*Warning: Contains Spoilers*
Wax and Wane


I really enjoyed watching the series :)!  I felt like I’ve journeyed and grown with the characters- two families reuniting back together. A battle over the noodle business. It was quite a heart-felt and warm series and it didn’t disappoint me. When I first started the series, I didn’t like it much. I felt the first few episodes had too much shouting in it and it got on my nerves. It felt like it was never ending. I didn’t particularly like either families- although Roger’s “Yung” rich family appears to be bullying Sunny’s “Man” family who were the weaker, righteous family over the years, I felt the “Man” family were  getting irrational and their actions/words were quite immature ! Sunny doesn’t use his brain much, like a wild bull randomly charging everywhere and getting himself into trouble. Roger wasn’t likeable either- he was a bit of a jerk, always thinking he is the right one. He is bias and can’t split his private life with his work life, although he always talks as if he does. I felt like giving up on the series, but decided to stick to it for a bit more given it appeared to have a bit of the grand feel to it. Without much disappointment, the series picked up and I became quite hooked! I was more interseted in “Wax andWane” than ‘”The Other Truth” which was also airring at the same time.

As my thoughts on the series changed, the mood of the series also did as it changed focus through the series. I grew to really like Roger’s character as his character changed and he turned into my favourite in the series. He slowly started to change because of Kate (his cousin/brother’s girlfriend) and it caught my attention. He grew from a wooden/stiff (almost heartless business-oriented guy)  into a really kind-hearted guy who values family and friends. He din’dt trust a lot of people and didn’t treat relationships seriously. He wasn’t a player, but his love life wasn’t his priority and didn’t treat them like his girlfriend.  Although he loves his mother dearly, his relationship with his dad hasn’t been that well.

His relationship with Sunny and his family also started to improve because of Kate and they were getting along. I really enjoyed watching the Kate and Roger grow so close in the drama. They understood each other more than any other character, even more than Ron. It made Ron and Kate’s relationship appear quite shallow. Although Ron and Kate were dating from the first episode, their lovey-dovey scenes only appeared on the surface for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the chemistry Kate and Roger shared, and I secretly wanted her to fall for him XD The two match so well, so it wasn’t hard for him to fall for her at all. How many scenes were there that Kate saw Roger cry? She always appears to be there for him when he is feeling helpess and insecure XD The two also shared a lot of fate together and felt they matched each other a lot. Unfortuantely she didn’t feel the same way towards him.

Wax and Wane

Wax and Wane

As the two families were slowly brought together; the focus of the series switches to the “Yung” family about Roger’s father and his mistress (played by Clare). I grew to really like Roger’s mum and felt so sorry for her. At first I thought she would be outspoken woman who’d fight off the other woman- instead, she wanted to bring “peace” within the family and tried to avoid facing the fact her husband has another woman and a son! It was comforting to watch her 3 children side with her, and love her. Although the “Yung” family were rich, they weren’t a really happy family- contrasting with the “Man” family. It was sad watching her struggle so much to keep the family together and then it came to a bit of shock they revealed Toby was her husband’s daughter as well!!

Wax and Wane

The “Yung” Family- Siblings: Roger, Irene & Ron

Carrying all those burdens by herself for all those years thinking she was the one who caused Toby’s mother’s death (through pushing her down the stairs and dying after giving birth to Toby) and knowing her husband was constantly heating- how could she bear all this?? She did it all for her family, so “wei dai” T_T  I can’t believe her husband would do such a  thing like leaving in the middle of their anniversary party to see Claire and his son >< Come on!! How long will it take to cut a cake first?? He is such a jerk!! Now I think of it, it was proabbly set up by Claire and Derek to ruin their family >.< Clare kept stepping into her territory while pretending she is the kind-hearted innocenet one grrrrr (I actually believed her from the beginning too!! –what a two face )

Suffering from all the stress, she started developing an  illness and would slowly lose her memories 🙁  It was really sad when Roger’s mum finally “lost” the battle and gets hit by a car 🙁 🙁 The only comforting thing was she found out the truth about not killing Toby’s mum before she died..again, it was thanks to Kate for helping her unlock that guilt within her.
Wax and Wane

The Yung Family: “Other Family”: Mistress Claire, Claire’ ‘brother’ Derek, Claire’s son “Long Long” and Toby (Roger’s Cousin/Half- Sister)

