Beyond the Realm of Conscience Chibi Fan Art

Chibis!! This [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] artwork is for and its readers to mark the conclusion of the complete episode synopsis and thoughts 🙂 Hope you like it, but please do not re-post this drawing anywhere else, thanks! =)

P.S Damn, their hair was so hard to draw @_@ Why are they so detailed?? hehehee.. Hope you can tell who is who!

52 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Chibi Drawing”

  • eerational says:

    Very cute! 😀

  • selena says:

    Oh my… they are soo cute.. so many details *Q* I’m not able to say witch one i like most 😡 hm.. maybe the kimono from the 2nd one.. and the hair from the 4th.. but anyway.. all five … awwwww! x3

    I love your style! I’m so happy that i found you xD <3 a big thank @ moonkitty *gg*

    can't wait to see more 😀

  • jun-e says:

    nice cute drawing : D

  • Annisa says:

    Wah, chibi. They’re adorable! Congrats on finishing BTROC. I’ve been following you on MoonSticks lately and love your art and jokes, lol. For this, I like the hair on Charmaine and Selena the most. Why is Tavia’s smile farther right? Is she supposed to be smirking?

    • chibi says:

      Thanks Annisa, and what a pleasant surprise to know you follow MoonSticks too 😀

      And yup! Tavia is supposed to be smirking, cause she’s evol like that XD

  • tvbholic says:

    really very cute. it’s very easy to tell who’s who!. if u can do one for the 2 lead. would love to see how mo would look like! 😀

    p/s, imo: tavia looks toooo happy in the getup -hair and costume.

    • chibi says:

      hehe thank you ^-^

      I don’t intend to make anymore of these but we’ll see (no promises though!) To be honest I didn’t feel like making one of Kevin, and if I made Moses it would feel incomplete (being the only male)

  • *xueling* says:

    Such a cute/adorable drawing! 😀
    Actually, I like your drawing of tavia the most, because she looks so sweet and amiable there! For some reason i don’t think she’s smirking, but maybe that’s just me. Hehe.
    Great job ^.^

    • chibi says:

      hehehe thank you ^.^ I suppose it doesn’t really matter if she’s smirking or not, as long as it’s still cute xD

      • *xueling* says:

        They’re really cute, especially tavia and selena. ^^
        I actually like tavia’s smile the most (is this just me again?)
        Ahh, such a cutee drawing 😀

        • chibi says:

          hehee, not many seem to comment on Michelle and Susanna- I suppose they can’t compete in terms of cuteness/beauty with the other 3 younger ladies XD

  • Fiona says:

    OMGSH! ITS SO CUTE!!! Your drawing of Tavia really really realy looks like her in real life. LOL I wish i could draw like that 🙁

    • chibi says:

      Thanks Fiona 😀 I really like how Tavia turned out as well (probably put the most effort in her since she was the first one I made). If you look really closely she has blush on too XD

  • Jellybean says:

    wow you must have spent a lot of time on this ! soo detailed a moses one would be cool but we know you must be busy…

    • chibi says:

      Thanks, they did take quite a while to make but it’s a lot of fun too 🙂 I might make one of Moses… if there’s enough demand for it ^^;;

      • Fiona says:

        LOL I demand I demand!!! XDDDDDDD I’ve seen your drawing for thelegend Of The Demigods too! It’s really nice too! 🙂

  • faithict says:

    wow, they are very cute…you have an amazing skill in artwork…yes i could see that you spend a lot of time time on the hair..they look very detail to me… 🙂 good job, chibi!

  • rachel says:

    awwww how cute!!! i love how each one is so distinct and detailed making it very easy to identify who is who. great job!!!!! 😀

  • KTVB says:

    OMG!!!! That is SOOO CUTE!!! and so much detail!

    I like the Tavia and Selena one the most XD Such striking resemblences.

    Great work once again Chibi on the drawings and thanks heaps for helping me out with RTROC summaries and writeups. Do hope you’ll come back again as’s special guest blogger 🙂

  • engsamnang says:

    Cutie Cutie here! We got a happy and cute little Tavia. She ‘s the most glamourous in both hairdo and dress. Your colour installment such the catchy. Charmaine ones also well drawing and colouring as her headdress charm my eye. Yes, selena and tavia share the similar shape face while Susanna , michelle, charmaine got almost same identity in term of lokking. But you skillful to put all thoes attire and hairstyle for what they appear to be in the series. Nice job chibi. Wish their would be more charactors in beyond here for the drawing.

    • chibi says:

      hehe yes, her outfit is rather glamourous.. I didn’t think concubines get to dress up like that! It looks more like something an Empress would where ^^; Charmaine has quite a bit on her hair too.

      Actually, if you look closely, all of them have the same face shape XD XD

      • engsamnang says:

        There really truth to this costume for the empress.Looking forward to susan tse obviously the example. i read that the dress is totally the preparation for tavia to be the empress since the earlier of the film, found in sale presentation. Althought the script writer then change, the dress still be in production.

  • Tammy says:

    Oh, wow!! What amazing work! Love your reviews but love your drawing even more!! 🙂

  • kes says:

    woot woot woot.
    Nice drawing chibi.
    I love selena-chibi. – there is something about the hair.

    Good job.

  • Justvb says:

    Always looking forward to your artwork, your artwork has improved, keep it up!!! 🙂

  • jojo says:

    ADORABLE <3 I love Charmaine's hair the most! So detailed and realistic and life-like!;; Fantastic job!

  • Code says:

    how do you draw this? did u draw on the computer using some program? or did u draw by hand? how did u color it if u drew by hand?

  • Janelyn says:


  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    OMG their so cute

    i like bits a pieces of this but i like selena and tavia the most their so cute =)

  • 'Muff says:

    Wow, they’re really cute~~

    Tavia looks cool~
    And Selena looks so happy XD

    I love the detail~

  • Cara says:

    So cute! ^_^ Love how you nailed their hairdo!

  • kinki says:

    Wow! Haven’t been here for a long long time! Just saw Chibi’s BTROC drawing, so cute and detailed!! *applause* Awesome work!! Chibi! 🙂

    • chibi says:

      Thanks! haha’s been quite a long time since you commented! I guess you watched BTROC so much quicker than me then by the time I finished you were onto many other series already ^^;

      • kinki says:

        Just had been really busy. Haven’t been catching up with any new series at all, the only ‘series’ I’ve watched since BTROC was the short 6 eps of Don Juan Demercado. How about yourself?

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