Men with No Shadows
Men with No Shadows
When I first saw the trailer for Men with No Shadows, my initial reaction was 0_0;|| a bit speechless and well, not too amused haha. It sounded silly and “mo liu” and the idea reminded me of “Fly with Me” which totally turned me off.

Nevertheless, I gave it a go because my favourite Raymond Lam was in it and Bobby’s always fun to watch. The first episode didn’t appeal to me much, but as I continued to watch on, I found myself so attracted to Typhoon (Raymond’s Death God character)- He is absolutely ADORABLE!!
When Raymond first appeared he spooked me out a bit. He had a very serious look on his face. However as we see him interact with Bobby more, we see all dimensions of him: A death god trying to be human XD Most of the time when he’s listening to Bobby he has that blank look on his face (he reminds me of L from Death Note a lot!) I love all his expressions, especially when he is really happy, smiling and seeing him enjoy being human so much! I also like the things he says, he’s pretty funny and robot-like haha I also think it’s cute how he’s always eating an apple (like Ryuk from Death Note).

Men with No Shadows
Men with No Shadows
Some of my favourite things:

  • He got his nails painted with Tavia XD So funny!!
  • When he doesn’t know when he should be angry and is still happily smiling
  • When he pretends to be angry; or hurt (to act more human)
  • His love for shopping
  • Everytime he mentions the apple : ordering apple juice, freezer for his apples
  • The scenes where he is pursuing Tavia- so charming and attentive!!

I’m really enjoying the series because of Raymond. Looking forward to seeing more of him!!

Men with No Shadows

15 Responses to “[Men with No Shadows] Episode 1-5 Thoughts”

  • K2K says:

    I love the part in episode 5 when Power told Raymond to make him some coffee, then 2 of the coworkers was like “aren’t you suppose to be made?”, then a few seconds later, Raymond walked to the mirror and started making angry faces then said to himself “how exhausting!”. All the ‘mad’ faces he made was so hilarious. 🙂 LOL

  • AC says:

    I think Raymond is cute in this series so far and I like watching the scenes with Bobby-Raymond-Tavia.

    There’s just so many unlikable characters so far though. John Chiang, the father, Gigi Wong (even though I understand why she would be mad), Power Chan… I know that we’re probably going to learn more about them later and maybe like them more, but it drags the series down to me.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree..all the other characters up to this point have ben quite a turn off for me…only Raymond is interesting..

    • Ella says:

      Sometimes I can’t stand to see those unlikable characters you mentioned. I think that Gigi Wong’s character is nothing more than a bully towards Bobby’s mom and Bobby’s mom just lets the bullying continue.I can see why she would be angry but I think its better for her to just take out her anger on her husband rather than on some poor woman who isn’t even fighting back.

      And as for John Chiang, he’s a terrible father in the show! He’s the workaholic person and all he cared about was money. It’s clear that he doesn’t understand or even knows his son much. It’s no wonder that we can see Power going down the evil path to prove to the father that he (Power) is more than what his father thinks.

      As for Bobby’s father, I thought after that part where Raymond showed him that he’s more afraid of death than his wife (that scene where he snuck into his wife’s office to get his visa and Raymond nearly shoves him out the window), he’d stand up for himself and be a man in front of his domineering wife (Gigi). Instead, he’s still afraid of her and wouldn’t defend Bobby’s mother. It’s so pathetic! Somehow I think that his character isn’t that important and whether he’s in the show or not, it doesn’t make a difference. It’s probably more interesting to see the the father had passed away and two wives and the children fight over the inheritance instead of fighting over a pathetic man who’s still alive. It’s so boring to keep seeing the two women fight and seeing the pathetic father trying to please both sides. I rather watch more of the interaction between Raymond, Bobby, and Tavia than the constant bullying and fighting.

  • EY says:

    There is something about this series which irks me a little. Its the mood of the show. Sometimes its light-hearted and a good after dinner show. Sometimes I see how dark and eerie everything is. I guess I dont like how the entire setting of the show can swing about so suddenly. I guess its because up till now I cannot fathom whether Raymond is a kind devil or one that is too inflexi. Geez.

