The Car Accident Scenes
Episode 36

While in a taxi after talking to Raymond, Linda finds out that a car accident has occurred because the person drove on red light. Linda gets really scared, thinking it was Raymond who has always missed red lights when he is too involved thinking about the court cases. She was relieved to find out it wasn’t him. I loved the look on Raymond’s face when he saw how worried Linda was. I would have thought Linda would of went to hug Raymond. She probably really wanted to but restrained herself. I really like these moments because its always when they think their loved ones might die when we can see them express how they really feel about the other. Raymond could tell that Linda still loved him a lot…

Episode 39

While talking to Moses and hearing how upse Moses was because Bosco decided to go on Susanna’s side; she hears a car accident. She was scared something happened to him. Like when she thought Raymond was in the accident, she gets really scared and worried. When she hears Moses call out to her, seeing that he’s ok, she runs up to him and hugs him ^^ She has already lost Raymond; I think she’s really scared of losing Moses too..

Grieving over the death of the loved ones

After Raymond dies, Moses couldn’t contact Linda because she wouldn’t switch on her phone. He eventually finds her sitting alone playing the saxophone and Moses watches her from behind. Looking how sad Moses is, you can tell how much he understands how Linda is really feeling inside while she played Vincent

After Ha Yu’s death, Linda wanted to contact Moses but like the time after Raymond’s death, Linda couldn’t contact him because he switched off his phone. Eventually, she finds him alone at night, playing the Saxophone..

10 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Moments of Comparisons”

  • Happy says:

    So, that is when we feel that they really can connect with each other, even without words.

  • guess says:

    i have to say that Linda look so good as a career woman role.

    it remind me about Flora Chan, (office lady)

    but it is a long time we did not see Flora,
    I hope Linda will have more good chance to play as a office lady.

    i miss Flora chan and Gallen Lo in the threshold of the era.

  • KTVB says:

    To Happy: Yup! Its amazing someone can understand another like that =)

    To guess: I like seeing when Raymond and Linda are both wearing business attire ^^

  • abcdTVB! says:

    LOL i think linda should act more lawyer roles instead LOL but yea i agree i like linda’s business lady look =D

  • Luckimonkee33 says:

    THat part was soooooooooo sad… T____T I hate it when people die in a movie….but it adds something extra to the plot, like after a dark night, the sun will come up…or something…

    There’s a saying in this movie that’s really lovely. It goes something like :

    You have to eat the bitter in life, and you have to eat the sweet too.

    It’s really philosophical….I love it.

  • jessie9394 says:

    Linda looks beautiful and cute in every scene she acted in this movie. The story line of this movie has touches my heart..

  • angi says:

    Now that we know that Moses has brokenup with Bernice, when I saw the scene with Moses crying with/for Linda at the Sai Wan Pier, I wondered whether he was thinking of Bernice.

  • joce says:

    Anyone know wat is the title of the song when Moses playing the Saxophone?

  • Summer says:

    i love linda and moses acting as lover… i never see them acting as lovers b4… this is the 1st time… MOSES LINDA ROX

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