The final 10 episodes is when things turn on the table! The characters and relationships who which have remained relatively quiet have their time in the spotlight. (aka the main villain being the lovers Derek and Claire who have been secretly plotting to take Yung family’s wealth as they disguised as sibling) It’s also a real challenge to Roger and allows us to how Roger’s  change in character  ends up saving and protecting his family when almost everyong loses trust in him and goes  against him. There were so much scheming going on I was raging lol. I thought the plotting at the end was really interesting to watch. The most comforting part in all of it was Kate, Florence, his granny believed in him when the whole world seem to be against him. He loses his CEO position, his brother Ron who thinks he has stolen Kate off him, Sunny (his cousin) who thinks is having an affair with his wife Florence (Roger’s ex-girlfriend), his dad who has given up on him and their family’s business was at stake. A real challenge indeed.  All part of Derek’s manipulating and schemeing, he successfully changed/brainwashed Ron and Sunny to go against Roger and to trust him instead. Quite dramatic if you think about it..almost doesn’t make sense for them to think Kate and Florence are BOTH with Roger -.-
Wax and Wane

The “Man” Family: Sunny, Sunny’s wife Florence, Sunny’s sister Kate, Sunny’s adopted brother Him, Sunny’s cousin Toby

Florence and Sunny have always been a loving couple. She loved him for being honest and genuine and she gave up her ambition of being a designer to stay at home and be a housewife to look after the family. She felt that it was worth it because she felt really happy in the family.  The two have always wanted to have kids, unfortunately without much luck after 10 years of marriage. For what appeared to be a  dream come true for them turned into a nightmare when Florence became pregnant and Derek completely made Sunny believe she was cheating on him and that the baby belonged to Roger >< OMG!!! I felt so sad for Florence when he threw her out of the house *TEARS!!* So heartless… after everything she’s done for him and the family- WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS IDIOT!?!? How can he still not believe her after everything- I thought he “woke” up after his father yelled at him, and Roger’s explanation etc He still insisted on doing a DNA check before he’d let her back home- what happened to the trust?? I would be so heartbroken..

Wax and Wane


It was  like he has reversed into the irrational cow. Total jerk and dispicable. I know he was misled by Derek but it makes me angry that he doesnt have a brain of his own…Although his hatred and desire for revenge grew after finding out Roger’s dad lied in court 30 years ago and that his grandpa did contibute funds to the business; his hatred towards the Yung Family made him go blind! I loved the scene where Roger’s granny slapped Roger across the face lol. GO GRANNY!! I’m glad that right at the end, Sunny’s dad was able to bring the goodness in him back after all his wrongdoings (forging Roger’s signature and accusing him, taking over the company etc). He gave up on taking revenge and makes up with his wife. At the end, the two have a pair of twins 🙂

Wax and Wane


I never had strong feelings for Kate and Ron as a couple. They didn’t leave much impact on me throughout the series. At the start, they just appeared the lovey-dovey couple who was trying to bring both families together. Ron knew how to sweet-talk, but I think he’s quite immature and doesn’t understand his families/those around him that well etc. I didn’t feel they had much chemistry and they were just there as a happy couple who tried  get married several times during the series which got post poned many times..Towards the end of the series, their relationship had their fair share of unhappiness. After failing to get married several times and Derek playing mind tricks in making Ron believe something was going on between Kate and Roger (e.g finding them both together alone at their holiday house), he grew to distrust her and needed her to marry him before he would believe her. He felt he sacrificed a lot- including choosing her over their family business. It was completely wrong timing to be making such a  request. Kate eventually thought it through and didn’t want to give up the opportunity to marry the man she truely loved over some misunderstanding..even if he did have doubts in their relationship. However, that failed too when she saw him with another girl and mistakened him as finding another girl… At desperate times when Derek was about to take control over the company, and wanting Ron to”wake up” and help his brother, Kate agreed to marry him in exchange that he believed in Roger (what a mess…) It as such a desperate move and it seemed like she was doing it only because of Roger. At the end, Ron betray Kate and told her he was no longer interested in getting married with her.

Wax and Wane

Wax and Wane

Wax and Wane

Ron was made the CEO of the company but was completely destroyed by Derek. Derek was essentialyl the one controlling eveyrthing and making the decisions. He even started giving drugs to Ron in addition to his love problems. Kate also becomes pregnant with Ron’s baby and he suspects its with Roger (where is all the trust?) At the end, Ron ends up finding his way out and the two get back together..

