March 2009

[E.U] Ron & Elanne (2)

Some more of their sweet moments![Episode 15 and 16]

Ron returns home late that  night to find a whole feast prepared. When he recognises the dishes prepared, he went on Elanne’s Princess Blog and found a new blog entry and some photos.


Today is a really special day, because I made dinner for the guy I love for his birthday. One year ago, I had dinner with him at a very romantic restaurant, and ate the same meal. Obviously mine didn’t taste as good; it probably tastes horrible. But I know he would definitely eat all of it. Too bad he didn’t end up turning up, but it doesn’t matter, as long as he’s happy. At midnight, I made a wish and blew out the candles for him,  wishing that he’ll always be happy.


Ron was moved by what she did for him and  decided to leave her a message as Lucky Prince.

Lucky Prince: Even though you may say your cooking tastes bad, I believe that your friend would really like it,… and think it tastes really nice.
Elanne: You don’t have to cheer me up, if it tastes bad, it’ll taste bad, how would it taste good?
Lucky Prince: Because he likes you. So no matter what you make him, he’ll like it.

Sometimes it makes me wonder what the situation would be like if Ron did return home when Elanne was still there waiting for him. Would he still act cold towards? Would he upset her again and show no appreciation for the effort she put in? Or would he simply enjoy the meal with her?

Elanne decided not to give up on their friendship, and proactively went to find him. She went to Mega-disco to find him in attempt to grab his attention (and it worked pretty well XD) Ron kept telling her that he has no time for her and that she should go and occupy herself. Elanne went dancing with the other people and Ron kept  looking over her to see if she was ok, and he became very  clumsy, knocking into people etc When he saw Elanne drinking with a group of guys, he got them away. Elanne wanted to prove to him that he still cared about her..


Next when he was playing pool, Elanne would turn up there too, making him miss the balls when he was playing; losing the game. He told Elanne to find some friends and do something else, so she went to  play with some other boys that were there and Ron got annoyed/distracted.


Ron told her off for trying to make friends here and she told him she doesn’t have any friends, so following him to make some new ones. He got annoyed at her, and as he was about to leave, Elanne asked if he loved her. When he denied, she told him that she felt the same way (lies xD) and really hoped that they could be friends like before.


‘One year ago, we pretended to be lovers. Even though we were only pretending, I was really happy and I could tell you had a fun time too.’

Ron agrees to have things like before again
And he agrees <3

And so, just like that- the two got back together. They went dinner together again at the same place one year ago. They wanted to relive that moment. When they found out that the year of the wine they drank last time was already taken by another customer, the two went to ask if he could let them have it instead.


The two went to convince the other customer by telling him how important the bottle of wine was to them; through their love for each other


That was just so sweet XD Their love seems so geninune lol  Even though there were a bit of lies here and there, there were also truths in what was said and I think it was a way of them expressing how they really  feel towards each other, but brushing it off as only an  act.


The two succeed and they managed to get the bottle of wine 🙂

Out at the park, Elanne wanted to re-enact the photo shots they took when they were pretending to kiss in the ‘rain’ last time  and Elanne took out her camera phone.

After viewing the pictures again, Ron was not quite happy with how they turned out XD And Elanne kissed him on the cheeks. He got embarrassed and told her that ‘that’ didn’t happen last time. She said she did when they were outside the restaurant. Elanne commented that he’s face is all red and reminds him that they’re only playing XD

Elanne kisses Ron the cheeks

7 Responses to “[E.U] Ron & Elanne (2)”

  • Rin says:

    I like Elanne’s dress! Minus the big circle ring thing, I like the other parts ^^
    & Ron and Elanne are so cute! There’s gonna be new fanfics now hehehe. I just kinda wish she does something different with her hair.. it’s the same almost every time.

  • Ashley says:

    Cute couple..wish yao yao will continue to act in season 4 🙂

  • eigna says:

    ya i love them too..

  • jtlaio says:

    Elanne so kyootee WAHH XDD.

  • chibi says:

    hmmm…Elanne got really annoying in parts of the film, didn’t like her very much.

  • Vanie says:

    I didn’t like the part where they were getting the wine, but I loved it when Ron said he was pretending to be blushing… That was so cute!

  • girl says:

    Ron Ng always r the best.elanne oso veli beautiful.i veli lov Ron Ng.Ron Ng movie all r the best.

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