October 2006

[Maiden’s Vow] Episode 26

*After Charmaine brought her friends over to Joe’s house and mucked it up, their relationship started getting to some problems.

*The two make up with each other on Valentine’s Day, but ruined when Joe’s ex-girlfriend turns up and he spends the night with her (They sat at some park). This causes Charmaine and Joe’s relationship up-side up-side-down

* Charmaine’s friend is 2-timing on Valentines Day with 2 dates both at the same restaurant (up stairs and downstairs)

*Sammul’s character appears- Charmaine’s characters’ ex-boyfriend

*Misunderstanding builds when Joe sees Charmaine at Sammul’s place.

Not an interesting episode ~ didn’t enjoy it very much and things are getting messy. One thing I’d like to mention is how something is used many many times: Guy1 dating/married to Girl 1. Girl1 cheats on Guy1 and leaves for Guy2. Guy1 meets Girl2 (They fall in love) Girl1 comes crying back to Guy1 (because Guy2 wasn’t as good as she thought). Guy1 doesn’t know who to choose – Girl1/Girl2. Usually at the end, Guy1 chooses Girl2.[Which reckon is the Better choice!] Seriously, Girl1 get what she deserves. She’s the one who left Guy1 to start off with, and then when she releases Guy1 is the better one she tries going back..I think that’s very selfish of that person, Guy1 is already with Girl2. In these situations Guy1 seems to consider Girl1 again (suppose he still likes her). This is usually the conflict in the relationship~
Similar relationships in Take my Word for it, Trust of a Lifetime, Trimming Success, Reaching Out, just to name a few..
So cliché~ is it that common that it happens in almost all occasions?

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  • kev says:

    erm i downloaded the lady in red rar file from ur link.when i tried to open it needed a password.do u know where i can get the password?

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