February 2007

[The Brink of Law] Evil Villainesses

“I don’t blame you because I am that kind of women myself”

I think the two female villains’ stood out the most of all characters in Brink. I liked their portrayals of their characters and think they did a pretty good job. I never really liked Shirley’s characters in previous series when she played as good characters, so I think this one really stood out.

Not surprisingly, my favourite character in the series goes to Michelle Yim’s Song Gam Chi. She was a really interesting character; very evil, beautiful, ruthless, clever, yet she truly did everything for her family. It’s like there’s two sides to her. She loves her family and you can feel the motherly love. She loved her two sons; she loved her brother, her niece Shirley, and even Ron (until she found out who he really was).


Shirley’s Song Ga Yee, on the other hand was filled with hatred and jealousy. She was purely a selfish person, scheming so she could get the best out of the situations. She was able to hide all this for almost the whole series, appearing to be a kind, innocent, caring person. The two are always scheming and do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals.

Shirley and Michelle’s goal in the series are different; they are evil in their own way. Michelle was involved in illegal off track gambling activities, and illegal weapons, one in which the police are after. She, along with her husband are the ones leading the criminal behaviour in Brink and are the ones that need to be stopped. Its the corruption its causes to society in general. On another note, Michelle’s motives were also driven by her “love” for her family.

Michelle is one dangerous women you would not want to mess with. When her brother was imprisoned, she hated Kenneth so much she hired people to kill him off. Sadly, her brother believed Michelle had betrayed him and purposely got him imprisoned; as if she didn’t care. This has also influenced the way Shirley saw her. When Michelle realised Ron was her stepson, she feared that Ron would take over the wealth of her family and the business when she wanted Stephen to have. She also blamed Ron in causing the accident Stephen was involved in. With more flaming from Shirley, Michelle believed Ron had known the truth earlier and planned for this to happen. Once again, she hired someone to try to kill him off while he was hiking along. When she learns of Ron and Kate’s baby, another ‘accident’ occurs.

With no doubt, Michelle is protective over her two sons. Stephen means everything to her and we never stop seeing the unconditional love she has for him. The first time he comes back from overseas, she found him in coming out of their swimming pool. In the last episode, Michelle found him dead there. I really did pity her. I know she would have been completely heartbroken and shattered when she saw what she did. It was a really sad scene. At that moment, she had lost everything. Nothing meant to her anymore.

I think her love for her family is also her weakness. For her children’s sake, especially Stephen, Shirley managed to successfully persuade Michelle into negative thoughts of Ron. Shirley fooled Michelle numerous times in the series because she trusted her; she was her niece. Michelle wanted to give the best thing to Stephen, so Shirley started sticking to him, making it seem like she loved him so much. Steven successfully got close to Michelle because he had helped Stephen with his medical condition; then later successfully helping Vin escape from the police.

Even though Shirley was not involved in the illegal activities; Shirley was the character of selfishness- she only cared about herself . Shirley sought power. She wanted to be promoted. She wants the fashion Company. Jealousy sprouts when Kate enters the scene; yet she pretended they were really good friends. She tried many times to go in between the two, to get rid of her because she wanted Ron for herself. Even when they first met, Shirley deliberately bad-mouthed Kate to reduce her chances of getting employed. When Ron had rejected her, Shirley pretended she was ok with it. Kate was her arch enemy. Even though Kate treated her as a friend, Shirley did all to get back at her. She finally confronts Kate when she bursts out everything in episode 21.

Because Michelle is very powerful, she usually hires people to kill those in her way. On the other hand, Shirley does not have the power to do what she wants herself so she manipulates and uses people. She acts in front of everyone, lying and deceiving others while pretending she is innocent. Once she turns her face away, a different face expression can be seen. No one really finds out Shirley’s disguise; both times she ended up revealing her true self to Ron/Kate, and Stephen/Michelle. Shirley would pretend to cry to get people to pity her.

