Another very awesome episode!!

This episode was Ah Hing(Fala)’s birthday and JoBao wanted to go to celebrate with her. However, Ah Hong(Michelle) starts scheming so that he won’t end up going; firstly by getting Ah Gong to drive him where his car ‘breaks down’, and she steps on his glasses so he wouldn’t be able to see! When the half-blinded JoBao wanted to catch a taxi, Ah Gong lied and said the taxi that drove pass was occupied, justifying it was peak hour and so was hard to get a taxi. Poor JoBao!! I was rooting for him all the way. It was very touching to see what a lovely father he is, or wants to be, for Fala. He calls Ah Ho(Raymond) to pick him up but Ah Gong lies to JoBao where they actually were~ making JoBao wait there until dark! JoBao’s phone batteries also fails on him so he cannot get in contact Raymond after. He asks a passersby whether he could borrow his phone to use but the man directs him to use the payphone instead…which was across the road! JoBao almost gets run over by cars and even falls over a few times and the cake gets squashed >< That evil Ah Gong was following/watching him(while reporting to Ah Hong) from behind but didn’t do anything to help him, just watching him die! What kind of person is he??? JoBao gets hurt and his hand and knee were also bleeding; but continues on and manages to make his way to the phone.

He calls HorMa’s home number asking for Raymond’s number and tells her his current situation. When I heard HorMa telling him just to go home and not bother because of all the troubles, I felt really sad for him because of all the effort he went to and how hard he tried to make it to his daughter’s birthday =(  Jobao calls Ah Hong, but hangs up sooner after as he was determined to get to Fala’s birthday 🙂 haha! Ah Hong must of being so pissed off lol

With the help of some nice people, JoBao manages to get on the right bus, slowly make his way to HorMa’s place. Ah Hing(Fala) is outside and sees him (and Ah Gong in the background)!! yay! JoBao, you finally made it ^^!!

JoBao: JoBao is really useless, I always break things. The road back home is actually really hard to walk. The road is very long and I couldn’t see it. But I know, I have to come back.

I feel that he is also talking about him wanting to find his way back to reunite with his family…poor guy. Ah Hing must have been so touched!

Ah Hing’s birthday wish was hoping that HorMa and her siblings will forgive JoBao…aww!!! It comes to show that Ah Hing has already forgiven her father =)

Because of Michelle’s failed attempt of stopping JoBao from going to HorMa’s side, she uses Ah Yuen(Chris) against HorMa.

Where Yuen tells HorMa not to ‘do it again because it’s embarrassing for him’ HorMa must have been heartbroken to hear her own son say something like that! He is such a…argh!!

He was siding with Ah Hong; hurting  his real mother. Raymond overhears and confronts him angrily; telling him to apologise to HorMa. Yuen backs up that HorMa was being barbaric saying unreasonable things at the company to ‘his mother’ and that he loves/is more closer to his ‘mother’ than HorMa><!!! He claims AhHong lost her baby because of him, but HorMa didn’t care/love him.

When Moses and Tavia arrives, Raymond asks Moses to help clear up the misunderstandings but Moses tells Raymond that they are all grown up now and have their own lives and thoughts, and that they don’t not stick together like when they were little.  It turns out Moses has actually agreed to Michelle in working for ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ .When he announces this to HorMa, the family gets into a dispute. Moses justifies he has no choice because of the situation his company was facing. He had to borrow money to pay the wages, and next month he won’t have anymore. He also promised his colleagues a lot of things when he took them over with him so he has responsibility to them and that he doesn’t want to company to close down.

At AhHong’s house, all the children are there including Ah Ka and his workers. They start talking about filming some promotional clips for ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’. The more I listened and watch Michelle’s fakeness – about filming how she loves her step-sons and how she lost her baby because of finding Ah Yuen who was a naughty kid back then– the more angry I got.

Moses couldn’t pass his own conscience and finally reveals the truth that Ah Hong was actually the one who lost her own baby and put the blame on Ah Yuen. Moses knew back then but was too scared say it out or he might not be able to stay and look after Ah Yuen and Chung-Jai. He reveals that it was also her who ruined the ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ promotion in the first place, getting Astrid to steal their idea and forcing them to a corner.

Ah Hing then reveals how she saw Ah Gong following JoBao the whole time when JoBao struggled to get to Fala’s place to celebrate her birthday!!  JoBao, and even Grandma finally see the through Michelle’s evil heart!! yay!!

At the end of the episode, all HorMa’s children come back to her , including Ah Yuen, who apologises to her 🙂 This is a huge progress for her family reuniting!

14 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 17 Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    this is another one of my favorite episodes! actually i like all of the episodes lol 😀
    i was tearing up when i was watching JoBao struggling to reach home. it was so emotional and i hated Ah Hong for the misery she put JoBao. she’s his freaking wife, doesn’t she care if he gets run over!?! but i’m so glad he made it there and the part when they were singing Fala’s song with the smushed cake was so emotional. i loved it.

    and i was so happy when Moses and Fala revealed Ah Hong’s evilness. seriously, she annoys me so much, pretending to love the children and acting all modest when she really wanted to star in the commercial. i was cheering so loud for them!!! i’m so happy that they finally reunited!

