Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

I actually enjoyed the 2nd last episode more than this one. Maybe its because Michael just went nuts and his character seemed sorta fake (or was it just his crying scenes?). One part I did feel bad for Michael was knowing his mother had died- she was a funny lady; but the saddest thing was that her accident was caused by Michael’s phone call, telling her that ‘her own son is gone’, hence she went looking for him, sneaking out and getting run over by a car. Feels very tragic..on the day he thought he got what he really wanted was the day he learns of his mother’s death. He realises he has lost everything..except Jessica?

Michael trying to be happy he got ONISAC, but also knowing his mother has died..sad.

I guess the biggest impact that caused Michael to change was Benz and his death. Thinking back to the times when Bobby was supposedly killed by him, Michael did not seem to be very sad. I guess to Michael, Bobby was a friend he could use, while Benz was his great friend who just made him feel so guilty and with the biggest regret.
I found it weird that Michael and Bobby became friends again when he went to jail, and Bobby continued to visit him. Makes me wonder if Michael really learns his lesson. He had to lose everything and those important people to him before he realises? I thought it was funny seeing the bald guy in jail acting like a monkey though. Michael also mentioned there was another guy next to him in jail who he could chat with so wouldn’t get bored. I wonder how long Michael would be in jail for..
After Jessica’s friend went off to gamble again (in some previous episodes) even after her husband left her, we don’t see her again. I think that might be one lesson to be learns, and that is nothing good comes from gambling, and as long as you don’t quit, there’s no hope (in her case, her husband won’t come back to her). Sad that after all that Jessica said to her, she won’t change.
I wanted to see some after-talk between Bosco and Michael. Did Michael ever care about Bosco? Michael could tell Bosco liked him more than Bobby, and trusted him over anyone else in the world. I would think that Michael even at a minimal should have genuinely cared for Bosco, but by his reaction, it doesn’t seem like it at all. Michael used Bosco the whole way…
We also don’t see Tavia actually forgive Bosco, except “3 years later” they are back together. A little disappointed because it feels rushed. Early in the episode, Bosco goes to find Tavia to beg for her forgiveness but she doesn’t really seem moved by what he had to say so..hm.. I’m happy for them having a happy ending together though =)

[Bosco begs for forgiveness]

~~Other Screen captures ~~

[The final showdown- Bobby and Michael gamble over Jessica]

This scene was quite exciting..its obvious Bobby would have the better luck =) Of course, this scene does have some exaggerations like the burning rope, and the actual cards they got.

Bobby sees Benz. Michael gets arrested.

Bobby listens to Michael giving in to the police and that his happiest moment was only when they had hot pot.

[Ah Wing (Benz) ‘s funeral]

Florence holds the handbag Benz bought her. It was his first present to her, and the last. Bobby tells her that knowing him for 10 years, this is the first time Benz bought a girl a present.

Jessica tells Bobby she will be going on a long holiday. She does not plan to keep in contact or switch on her phone; nor tell anyone where she’ll be going. She said she’ll send back postcards to report her safety. Bobby tries to convince her to stay.. Jessica pulls the ghost face again before she leaves. I guess Jessica still can’t really face Bobby even though Bobby doesn’t mind.

[One year later in Jail- Bobby visits Michael]

[2 years later…the Ending]

Bosco and Bobby set up their own BBQ store by the beach and have decided not to work for Casinos anymore. Isn’t that kind of a waste of talent?

Bosco with their son.

Bobby with his nephew.It was so cute how Bosco’s son started pointing, then said “Wan” (Clouds, i.e Jessica’s character’s name)

What I think of the Ending?

For those who have not seen it, I think you can tell what’s happening in the screen captures above.
I would like to think that Bobby does end up with Jessica and that the girl at the end was really her. TVB likes to leave endings like this nowadays..with a bit of an open ending much like [The Price of Greed]. Either way, I’m sticking to thinking that she does come back to him =) Too bad there is a possibility that she may not be Jessica and that we don’t know how long she may have left for. Even if it was Jessica, we don’t know if she has been able to forgive herself and be back with Bobby..For this whole episode, you can clearly see how much Jessica means to him. He misses her too much.. I want them to end up together!! =3

I just think that the ending was a little rushed. I would have liked to see a few more parts with Bosco. Bosco and Tavia’s relationship. Bosco and a talk with Michael, and one between Bosco and Bobby. I feel that something just feels missing there.

The series overall?

I quite enjoyed this series! All the actors were really good; I’m quite impressed with the cast and acting. There’s heaps of character development through the series with almost all characters and you can see them grow and change to be a different person which was done smoothly, so realistic. You also got to see different sides of actors, with Jessica, Bosco, Tavia, playing such a different roles from their usuals. I did enjoy the first half of the series over the second-half though. The story starts to go down-hill after Michael robs the Casino. I guess because the very cool, likable Michael has changed and so has Bosco..

If I was so rate the first half of the series, I would have given it 10/10, but considering the latter half, I’d drop it down to 9.5/10

7 Responses to “[Dicey Business] Episode 35 FINAL”

  • groovy says:

    Yeah the ending is not that satisfying, its just so-so. Many things are either rushed or left unanswered like:
    -Bobby and Jessica’s relationship?
    -Bosco and Tavia get back again, how?
    -Bosco and Michael’s relationship?
    -Michael’s evil partner in crime?
    -Leanne Li and Michael’s blackmailing?

    LOL Bosco looks hot in your s’cap, even though its sad that he feels guilty about Benz

  • chibi says:

    Yup, a great series, but a little overwhelming… a little rushed like you guys said.. I’m the type of person who prefers all loose ends tied.. why did they have to show the foot, instead of the person? It makes the ending feel a little empty and sad.

    Michael’s acting dropped in this final episode..I think it is the crying scenes.. he doesn’t sound like he’s crying.

    The Florence and bag thing was really sweet…

    Great series overall and great job on Screencaps.

  • brisk says:

    hello! i see that you’ve just finished watching DB. i haf to say that the facial expression of michael in the last episode when he lost the game to bobby was so…like…crazy and funny…

  • renka says:

    I really enjoyed watching the change in Michael’s character in this series. I think he really portrayed the torn-ness (if that’s a word) between good and bad. The part at the warehouse where Michael and Bobby had their show-hand duel was especially intense. The end was really good, especially Wing’s funeral. However, I felt that they had too many of the same “illusions” with Jessica coming back, then his realization that it wasn’t her. Bosco and Tavia’s chemisry could’ve developed more I thought. I agree that this was a good series overall.

  • channy says:

    Nice pics! they are all so clear, umm i just have a question, you know when you blend those pics together, i have PS but i always wanted to do that but i dont know how, may you teach me how, if you’re too busy you can just forget about it

  • Chadlier says:

    I Love this movie! Did you use photo shop or something? It’s so clear! It’s all rushed don’t ya think so? Michael went to jail, and Bobby dided?

  • Esther says:

    I wished michael and jessica would end up tgt! They were so sweet at first. I can’t pick up the courage to continue watching the whole show anymore. ARGH.

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