Hi guys, Chibi here!
I just wanted to take this chance to share some pretty cool news with you lot 🙂

Do you remember the [Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計] chibi dolls I posted up a while ago?

Ivy from the Charmaine Sheh Malaysian Fan Club got in touch with me about 2 weeks ago and asked if she could use my chibi Lau Sam Ho drawing as a design for a cake! Charmaine was visiting Malaysia that weekend for the Skinz infinite Meet & Greet Event, and the cake was going to be a present from her Malaysian fans.

I was absolutely thrilled to hear it actually went ahead and Charmaine Sheh got the cake with my drawing on it!! Check this out and click here to see the original.

Charmaine Sheh with Chibi Lau Sam Ho Cake from Malaysian Fans

Charmaine Sheh with Chibi Lau Sam Ho Cake from Malaysian Fans

Chibi Lau Sam Ho Cake
It turned out so well, it’s adorable!! :3

Many thanks to Ivy for sending me these two photos! (She asked me to watermark them so I did. ‘Dear Chibi’ is the name of my personal blog) Please do not repost elsewhere.
Photos belong to Ivy @ ivycreations.blogspot.com

12 Responses to “Charmaine Sheh receives Chibi Lau Sam Ho Cake”

  • kinki says:

    Chibi, you know what!?
    I saw the photo of the cake from Charmaine’s 微博 last week but didn’t realize it’s from your drawing!!
    That’s sooo cool! 🙂 Good Job!

  • rachel says:

    wow that is so cool!!!

  • KTVB says:

    Wow!! Charmaine received your chibi artwork!! XD That’s so cool!!!

  • Rachel (Charmaine's fan from Malaysia) says:

    Hi All

    Yes! We were happy that Charmaine LIKES the cake. Before this, Ivy & me went to few bakery and the moment they saw the cartoon they say :Sorry this is too hard to do? Why is that so coz Sam Hou’s coastume and the head gear frighten them. lol

    Finally, we entered this bakery and ask the cake master. He was amazed with the drawing thus telling Ivy and me that he will take the order. We even discuss with him to balance the costume colour and what colour he could used. It was interesting.

    Ivy and me have been having sleepless nite on wheather the cake will turn out well or not.

    Finally the day has arrived. The cake was presented to Charmaine. I was amazed with the outcome of the cake. It was well done.

    Chibi, remember the pic that I posted on my twit pic? That was taken by Charmaine herself and it’s her first Weibo post. Weibo is the Chinese version of Twitter.

    • KTVB says:

      Wow! That’s impressive! Thanks for sharing with us your experience hehe I was thinking that’s a pretty good job done by someone at the bakery XD

  • engsamnang says:

    oh chibi, your work should be pay attention by other. happy to you. only charmaine? i wish tavia also can recieve a cake like that.

  • sehseh says:

    Yeah, Charmaine was thrilled with the chibi Sam Ho. She asked us to take it to the airport, because she wanted to take some pics with her iPhone. Hehehe…

  • 'Muff says:

    That’s so awesome~
    Congrats chibi, for your famous art heehee ;DDDD

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