This is one my favourite scenes in Wax and Wane so far! I have always been rooting for Roger and hoping and waiting for a moment like this! <3

Roger & Kate in Wax and Wane

Roger & Kate in Wax and Wane
Roger & Kate in Wax and Wane

SO SWEETTT!!!! I think they’re a perfect match xD I hope Roger’s character will find his happiness 🙂

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  • Chibi says:

    hmm? What’s this? Roger & Kate? I haven’t really been following this series but I thought she pairs with Ron..xDD

    • KTVB says:

      Kate is pairred with Ron in the series from Episode 1 (and I believe until the end) XD

      I’m not sure why, but no matter how lovey-dovey Ron and Kate act towards each together, I can’t feel much chemistry from them lol

      Roger (who plays Ron’s brother)on the hand develops a very deep understanding with Kate. They complement each other so well and share many many touching moments together. She always seems to be there for him and its not hard for him to fall for her. However, because he was Ron’s girlfriend he tried to confine those feelings.

      In the above scene, Roger finds a really upset Kate who just found out she can’t conceive. He felt really helpess that he couldn’t do anything to help her. At the spur of the moment, Roger couldn’t hold back and kissed the crying Kate lightly on the forehead…

      I know that Kate only loves Ron and nothing will make that change, but what made me really like the scene was that Kate finally knew how Roger felt about her.

      I really feel bad for Roger though, and hope that he will be able to find his happiness someday 🙂

      • Chibi says:

        oh, haha one of those awkward moments.. I mena it’s “great” that she releases his feelings, but it’s probably best she didn’t. XD

        • KTVB says:

          haha yea it was pretty akward for both of them XD She slowly moved away from him and Roger apologised and said he didn’t mean to. He was also drinking beforehand so wasn’t as rational as he could have been… He felt so bad for what he did~

  • aiMiXue says:

    I thought that Kate & Roger were going to marry in the end. In a trailer, I heard Ron say Roger stole his own younger brother’s girlfriend.

    • KTVB says:

      Really???? lol Mmm don’t know I haven’t seen the trailers, but personally I don’t think it’s going to happen because I think he’ll end up with Zita. I don’t think he could possibly do that to his own brother, especially since he values his family so much. Maybe the trailer was suggesting he would find out Roger’s feelings towards Kate?

      I mean, I don’t want spoilers or anything but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he does end up with Kate XD XD

  • misstila says:

    I WAS RIGHT!!! people just didn’t believe me. when i watched this episode i was like i knew it! I think kate;s chemistry is better with roger. at first i used to like ron’s character more but ron is kinda spoiled in a way. i like roger better even though he’s selfish but he does everything for the family. Ron can be so obnoxious here!

    • Aurelia says:

      Ya i found that Ron always blamed his brother without understanding more about him and made his own conclusion. At first, i liked him alot and admired his love for kate but gradually, i felt that he makes rash decisions. His acting was also quite stiff.

      The latest episode showed kate writing post it to everybody and Roger felt quite disappointed over it. Kate has indirectly misled him. 🙁 hope they will be together but at the same time, it might be weird seeing them “really” together. Perhaps they should continue this 知己 relationship.

      I remember reading somewhere that sunny will start abusing his wife because of a misunderstanding. I think that will be such a waste because i like seeing how blissful this couple is.

      • wwfan says:

        I feel so sad for Roger in this episode. He is just a good man.
        But they will definitely not end up, otherwise it is a bit strane, because it is his youner brother´s girlfriend.
        Poor Roger!

  • wwfan says:

    I really like this episode, because for the first time Roger really shows his feelings toward her.

  • wwfan says:

    Roger expresses his feelings so good in this scene. His expression is so touching. I can really feel how Yung Yi Chun feels in this moment. Just a great actor. Hopefully he will get such sort of charachter again. He is good at acting cool, cold and hard. He is not only good at being funny.

  • curly.fries says:

    I’m rooting for this couple too! Funny, because I stayed with this series to see the sweet Kate+Ron scenes, but watching Roger’s character grow, I can’t help but to support him instead!

  • LINX says:

    What is truly great about this part is that you can see a great character development of Roger. Before he would never do such a thing but now you can see that he has changed a lot since the beginning of the series

  • evieta says:

    to ktvb : do you know any news about schemes of the east and west series. i havent heard any news about, wasnt it suppose to film in august which is this month. please reply

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