April 2009

[EU] Laughing-gor Movie!

Laughing Movie

我剛上完陳生o既節目《志雲飯局》,有一個新鮮熱辣o既事要同大家宣布,因為你o地公司正式同我簽約,開拍Laughing哥電影版,呢部係第一部邵氏與 TVB合作o既電影。我都係剛才先知道,非常特然!!!好開心!!而加都仲未冷靜到,但係我要第一時間通知大家,多謝大家,因為你o地Laughing哥先可以咁成功,多謝大家!!我會繼續努力!!

“After attending Mr Chan’s programme “Be My Guest”, I have a fresh exciting news I have to announce to everyone. Because of you guys, the company officially signed a contract with me, to film Laughing-gor movie! This is the first movie where _ is collaborating with TVB . I just found out just now, extremely sudden!!! I’m really happy!! Right now I still haven’t settled down, but the first thing I need to do is to let everyone know! Thank you everyone, because it’s you guys that Laughing-gor can become so successful! Thank you everyone!! I will continue to work hard!!”-Michael Tse

I was so excited when I heard about this news!! 😀 I’ve never seen it happen before and I was really happy for Michael Tse!! YAY! I don’t really care if this movie will disappoint (I mean I do care haha but), I’m just glad I can see more of him XD What more can a Laughing-gor fan want? lol I wonder if it’ll be released later this year?

Check out Michael Tse’s blog for more photos 😀

7 Responses to “[EU] Laughing-gor Movie!”

  • kelly says:

    wow,laughing gor movie wonder will it released at singapore?

  • AC says:

    Omg, how exciting! I’m so happy for him and his success! I wonder if it’s going to be a prequel?

  • AC says:

    haha.. i think i should’ve looked at the picture more carefully because it does look like it since he’s in a cop outfit

  • wendy says:

    wow! this is so unexpected. hopefully this movie will be good

  • TVB_4eva says:

    hahahaha AWESOMEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    heheheh….”No matter whether Laughing is dead or alive, Laughing will always exist…”


  • `Amethyst. says:

    Yay !
    This is awesome news ! ;D
    Wonder if it’ll show in Singapore !
    I really hope it will !
    But even if it isn’t , I’ll watch it !
    By hook or by crook xD

  • chibi says:

    Laughing is awesome!!! Michael did an extremely good job and I’m so happy for his popularity ^^

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