Shirley successfully used Vin to get back at Kate, used Michelle’s trust, used Stephen’s feelings to gain a secure place in the family, allied with their business competitor to get rid of ‘Anita’ so she could get promoted, then using Michelle again to kill of the business competitor when they had blackmailed her. Only until the last episode did Shirley show her true self to Stephen and Michelle.


10 Responses to “[The Brink of Law] Evil Villainesses”

  • chibi says:

    Michelle was awesome, hehe… you couldn’t really hate her, and in fact could relate to her woman side (if you’re a girl XP)

    Shirley played the evil selfish character and did a good job, cause I HATED HER CHARACTER! lol. Good job Shirley. There was not one moment that she looked innocent.. and I can actually say nice and loud I dislike her character without fans getting angry ^^

    the main good guys were rather bland to watch..go Michelle ^^

  • blue_angel_12 says:

    I agree. michelle and shirley did such a good job.. but i think shirley improved more.. (this role is really different to her past roles and michelle, has always been a awesome actress)  it’s a bigger step for shirley than for michelle..

  • Leila says:

    I agree with your post on Michelle and Shirley. I think they both did a fantastic job!

  • groovy says:

    imo, in BOL the villains kinda overshadows the protagonists haha.. I feel as if the series is being lead by Michelle and Shirley LOL.. they rock XD

  • christine says:

    Shirley yeung and Michelle Yim really stood out!

  • kya says:

    i just finished reading ur reviews on the brink of law. i loved your review on the villians Michelle and Shirley. They were indeed VERY evil but they did a great job!

  • Chris says:

    I think I can’t do anything but agree with you guys. Michelle has always been a professional actress so it’s not surprising she was amazing. I mean the woman really freaked me when her brother asked her what to do with this guy who ran away with the illegal money and she said ‘give him a road, a death road’. ‘Yum see low’. Lmfao that was so scary! And then she goes and contrasts herself by acting all sweet and cute with her dog.. LOL!!!!!! And it’s hilarious how she goes mad in the end and she’s like ‘I have nothing but MuiMui now..’ And she hugs it and although she’s mad she still fights her husband[i dunno his name?] for the dog. Like she’s all innocently clinging onto the dog and he’s like “GIVE ME ITTT!!!!” Lmao.. I laughed so bad on that one. Although her madness made me laugh like mad, I felt so sorry for her to see Vincent in the pool, dead. I was like :O!!!! I was expecting her to simply get caught and banged up in jail whilst Vincent visited her and she changed her ways when she comes out. I cried so much when she was reading that message by Vincent.

    Oh and Shirley AWESOME job. From the previous characters I have seen her often act as an immature, tomboyish, argumentative person. Then I see her act in Price of Greed which was a totally contrast but this time she was even more amazing. Her face changing business really did work out brilliantly and was quite scary at times. It was evil that she got rid of Anita 🙁 I wanted to see more of Anita 😛 Back on topic, it was sort of lame how they just made Shirley paralyzed with one gunshot. I mean she could’ve at least got injured by car crash from tryna escape or something. She deserved being paralyzed though because of what she did to Vincent. She was a very very clever character though. It was actually amazing she managed to fool Michelle though.. I was like O_O when she told Michelle how she truly was and Michelle didn’t even try fighting with her or anything, I think she slapped Shirley though? I mean if it was the Michelle we normally saw she’d stab Shirley a catrillion times.. Overall they were SO amazing.

  • KTVB says:

    To Chris:

    LOL..you are so funny!! Esp when you brought up about her doggy and fighting over it XD

    And at the end, Kate still looks after her..

  • Chris says:

    Ha ha, thanks. I like making people laugh but gebus, the whole dog thing was HILARIOUS!! Michelle is SO talented!!! Unbelieveable.
    I know! Kate pitied her! I was like OMG!! If it was me I’d just stab her and slap her all day until my hand hurt… But I’m evil like that 😀

  • Jessica says:

    Yup i agree with you chris ^^ these two really really did a good job ^^ at the acting of course i wonder how they will act in HOG2..(CANT wait to see that one.)and SHIRLEY IN IT!!//

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