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TVB Born Rich Lyrics

On the Verge of Eternity (Themesong to Born Rich)- Gallen Lo (CD Version)

English Translations by KTVB Please credit if re-posted. Thanks! : )

Chasing, Rushing, Pushing, Bumping into
Considers everyone and everything, ideal is burnt out
Real,  fake, fallen before, hurt before
Love’s sparks have given me wish and hope

Dark sky, bright sky, clear sky, gray sky
Once accompanied together, secretly yearned for
Pity that this night, fireworks have stopped, no way of looking up to it
*On the verge of believing in  Eternity
Only fallen short one step, desire for illusion turns into star light
Who with whom  lives in  love, who with whom buries love
Where are the heavens?

If I am scared, it will be because of disappointment
The rest I have no vain
All the consequences are completely cut away
Heart/ blood (efforts) all leaked away

Erase the fear, tear away the rarity
Only when you forget love,  can you swim to shore
In my life, can’t forge out the cause and effect
Truth and false like floating clouds, the sky is also watching

Repeat *

*Download the Full Version

Comments: When I first heard this song, it gave me a similar feeling to Hacken Lee’s Dicey Business themesong. I loved it! It has a grand production feel to it and at the same time, it gave off a sad feeling…I really pitied the character…

Gallen  sung the song in the persona of his character, his choice between the woman he loves and power/money. Having lived his life through lying, we somehow feel sorry for him… yet we can feel happy for him and see the genuine side of him when he expresses  “Love’s sparks have given me wish and hope” when he meets Anita. The two accompanied each other and  started a relationship which they both secretly yearned for.

However, this is cut short as he describes the “fireworks have stopped”- the temporary happiness is gone . I think this  resembles the New Years Eve scene where they kissed under the Christmas tree lights; and then later when Anita returns there after she finds out the ‘truth’,  all the lights are off.

The song also leaks out that he almost gets to where he wants to, but his illusion or dream is shattered where he will experience his downfall. It sounds like he will give up everything (including his love) and put all his hopes into it.. isn’t he scared he’ll have regrets? Just disappointment?

The song concludes with his confusion of what is real , what is fake, and what was destined to be.

32 Responses to “[Born Rich] Themesong Lyrics & Translations”

  • csfan says:

    Yeah I really adore the themesong! Thanks for the lyrics translation.. Gallen sings very well and you could feel his emotions in the song 🙂
    Hoping to read more recaps on BR :p

    • KTVB says:

      You’re welcome casfan ^^

      You don’t know how much I want to post more on BR, but I’ve just been soo soo busy these days don’t even have time to watch it!
      Thanks for anticipating though 😀 It’s people like you who keep me inspired and motivated to do more recaps!

    • caroline chandra says:

      i like angie love

  • Tyyi says:

    the download link doesn’t work. ;w;

  • turtle88 says:

    I really like this themesong by Gallen. Really nice theme with a grand feeling to it and matches the series. Better than the BROC theme in my opinion.

    And yes, the download link does not seem to work. I can’t wait for this full cd version of this song!

    • KTVB says:

      I can’t wait for th full CD version too! Will definitely post it when it’s out! Or anyone can feel free to share with me if they get it first ^^

  • chibi says:

    Wow, what a dramatic and emotional song! Thanks for the lyric translations 😀 Sounds spot on!

    Can’t wait to watch Born Rich after BTROC..

  • kinki says:

    I like this themesong instantly when I heard it for the first time. I like BTROC’s themesong too but only after a few more plays.

    I guess this one’s caught my ears immediately with the start (all the way to the end) of the song where I start liking the chorus of BTROC first and then the rest of the song after.

  • choonsern says:

    this song is really nice but sorry to the webmistress of K for TVB, Hacken can never ever rival Gallen in terms of singing drama themesongs especially the Blockbuster status coz Gallen is always a notch better. Sorry and hope u r not offended

    • KTVB says:

      Just personal preference I guess! I still think Hacken’s got that voice which can bring out the song more (he is a professional singer afterall). Don’t get me know, I really like Gallen singing the themesong~ he’s got a good voice and when it’s sung by one of the main characters in the series (who CAN sing), it adds that personal touch to it! 😀

      • Jestrine says:

        I agree with you.
        No doubt, Hacken has a great voice. He sang for Dicey Business and for the Hotel drama (which I forgot the name) which is just great. But yet I have to say Gallen is able to sing this song so well too. Is great to hear him sing once again. He sang for most of the movies he acted in which makes a lot of difference.

  • Kyla says:

    Would anyone happen to have/know the subsong to Born Rich?

    It is Angie’s theme, played everytime she shows up with Marcus. Goes like this: “I’m waiting for your hypnotizing spell….”

    Its such a pretty song, wonder if anyone else agrees?

  • Tony says:

    hey sorry but i really like this song but i dont know how to dl it can someone help me?

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    wooot..i didnt know the full version already came out..hahha

    i love the song so much….and watching the live performance at the TVB 42nd anniversary made it all the more visual for me..haha i love how the rest of the cast entered at the end…it had this classy feel to it

  • Jestrine says:

    Such a wonderful song to match the drama. Just love the kissing scene between Gallen and Anita. Soooo…. sweet. Hope they will be together at the end.

  • Jestrine says:

    I have tried to download the theme song, but can’t seem to work. Any other links?

  • Joyee says:

    The download link for the theme song doesn’t work. I mean it plays, but then it uses QuickTime to play, it doesnt let us dl it. Just plays it.

  • Peter says:

    Do you have the pinyin of the song?

  • Jan says:

    can i have the name of the song in episod 10 when topman and rene at paragliding?

  • TH says:

    Does anyone know the title or have the mp3 in the episode when Sa Po Loi’s car took a dive into the water.Thanks!

  • tram says:

    how can find the hypnotising spell song in moving born rich?

  • Apple says:

    does anyone know the name of the song
    when Rene and Topman broke up bacuse of Elsa?
    The bit when Elsa hurt her head?

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