Currently up to episode 22- where its starting to show the 4th Generation, so I think this would be a good time to put up a post ^^ (first one of Maiden’s Vow);
For up to the story so far, I think my view on this series has fluctuated a bit. Sometimes I think its ok, while some other times I just didn’t feel like watching it. But I don’t think it is one I would recommend to anyone..
I watch it mainly because its during dinner time, so might as well watch something ^^; Not particuluarly a fan of Joe Ma or Charmaine Sheh but was hoping for a good storyline. When I first saw the trailor I thought this series looked quite good lol I thought it was romance story, and each generation was gonna be like the next life of Charmine and Joe (sorta like a love story for 4 generations before they can finally be together, i.e they don’t end up together in the earlier 3 generations) but I guess not XD Joe Ma’s character are different people that just happen to look alike XD Ah wells…mm..what else~

For 1st generation, I didn’t really see where the story was going. Charmaine ends up marrying Sammual and Joe sticks aound. Sammual continues becoming an idiot and doesn’t end up learning his lesson (taking on drugs, being with that other girl again, getting jealous over nothing and doesn’t seem to see what a perfect wife Charmaine is – geez she gave up everything to keep the family running ). Sammual plays a character who is totally useless, yet claims to be getting all the credit for the success of the business. Charmaine should have just left with Joe when she had the chance~ seriously…even her parents told her to go back to them. I guess it was cos Sammual’s father asked her too. Did everyone have to die/injured like that though? Just seems to fake..and over-dramamtic. The story was getting messy…I was trying to look to the possiblity of how they were gonna end the first generation but Charmaine had to have a daughter first. Sammual one has hear of him since, and Charmaine and Joe’s characters die in a train explosion.

2nd generation was teacher and student relationship between Joe and Charmaine. Should give credit to Charmaine as I could imagine her playing a role of a different person, but once she eloped with Joe (and seemingly a long time ago) when she grew her hair, couldn’t imagine her being the same person as before xD That got even more messy when they were working, and how they got involved with the Japanese people. That guy being a fake doctor, sleeping with Charmaine’s friend, taking revenge .. And that women who had a blind mother. I sorta reckon Charmaine did get rapped by that fake-doctor guy, even though Joe said he stopped it from happening. It doesn’t convince me.I don’t like how it was all set out. It was getting unwatchable. When I first started watching the 3rd generation, I couldn’t stand it lol The way they acted (exaggerated), and their accent styles..the 60s…*shakes head* but after a episode I think I’ve gotten used to it, and thought the 3rd generation was perhaps quite funny to watch.

Last night’s episode , there was a bit on the 4th generation and I couldn’t get used to them talking normal lol They sound sorta weird ~ lol and Joe Ma is finally more decent looking XD What a neat way to end that episode though =P
I hope this 4th generation would be better than the others!
This series seems to be very popular (been browsing around the net and mostly heard good comments- sometimes a lot more than I reckon it deserves, but that’s just my taste (no offense to anyone) ~) I wouldn’t call it one of “must see” category *shrugs*

7 Responses to “[Maiden’s Vow] On to 4th Generation Charmaine”

  • Minx says:

    I’ve started watching these series, and I find find it sort of childish after the first generation ends. I think you should watch the first 6 episodes and just stop after that.

  • KTVB says:

    Childish? In what way?

  • ice_ice_74 says:

    childish? em…

  • Mayz says:

    Well i think joe ma looks more cool in the 4th generation and charmaine look more mature when she straighten her hair in 4th generation

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i dont really watch the movie cuz the movie were in 10:05 and i have to i watch a little bit.
    i like the way when joe became nature becuz he became more cooler.and charmaine were cool in the movie too.this movie were 4 mix in each movie,and it very good to look over again.
    i hate the first part when charmaine became nature and she is gay cuz she fall in love with a gurl and kiss her.
    thats make me like ewwww……
    but anywhere i still like the movie.

  • monarcha says:

    maidens vow to me was good >.> but lyk i didnt lyk the timing but i really lyked the people who were in it!! it was emotional at the first genouration but it was very entertaining at the third.
    anyway im still a charmaine fan!!

  • Tiffany says:

    Huge Charmaine fan here, and I really think she did a great job during the first and fourth generation cuz her acting is so gooddd

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