    • KTVB says:

      hmmmm yea..the eerie-ness of the series feels a bit uncomfortable! I also don’t know how they keep replying the city-view/building with the sky/clouds moving so quickly. It feels too unnatural.

      I really liked Raymond’s character in episode 2-5ish, btu towards the end of 5 (and up to 8 as I watch more), his character doesn’t interest me as much and he turns out to be some revenge-filled man who has been gifted the power of a Death Gods. That came to quite a surprise to me! but now the series continues to make me feel a bit “erk”..wonder how the rest of the story will play out

      • EY says:

        So Raymond’s character isnt any more special right? After finding out that he is indeed a human, I start to see him as a little fake; I mean how can he not know how humans feel/think esp when he himself is afterall a human? I feel that this series is turning into a typical revenge cum family feud show now.

        • Ri says:

          oh wait so he isn’t some Angel of Death after all? how’d tht come about then!

          i tuned in to episode 10 and was a bit surprised to see how dark it’s sudd become. could be just me skipping so many eps but wow.

  • Ri says:

    I am still really on the fence with this show.. I just can’t figure it out, somehow! I only watch bits and pieces of it but I do agree that the one attractive thing abt the show is Raymond Lam. He’s usually in outright serious or funny characters but this ome requires a bit of both and I personally think he’s doing a good job. Very adorable, and his little quirks and expressions make his devil-trying-to-be-human believable.

    But is one Raymond Lam enough to pull the show together? I mean, we have Bobby and Tavia in what I feel are bland characters and then there are a slew of unlikeable characters (Bobby’s dad, stepmom, John Chiang, Power Chan) – a bit taxing to watch sometimes, other than Raymond scenes.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree…and as we watch past episode 5, he’s not quite that funny anymore (nor cute, because he essentially is human..) one who wants revenge..

      • EY says:

        This brings me of the comment by K2K (2nd comment above) where Raymond didnt know he had to be angry when he was being treated like a maid in front of Power and his colleagues. At that point in time I thought Raymond truly did not know when he is supposed to be angry, but now it seems like anger is the only feeling he ever knew.

  • `Amethyst. says:

    I’m actually really enjoying this drama. The twists really came out quite nice for me. It’s all pretty interesting and although some of you mentioned that the fact that Ray is actually human kinda ruins the initial mood, I actually think its rather interesting. (Or maybe I’m just the revenge drama fan type *_* )

    But its a fresh idea, I didn’t exactly expect it. And from Episode 10’s preview it seems that Ray is gonna fall in love with Sire (Is that her name?) ~ Or rather Sire is gonna fall for him. But either ways there’s going to be a romantic line there right? I’m actually rather anticipating it~ Maybe she’ll help him place revenge down? O: (Highly unlikely though he seems like he wants revenge A LOT.)

    I also like watching Tavia here! She’s really cute and I totally pity her. She’s so noble, willing to die for Bobby and all. And she’s been having to face it all alone. Poor Bobby doesn’t know that he’s going to lose his wife after she has his child either 🙁 I hope everything will turn out find in the end..although Tavia’s probably gonna die given her grave in the preview and all. I’d love to see how TVB wraps this up~ There’s still a long way to go though :3

    On a side note, I’m seriously hating Gigi Wong. Such a total bitch. And I’m also suspecting that Sire is actually Dong ma’s daughter… o.o”

  • 'muff says:

    I didn’t watch the entire thing, but the last episode explains all the inconsistencies that I noticed in the bits and pieces that I saw. 🙂

    (although I suppose this comment is a bit late LOL)

    Raymond’s acting in the last episode (such a long episode) really moved me though. *sniffle*

  • de says:

    Sire is gonna fall for him. But either ways there’s going to be a romantic line there right? I’m actually rather anticipating it~ Maybe she’ll help him place revenge down?

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