June 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 36

**Major Spoiler Ahead! Look at your own risk!***

While I watched this episode, I already knew Alfred was going to die in a car accident (from opening themevideo, episode preview and thanks to someone who spoilt it for me before I even started the series *cough*Metal*cough* -__-. I guess having this thought in mind I didn’t feel as sad as I had initially thought I would because somehow I felt ‘prepared’ for it. There were also heaps of foreshadow in this episode like the car accident at the beginning of the episode and how Alfred didn’t stop for many red-traffic lights. Through those instances I kept thinking ‘Stop doing that Alfred, you’re going to get yourself killed!! =(‘ I think the sadness from the whole situation is when you sit back and reflect on those thoughts..those ‘what if’ moments and the things Raymond and Linda have been writing in their diaries..what they were thinking ..how they felt…wanting to tell the other, and you think about all the things Raymond has done for her..all the sweet moments.. hoping they can be together again..hoping she can forgive him..and the thing was, she was touched and wanted to forgive him!…she sent him an email with so many “I forgive you!” messages…but he never got know… =(
When Yoyo went to see Linda, she kept asking Linda to forgive Raymond. At that point I was really annoyed at her because Linda hasn’t even forgiven her, so who is she to ask Linda to forgive Raymond? After awhile though, through their talk I found myself slowly forgiving Yoyo and she did managed to convince Linda at the end..just too bad it was a bit late..

Raymond crawling back in the car … at first I thought he was looking for the shell, but maybe he was looking for a phone instead..?
I didn’t expect him to walk away after he crawled out of the car..

He used his last few words to help Linda with her court case…I really wanted (and thought he would) ask for her forgiveness, but he was so selfless! Up to his last minute he wanted her to happy..he didn’t want to hear her cry T_T or feel sad for him..He lied to her that he has to concentrate on his driving and that he’ll call her when he gets home..!!!…their love story is so tragic..

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  • Summer says:

    Ktvb ; u know.. while i watched tis scene, i cry.. in my heart.. i really wish Alfred see the mail or Siong Joi Sum will say ” i forgive u” b4, he go lo.. really so sad..tis scene.. dun willing to see.. Alfred go, with the heart tat, still though Siong Joi Sum no forgive him yet.. so sad ar… i cry so terrible tis scene… while coem to next scene.. u will cry more terrible..while u see.. Siong Joi Sum.. cant accept the die of Alfred… .. huh..

  • dreyvii says:

    Actually, I thought this episode and the next was sadder than the episode where dai kai died. I agree with K. It’s the ‘what if’s and ‘would have been’s that makes us sad. They would’ve made such a sweet couple. I didn’t think I’d be sad when I read the spoiler before I watched this because I thought that Ray had cheated on Linda, and he ended up with Yoyo instead, so he sort of deserved to die. 😛 But as I watched how their relationship blossomed, I loved Raymond so much for his selflessness and his love for Linda.

    In a way, I’m glad that Raymond knows Linda still loves him very much. In the first car crash when Ray wasn’t involved, he saw Linda’s reaction, and he was convinced that LInda still loves him. Ah…it’s so tragic. Even sadder to watch the next episode.

  • Summer says:

    Yaya.. i agreed dreyvii… may b, if after Alfred & Siong Joi Sum and Alfred start his relationship wif Sui Mak MAk, may b, i wont at sad of his die.. but.. tis story is totally not come to tat… and i can see, once Alrfed know abt hsi affair, he really scare to loss Siong Joi Sum..and fr tat, i can feel, Alfred really love Siong Joi Sum so much.. and i can feel tat, Alfred is just like a ” Sau Hoi Jie” cos.. he no intend to had any affair , and i will feel is Sui Mak MAk got the intend to step into them lo..so.. hai.. wat to do.. tis is the ending tat create by the scrip writer… to get our tears lo.. haha..right..so..
    so sad.. in these 2 episode… hm..m.. but..coming will b happy la.. haha

  • Michael says:

    hmm. alfreds gone through alot from the break up with seung joi sum to the death of his mother. really sad that he had to go =( i think he shudda gone to the hospital or sumthing

  • boskifan says:

    lol his whole family dies because of a car accident 😀

  • POOH says:

    i cant accept Raymond died! And i tot Raymond & Linda can be together again, what im happy is Linda forgive Raymond finnaly, but wat im sad is why Raymond never see the email from Linda, cry a lot for this part.

  • KAmi says:

    It was just to sad, actually, the first episode I watched of Heart of Greed was the episode 36 :P.
    I didn’t even know what the story was about, nor who the character are.
    Not knowing what was going on, I still cried like crazy when he died, the storyline and the filming were so well done !!!
    It’s just too tragic!!! this sentence: “I must concentrate on driving, I’ll call you when I get home” ==> that made me cry like hell, he loves her so much, he give up himself just to not make her sad.
    wouah, I love the scripwriter.

    • SzeKa says:

      Lol. Doesn’t that sentence just make you think that linda is expecting a call that will never come, especially when after they both hanged up, she was holding the phone and smiling as if waiting for raymond to call her.

  • Catherine says:

    i love this movie it was so sad to see him die!!!:(… i must say the sciptwriter must of been very good

  • Vaneffle says:

    I’ve watched the scene so many times and I still cry everytime I watch it again… Usually I dont cry anymore from watching sad scenes again and again but this scene is just so sad…
    It’s just such a pity that he died just before he had a chance to read the email or to give her the shell…

  • SzeKa says:

    why didnt he just tell her how to win the case after he recovers?

    • faithict says:

      I think it is because he knows that he won’t be able to make it even if he goes to the hospital or wait for the ambulance to come…it was such a tragic love story in this series…

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