September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 6

Charmaine is upset talking about her ex-boyfriend (played by Joel Chan) and Dayo is behind her listening to her.
You're Hired TVB Episode 6

Half way through..

Dayo: Tissue tissue tissue..
Charmaine thinking Dayo was offering her a tissue, turns around to get it and thank him, but ends up seeing him use it to wipe his dripping icecream XD haha
You're Hired TVB Episode 6


In another scene, Dayo continues having his sleepless nights because he feels guilty of causing his mentor’s death. He starts reading books at night, and one suggests he needs to talk to someone..but he has no one he can talk to.

While walking along a park, he sees two old people talking to each other, confessing their own family problems and inner concerns so decides to join them in hope he can confess his own.

Dayo: I caused the death of my best friend and mentor.
Old lady: Oh what! You killed someone??
Old man: Let’s go
( XD I’d have the same reaction too haha…poor guy)

As Dayo continues to wander around, he comes across a hole in a tree. Co-incidentally, Charmaine was walking pass and sees him.

Dayo: You’re a tree right? You can keep secrets right? Something happened to me. Ever since that happened, I haven’t slept at all! I’m scared that if I don’t tell anyone I won’t be able to hang on any longer.

You're Hired TVB Episode 6

Dayo gets called by two police who walk by.
Dayo: What’s wrong, ah Sir?
Police1: Your ID please.
Police2: What were you doing over there with the tree hole?
Dayo: Confessing my feelings
Police2: You’re confessing your feelings to a tree hole?
Dayo: Something’s been in my heart for a very long time, and I felt that the tree can keep secrets, so  wanted to chat with it. Is there some Hong Kong legislation that prohibits people from talking to a tree?!
Police2: Sir, don’t get worked up on it. There isn’t any law in Hong Kong saying you can’t talk to a tree, but chat only. Don’t damage the tree.
Dayo: Unless it would diminish away after hearing secrets, I don’t’ think anything will happen to it!

You're Hired TVB Episode 6
Dayo rushes back to the tree: I caused Martin’s death, I caused Martin’s death, I caused Martin’s death..because of money, I betray him and worked with Hunter, I caused his death. I made KK lose his father, I made Ah-Lin lose her husband, I made Betty lose her son-

Suddenly a phone starts ringing in the tree hole XD
Charmaine appears and takes her phone back: It’s for me. Hello?

You're Hired TVB Episode 6

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