  • Summer says:

    i love tis episode… touching on see Jo Bao so pity oso wan to get the cake for Ah Hing … and happy to see how Ah Ka voice out Hung’ bad … and touching to see Ah Yuen hug Ho Ma and say sorry to her… tis episode is great… love Ah Ka..haha..

  • Wendy says:

    Now we see a better side of Jo Bao, knowing that he really wants to be a good father, trying and working hard to be a good father, wanting to spend more time with his children. The only “thing” standing in his way is the evil, scheming Hong Yee.

    Yuen is still the family’s weak link, I think he’ll be easily persuaded by Hong Yi and taking in all her lies. His words when he said that he has a closer bond with Hong yi rather than Hor Ma made me want to slap him right across his face! LOL!!

  • Diana says:

    wahhh your thoughts on episode 17 really clear up alot of my questions when I was watching this episode. My chinese is limited so I didn’t really understand what was going on and when I ask the people in the forum they didn’t reply. But after reading your post I totally understand the whole episode now!

    I really feel bad for for JoBao when he was having hard time getting to Fala’s bday. I was about to smack that uncle at that moment. All he did was just watch and ruin things >..< as for Ah Yuen at first I think he’s just a spoil brat but eventually he kept blaming himself for something he didn’t do and he came back with the children like the flashback that HoMa had ^_^

    ur thoughts is like a short summary for me when I watch the episodes ^____^

  • ri says:

    this episode is the best! especially the last part when JoBao stood his ground. i was so cheering for him when he said that no one can stop him from seeing his own kids. and i’m starting to like the MaMa more now. she’s so cool when she stands up for her grandkids! it’s always so nice to see the 6 siblings stand up for each other and HorMa. And i can’t stand Ah Kung. He’s such a jerk! and a coward. the last part where all 6 siblings came back to see HorMa

    btw, i love your episode recaps and screencaps! keep it up! 🙂

  • Episode 17 was by far one of the best episodes! 🙂

  • eigna says:

    wat a nice episode..when moses reveals the truth and Jobao slap ah gong n the last part where all 6 siblings came back to see HorMa..

  • nam1ra says:

    blue_angel_12 Says:
    Episode 17 was by far one of the best episodes! 🙂

    >>agreed! this episode was one of the best! I cried during the last scene when Ah Yuen came back, apologised to HorMa..the flashback scenes were nicely added to make the last scene more touching.
    >>Ah Ka was so great at scolding Ah Hong! haha..she was speechless..yea Ah Ka!

  • Eileen says:

    i really love this episode…best episode ever…best episode of the year….
    all of them are so good…love fala….love moses…love har yu…and love hor ma…

  • kinki says:

    From the screenshots Kerry posted, how come HorMa looked older in the flashback than she is now..that seems funny!~ 😛

  • Jadedreams says:

    MR sure knows how to tug at the heartstrings. It was very touching what Jo Bao told ah Hing, and especially when all her children came to Hor Ma at the end of the episode.

    And I just love the George Lam song they sang for Fala!

  • slydreamerr says:

    Till now, I’m not sure if Ah hong loves joba or not? I mean, she DOES care for him, and gets jealous (This I’m not sure if she’s just plain possessive or she really loves joba for his money and himself or not) whenever joba gets closer to his family at hor ma’s side. But I’m quite sure she chose to seduce Joba in the past as she wanted money from his shop’s success etc.

    This is my favourite episode so far. All the things Ah hong did, well, she is really scheming behind that pretty face. Ah Ka was so great, exposing her scheme. I hope the family hate Ah hong now! ;D

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    I think Ah hong doesn’t love joba. She has serious mental problems. I think her whole motive was to have what Hor Ma has. After her husband left her and w/e, she probably became jealous of Joba and Hor Ma. Hor Ma had a loving husband and children that really loved her, she had her own business and everyone respected her. So, Ah hong stole Joba away and for years she tried to get the rest of the children to call her “Ma” and stuff like that. Maybe she did like Joba a little bit, but I think her real reason was that she wanted everything Hor Ma had and she felt jealous b/c her life was so miserable.
    It’s like that movie “The hand that rocks the cradle,” the crazy lady didn’t really love the husband or kids, she just wanted to ruin the life of the mother. That’s what I think. Ah hong got serious mental issues…

    BTW, is there any literal interpretation of the conversation that Moses had with the family? I still don’t understand what Moses said about hearing the uncle and Ah hong talking and something about the hospital? Idk. =] THanks

  • foreversweetx3 says:

    Ohh and slydreamerr,
    I thought about what you said about Ah hong loving Joba for his money, but that can’t be true. B/c when they got married, Joba was still poor. That’s why I think she’s mental =].

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