This is episode focuses on Tavia who decides to move out of the house mainly because of SaYi, and the fact that she is only a adopted daughter and doesn’t truly belong in the family. The fact her grandpa implied that she wasn’t really part of the family really hurt her and felt she was old enough to live independently. I was skeptical about her moving out in the first place, but I was relieved when she said she was enjoying her freedom and was still able to have enough money to live-day-to-day.

However, things were starting to really worry me when she didn’t contact anyone except to Fala, including Raymond who tried so hard to met up her with. Raymond and HoMa were really worried about Tavia but she kept avoiding them, and not coming home at all. Tavia has plans to get married with her boyfriend (played by Eric Lee) who was not committed at all. We later learned that Tavia dated him in High School before and it was because of him that she performed poorly in her University entry exam. They broke off but came back together. Soon, Tavia was experiencing financial difficulties as she used a lot of her savings by lending it to her boyfriend and borrowed money from the financial institutions for her boyfriend’s business which he didn’t end up paying them back when it was due. In hope to relief herself from the siutation, Tavia does to find Moses in hope he will help her invest some of her money into stocks, but the prices of the stock he investeddropped in value and ended in a loss.

The creditors kept calling Tavia at work, causing her to lose her job! Later, Tavia’s boyfriend breaks up with her, leaving her with ‘nothing’. When her family members found out, they all tried to search for her but she kept running away because she was so ashamed she couldn’t face them anymore. The scene that was so touching was when Tavia was in the telephone booth listening to all the messages her family members left for her. It was soooo emotional it left me with tears!

I’m so glad that Tavia has returned home..and that SaYi got yelled at by HoMa =)especially about the whole ‘Privacy’ thing. I liked Grandpa’s comment about being scared she’ll take his remainding $80 too XD

There was also another small scene that I thought was particularly touching as well. HoMa was disappointed that Ah Ka (Moses) seemed to care very little about his brothers and sisters and has a talk with him, asking if he remembers what he promised her 10 years ago. It is somehow understandable that he was very young back then and given such a huge responsibility with a broken up family, it as hard for one boy to stay focussed. He was also ‘alone’ at his ‘new’ home. There was also a big age gap between him and his youngest brother.

During a flashback, we learn that HoMa took little Ah Ka to have lunch one day and actually asked him to lie to the court people, saying he wants to go with the father after the divorce! She tried explaining to him that it was because he was the oldest and most responsible/understaning one and loves the siblings the most. She hopes he can look after his other siblings when the family is split.

HoMa:  Ah Ka, it’s also heartbreaking for me doing this. I don’t want to lose you, but things have turned into this I can’t do much about it. Who told you to be the eldest? It’ll be like your favourite cop movies, you’ll be an undercover cop.

AhKa: Then you must look after my file…don’t slowly disregard me as your son!

That last phrase by Ah Ka was so moving.

11 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 5 Thoughts”

  • nich says:

    This is fast becoming a sob-fest for me. Yes, the telephone booth scene is indeed very touching.

  • KTVB says:

    haha I agree! This series keeps leaving me in tears lol

  • will says:

    the last scene was so emotional.
    the house is bright and warming and to see sad shouting scenes in it is depressing D=

    kinda reminds me of the hog theme song playing all these happy scenes with a sad song

  • lola says:

    i felt really sorry for ah ka…if he were to live with ho ma, he would have been a good bro just like ah hou….and yeah, tav was really good with the emotional scene at the phone pole

  • chibi says:

    awwwww..this episode was soo sad and touching ;___; *sniff sniff*

  • Jadedreams says:

    I teared up with Tavia was in the phone booth! The most touching was the grandpa’s message about how he is old and says the wrong things at times, and then Hor Ma’s message about ah Yuet being a part of her 6 children in her life.

    I thought it was also very touching to learn that ah Ka (Moses) never called ah Hung ‘Mom’ to this very day. It explains why he seems more closer to Hor Ma’s family rather than Jo Bao’s family.

  • sugar says:

    ^ Jadedreams: I agree on Ah Ka comment. And the part where Gong Gong was saying he’s old and he says things the wrong way. ^^ aww. so touching.

  • bamboo says:

    this show is alright but is fala using real sign language?
    If not isnt this an insult to the deaf and blind?

  • KTVB says:

    To bamboo: I’m not sure. It SHOULD be lol

  • Nonny Nu says:

    omg, i’ve been reading your “thoughts” and this one is just killing me. that last one where homa tells ah ka to go live with his dad to take care of his brothers. omg, so sad. i haven’t seen this show at all, but i can just picture lee see kay and the way she talks. this is breaking my heart!!

    • KTVB says:

      Aww thanks for reading! : ) Glad my summaries were able to give you those kinda feelings lol]

      Any particular reason why you’re not watching the series?

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