TVB trying to be funny in its finale.. XD

Linda Likes Lam FungEvergreen: “Princess, do you like skinny, or fat?”

Linda: “I Like Lam Fung (Raymond Lam)”

5 Responses to “[House Of Harmony and Vengeance] Linda likes “Lam Fung””

  • Chibi says:

    lol… TVB keeps re-using the Linda/Raymond thing XD

  • ANGLE4 says:


    evergreen: nay jong yee ting dam or fai lai?
    mak cheung ting:do you like skinny or fat?

    linda:i like lam fung(raymond)
    linda:yuk shoo lam fung.
    everyone oh

  • daisy says:

    this has been used soo many times XD
    in Twilight Investigation, Daddy good deeds, and now this. Raymond should mention Lindas name somewhere in his dramas XD

  • JacJac says:

    Linda Chung singing the sub theme of Raymond’s Moonlight Resonance.

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