I was really glad when Roger’s dad finally realised Roger was telling the truth (i.e Clare and Derek were actually lovers) and were only there to scam their money. Although it was a bit late then…lol he became hospitalised and it was up to Roger and his siblings/cousins  to stop Derek. At the end, it was a ‘happy ending’- Derek was arrested, he lost all the money he scammed (brilliant plan by Roger ad Toby), and he mistakenly killed Claire- the love of his life. One of the most comforting thing is that Long-Long is actually Siu-Fan’s son (Roger’s half brother)- which came to a shock to Derek because he has always thought Long Long was his son.


Wax and Wane

Zita: You can’t step into love, you can only fall in love

As everyone has their happy ending, so does Roger. He ends up with Zita (Kate’s friend) who has always liked him through the series (although her screen time was minimal). I thought she was quite pretty and elegant and was always there to help Roger wherever she could. She got a bit upset when she started to realise Roger had feelings for Kate but she remained by his side. After Roger and Kate’s akward moment in episode 20, Roger tried to avoid Kate and ‘used” Zita to try get over her. He ended up giving Zita the pair of red earrings he initially bought for Kate. Awkward enough, Kate was also wearing the same pair that night which made Ron quite suspicious XD While they were dancing, Zita and Roger shared a kiss. Zita then told him softly “I know what you are thinking, but I can only be this for you temporarily” ^^;

Towards the last few episodes, we see less of Kate supporting Roger and more focus on Zita and his plans. She helps mislead the media in thinking her father was supporting Roger in their newly established business as they acted like a couple in front of the media. I don’t mind this couple as much as long as Roger is happy 🙂
Wax and Wane
And finally, shall end this blog entry with Toby…which reminds me of the “weird family structure” . I feel that they’re all pretty close as a family to be dating each other and all. Sunny’s dad and Roger’s dad are cousins..so Ron and Kate are 2nd cousins too. Roger liked Kate (again, cousins) and the worst has to be Toby’s parents being direct cousins…hmmm weird. They’re a bit too much blood related for my liking..that might explain her strange appetite and eating habit lolWax and Wane
Toby’s character goes through quite a bit of change in the series too- from being very tomboyish to stylish (after becoming the Noodle business’ Ambassador). She’s also always hungry and has a huge appetite. She has a crush on Him (“adopted cousin”) and does many silly things for him but he doesn’t like her that way and constantly rejected her through the series. He doesn’t care for her feelings that much, takes her for granted and said harsh words to her when she tried to protect him from getting hurt by “Melody”. He only really started to regret the way he treated her after he found out what a slut “Melody” was and felt bad for all the times he yelled at Toby. At the end, he finally falls in love with her and the two end up happily together. Her character went into a hiding phase after she found out the truth about Roger’s dad being her real dad..but gladthings worked out in the end.


Wax and Wane


And that’s it I guess! XD I really liked the ending- it was happy, and gave the series a nice conclusion 🙂

Overall, quite enjoyed watching the series, especially Kate and Roger scenes XD What did you guys think of the series?

Final Week Episode Preview

16 Responses to “[Wax and Wane] Overall Thoughts”

  • Snow says:

    hehe thought u r not gonna write one on this series. i quite liked it! i guess it kinda exceeded my expectations (which were none actually since i rlly dnt think they totally promoted the drama)

    i loved roger’s character! at first i thought he’s gonna be the baddie like in One Last Standing but he turned out to be a totally sweet guy. i like kate too, i find her to be very pretty in here. florence also! she’s such a kind character.

    as for ron, i think he’s totally immature. rlly cnt stand him during his “blinded by derek” phase == and sunny!! he annoyed the hell out of me!! his expressions, his thoughtlessness, rashness, i just hate him lol. i still cnt quite forgive him for forcing himself on florence when he was mad that one time (yea altho they’re married but its just so wrong)

    as for derek and claire, total psycho couple. its not like the Yung family did anything wrong to them so they need to revenge. its just their own greed, and yung family unlucky enough to be their victims.

    overall i enjoy this series quite a lot 😀 nice themesong too

    • KTVB says:

      It was in progress! XD just took me a while longer than I thought to complete it..but here it is! 😀

      I agree with you about Ron’s immaturity..both Ron and Sunny annoyed me to the max in those last episodes.

      Maybe it was that time that made Florence pregnant.

      Yea..Yung family didn’t do anything to them!! Yung Siu Fun treated her so well as well- what more could they have expected from him?

