February 2007

[The Brink of Law] Episode 22


Evil people tend to think everyone else is as evil as themselves…

Shirley thinks Kate is only pretending ..Michelle thinks Ron is just pretending..

Now knowing that Kate and Ron both see through her, Shirley immediately tries to stop Ron from letting Stephen know that she is pretending to be his girlfriend only because he is of use to her; not because she loves him. Firstly, she does something to Stephen’s laptop so he cannot email/communicate with Ron. (I find this really weird because it shouldn’t be hard to get him a new one, or they should have more than one computer in their house. They are supposed to be very rich). Later,the breaks on Steven’s wheelchair gets released and it starts moving towards the swimming pool. Shirley smirks when she sees it, but when she noticed Michelle approaching, she deliberately runs in front and blocks Stephen from falling into the swimming pool, falling in the pool herself as a result. Shirley succeeds in gaining Michelle’s favour, and for her to think that Shirley really loves him. Ron eventually tells his uncle (real father) about Shirley, and he tries to keep Shirley away from Stephen by “promoting’ her to work in Shanghai. After more acting and lying from Shirley, Michelle objects his decision and told him that Shirley would rather quit the job than to leave Stephen’s side.

On the other hand, Bernice antagonises with Michelle and is later almost run over by a motorcycle and her arm gets injured. Bernice goes to Michelle’s house and confronts her; Michelle’s husband believes Michelle was the one behind it and their relationship worsens further. During their argument and distraction, Steven successfully inserts spyware into Michelle’s laptop. I didn’t know the motorcyclist was sent by the police force and was also part of their plan!

Later, Michelle and her husband receive more orders for the illegal items but the timing was risky. Her husband ends up proceeding anyway. The time of exchange was on Bernice’s birthday, so as planned, the two have dinner together.While they danced, the police force managed to successfully steal his mobile phone and return it back to his pocket without him noticing. They ended up checking up the location of exchange and eventually they were busted.


When Michelle’s husband leaves to deal with the situation, Steven was waiting at her house to celebrate her birthday together. Being upset with the situation and argument with his wife, Michelle’s husband goes back up to Bernice’s apartment!! Being drunk, he tries to take advantage of her. The hiding Steven cannot stand it anymore and steps out…

Extra side note:


On Ron’s instant messenger, above Stephen, there’s Nancy’s character’s nickname from [Heavenly In-laws] “Fei Fa” (fat flower)

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