrics, he is going to use her and hurt her more. I’m getting the impression it’ll have to do with something when Gallen turns evil, so the song is also like Anita witnessing Gallen going down the wrong path and that even her love could not save him… so much that  Heaven is like forcing her to witness his death.

I had a bit of trouble translating the song because I didn’t know how to express some of the Chinese words/phrases in English ^^ hence it may be  a bit wordy. Hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say ^^

Let  me know what you guys think =)

16 Responses to “[Born Rich] Sub Themesong Lyrics & Translations”

  • chibi says:

    wow, awesome song and great English translations ^___^!

    Can’t wait to watch Born Rich..been hearing good things about it 😀

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    i love both songs of BR..lols..even their instrumental song is really nice…!!!

    i like your analysis of the subsong….i think so too…like i have a feeling gallen will go so far..that no matter who it is..can no longer stand by him.

    omg if your analysis is true…it’s like they are conversing with each other…very complimenting indeed!! yat ming and yat sum sings their woes….

    p.s…does that mean yat ming is going to die??!!! 0.o

    • KTVB says:

      Has this sub themesong been played as an instrumental? Actually, has this Sub themesong been played more than once in the series? lol I can’t quite remember..keep hearing the ‘o come o come Emmanuel’^^

      I think so! Unless you can see this relating to any other character XD (Definitely not Kenix lol)

      p.s: I don’t know o.o? Maybe its just for lyrics sake haha

  • TkN says:

    I agree, K. This song is from Rene’s perspective. And if so…. will Fu Loi die in the end???? 🙁

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    ooo no..this i havent heard in instrumental…but there are many intense instrumental music in BR as well…i love them!

  • Karen says:

    hi… anybody know where i can get the lyrics of the subsong “o come o come Emmanuel”? im addicted to this song, manage to find the song but im interested with the lyrics…

    • KTVB says:

      O come, O come, Emmanuel
      I’m missing you
      I’m waiting for your spell
      Without you, my heart will fade
      I’ll wither if your love is delayed

      Come now, come on, Emmanuel
      I’m waiting for your hypnotizing spell
      Come now, come on, Emmanuel
      I’m waiting for your hypnotizing spell

      O come, O come, Adonai*
      I’m dreaming of your supernatural high
      The thought of you is making me shine
      Come fill in me with love divine

      *Adonai is Hebrew for god/master

      //Repeat chorus 3x

      Credits to Fran @TVBGuide

  • Jan says:

    can someone give me the name of the song in episod 10 where Topman and Rene at paragliding? (Jumping out of the mountain)

  • kkchai says:

    Hi Karen, mind to share the song you said? I am also addicted to the song now.

  • elaine says:

    Great song, however, the song’s link is not working. Please update. Thanks

  • Jessica says:

    Hey i was wondering if anyone remembered the scene where yat ming was with ah yen and he was telling her he didnt like her but he couldnt do it so he told her to go up on stage and sing and he ended up doing a duet with her, does anyone know what song they were singing?

  • Susanna says:

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows the title and artist of the song that played in episode 21, when Topman’s ex-girlfriend was in the hospital after the fall. Some of the lyrics that I heard are:
    you wear no make up and you don’t do you hair
    you walk around like you’re not even there
    you share your problems which you don’t really care
    you just ignore all the views that i aim
    how do people understand if you won’t let them take your hand
    you aren’t showing any pride in the corner that you hide
    i’ll help you carry the pain
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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