  • AC says:

    I totally agree with you on how I liked the series more as it picked up and I liked it more than The Other Truth too. Roger was also my favorite character. It’s too bad the ratings for this show was not that great, because I thought Roger did a great job portraying the many levels of his character and would have had another shot at the Best Actor award.

    I didn’t really like any of the pairings though because I don’t think Ron and Kate have much chemistry with each other but I didn’t want her with Roger either because there’s no way Ron would forgive him for doing that. I thought Roger and Becky(Zita) were cute though- I just wish they showed more of Roger falling for her too. I also wanted Toby to be with Oscar! Him was annoying and I didn’t really like everyone in the family coupling up. haha

    • Jnewin says:

      I completely agree with you AC ^^

    • KTVB says:

      hahah..yea..didn’t like Him. It’s quite funny that msot people seem to be rooting for couples that don’t end up together

    • wwfan says:

      Totally agree with you.
      I also think Roger did a really great job. I am just impressed by his great acting. It would be great if Roger get the Best Actor award for his character as Yung Yi Chun but it definitely will not happen, because the ratings are too low. Poor Roger!

      I also agree with there should be more scenes between Roger and Zita, so that we can feel the chemistry between both. Also agree that Him Law is annoying and that Toby should be together with Oscar Leung.

  • karennn says:

    all this time i was watching this series i was thinking about the relationships worked considering they’re all related and such and how the parents could accept it although they were a bit traditional…

    Overall a good series but just a bit confusing at some moments

  • wwfan says:

    I agree with your overallthought on Wax And Wane. The only thing I don´t share is that I don´t dislike Roger at the beginning of the series. I just do not like the whole series, because it was so loud. There were just quarrels.
    And it was then Roger´s great acting why I start to really like the whole series. Totally agree that Roger and Kate have great chemistry together.

  • evieta says:


    “I loved the scene where Roger’s granny slapped Roger across the face lol. GO GRANNY!!”

    You mean roger’s granny slapped Sunny, not Roger.

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Totally agree with your thoughts. I thought that TVB finally got the ending right for once. Though, I found myself liking Roger with Florence or Kate more than any other pairing in the series!Whenever I saw Roger and Florence together, it just works for me! But overall, I got hooked onto this series and I’m glad it’s turned out to be one of TVB’s better ones!

  • TVB_Lover says:

    lol, i’m kinda late but

    as you said i kinda found it boring at the beginning and lost interest, since i thought it was something like moonlight resonance.
    but later i had nothing to do so i watched it, and i got addicted >__<
    toby was so cute 😀
    and it was so funny how the grandpa tried to hit roger with a stick 🙂
    i also loved the theme song

  • SonnyGoten says:

    I like Roger with Kate best, but personally, I would have wanted for Florence and Kate to just dump their respective boyfriend/husband, get a house together and open that shop as they had planned in one of the latest episodes. Those two men don’t deserve those girls, but Roger is also not for Kate because she isn’t into him like that. As for Roger, I think he’d be best as the neighbour of the girls together with grandma, because I really liked the scene where the two came over to have dinner, it was like a happy family without he whole romance drama.

  • tvbster says:

    I think this drama was really intense! I also don’t find there to be much chemistry between Ron and Kate :\ I think Roger and Kate had much more understanding between themselves. I was quite hoping that after Kate was heartbroken and angry at Ron, that she would start to fall in love with Roger. 🙂 Roger’s acting in Wax and Wane was just amazing! 😀

  • tvbster says:

    Oh yeah, I also found it quite funny that whenever someone got kicked out of their house or left their house (with the exception of Toby) they would stay at the same flat XD Like how Roger, Kate, Florence and Roger’s granny all stayed in the same flat. It was like all those who left their house/got kicked out of their house were all Roger-supporters and the good guys!

  • Mp says:

    I just finished this series last nite. KTVB, I like ur blog so much cause it really exactly what I’m think and feel.
    Overall I’m satisfied with the ending as well. Roger really done well in his role and I’m like him so much and I’m quite happy he ended up with zita in the end cause zita really by his side all the time and never force Roger to love with her also…I feel both of their chemistry will be quite sweet if there is much more screen on them. As for Kate, her acting is much more better than last time. I quite like her in this series also. =) At last, my proud of another character is Roger mother, I really feel so sad for her and her kindness and caring for her family is so touching for me.

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