September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 8

Dayo is sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie by himself.

Dayo: Woah…oh ..my…god…
A guy at the back with his girlfriend is annoyed by his sound effects.

: I told you not to watch this movie, it’s so boring! I told you we should have watched a horror film.
Boyfriend: You chose it.
Girlfriend: You chose it- you said it was really good.

Dayo overhears their complaint and suddenly turns to the empty seat besides him and reaches out a popcorn. *Freaky music starts playing*
You're Hired Episode 8

Dayo: “Siu Fu Yung” (Kathy Chow’s ghost character in’ Time Before Time‘), have some popcorn.
*The couple freaks out*
Dayo: Eat something. You won’t eat those paper, you won’t eat that, have some popcorn. Look at you- you’re so thin that your legs aren’t even touching the ground.  What? Go home? Ghost period is next year- eat one first. Toilet? Why go to the toilet for, you haven’t even eaten anything?
*Dayo stands up and continues talking*
Dayo: If you’re going to the bathroom, don’t brush your hair because if you accidentally brush your head off- it’ll scare people.

You're Hired Episode 8
As Dayo sits back down, he freaks out seeing a person besides him!!

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