There were some entertaining funny moments in this episode =) One would be the dinner scene where SaYi treats them dinner saying she will be leaving to go overseas for the Court Trial and the kids were implying that the sooner she leaves, the better ‘lets quickly eat then, so she could be on her way” and not come back with the “one way ticket“.  Turns out she’s only going for 2 weeks XD “I will be back!”xD

This episode focuses more on Moses’ character, his obsession with the stock market and how he brings that obsession with him to work XD. I would have thought that he worked in an investment company but now he’s sounding like some gambling addict. His boss, played by Astrid Chan seems to be annoyed by his behaviour but he seems have a way of getting away with it by being on her ‘liking side’.

After some phone modeling promotion, Moses helps Tavia get a job of being his personal assistant. Ho Ma is very concerned by Moses (Ah Ka)’s obsession and tries to convince him to stop but he wouldn’t. Wayne later admits to HoMa that he was the one (ordered by Michelle) who actually taught and encourage him to invest when he was young…*sigh* I felt sad for HoMa..when she found out she was the one who indirectly made Moses the ‘ gamling addict’ he was today (by asking him to live with HaYu), she didn’t yell at him/tell him off during dinner anymore..

We also learn that Linda was actually the one who helped Michelle beak up HaYu’s family so she could be with HaYu. She helped give HaYu a letter written from Michelle, where she pretended to commit suicide to force HaYu to leave HoMa and to be with her when HaYu wanted to stop seeing her.

Linda also reads the letters that AhHo had written to her 10 years ago by she never read them because her mother told her to break off any connections and she listens. She feels so guilty because everything that she has now (i.e education and being a doctor) could have been Ah Ho’s if she didn’t break up the family. Linda finally had the courage to tell Raymond and apologises, where Raymond forgives her easily… I sorta knew Ah Ho would forgive Linda but I felt it was quite quick. I don’t know but I wasn’t really moved by Linda even though she was crying. I don’t really feel much for Linda’s character…yet. 

Raymond and Linda walking while blinded folded, Ray is cute as usual!

2 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 6 Thoughts”

  • Wendy says:

    Yes, I too still can’t connect with Linda’s character… and Sa Yee is coming back and will continue to be as annoying as ever!

    But I love Ray… so cute!!

  • ABL says:

    Hehe…This episode was so funny. Sa Yi was just plain cute and the family was hilarious (esp. Moses)

    v(n_n)v “I will be back!”

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