Moses’ character Dak Dak Dei has lots of funny expressions throughout the series but I decided to make some screencaptures from episode 36 of him because I particularly liked the scene especially the part where they were trying to find a name for Tavia’s baby. Their ideas are hilarious XD I thought this scene was pretty neat too because its like the first time Moses properly introduces Linda to Ha Yu; there’s starting to be a feeling where the two stories connect a bit; rather than having 2 separate stories; one about the Tong family, the other being the Raymond, Linda, Moses, Yoyo complicated love story.

12 Responses to “[Heart of Greed] Dak Dak Dei’s funny expressions”

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : i love to watched tis scene, cos.. feel like Dak Dak Dei bring gf back to let Dai Bao see lo.., Dak Dak Dei, sometimes the way he talk.. so funny de… actually love Dak Dak Dei’s character alot in tis series…

  • Happy says:

    I think that is why he starts bringing Linda to the family gatherings/ dinners

  • abcdTVB! says:

    LOL luv the sceen caps so funni!! :lool:

  • FaNNy says:

    lolz love Duk Duk Dei’s expressions so much! he was so funny in HOG…

  • hahaha nice post! moses’ expressions in heart is so funny! =D

  • Aweto says:

    haha lol the screencaps of Duk Duk Dei veri funny

  • cF says:

    kahah.. i loved duk duk dei’s expressions too!! so cute and funny!

  • KTVB says:

    TO Summer: haha, very true about taking his gf back to his father to meet ^^ I think that also adds a nice touch to the story because Ha Yu won’t llive long enough to see him with his gf (even though they’re not together yet, its the same feeling)

    To Happy: and we just need Linda more involved with the family problems.

  • Summer says:

    KTVB : yaya,.. i oso feel tis too.. feel tis moment everyone in the hospital oso very happy…

  • TVBHugeFan says:

    i like when family happy cuz in this movie many bad things happened.
    and it were very sad.
    the sad part is that when raymond die in the phone station.and linda were crying very hard.
    i wanna cry in that part.x=]

  • Lilz says:

    LOL I LAUGHED HARD at how u only screencaptured the funny faces XD

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