May 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 25

I wish Yoyo would stop going in between them..how can she betray her own best friend?? I really hated that attitude of hers when she was listening to Linda’s worries about Raymond’s court case. She then convinces Linda to go when she knew really well that Raymond did not want anyone watching him in court. I’m just so glad that Raymond didn’t go see Yoyo that night where she was waiting at the park…

5 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Episode 25”

  • Rachael TEoh Poh Imm (RON NG's 1st Idol) says:

    I hate YOYO cause she betray her best friend.Linda is a better coupers with raymond

  • Tracy says:

    i know, this made me hate yoyo so much. the parts that talk about seung joy sum and alfred and sui mak mak, are so boring, i just had to fast forward on all the parts. but i realised that only by their thoughts that the story can forward two years later to tell the story about the family fortune. and susanna’s evilness.

  • l0v3fl0ra says:

    haha i like yoyo in hog leh!!

    maybe it is because i am so tired of seeing linda and raymond quarrel and get back together and the cycle goes on and on and on…..

  • Elaine Pang says:

    I guess Yoyo is just in the way. Linda and Alfred is a much better couple than Yoyo. I love Heart of Greed =D Alfreddd HO LENG JAI AR ;D haha x

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