The Other Truth

“The Other Truth” is a bit different from other TVB series. The focus of the drama is not on the relationship of the characters, but “Justice & Truth”.  I’m not saying that I don’t prefer watching a series for its love plot, but the interesting part of the drama was actually the cases they dealt with 🙂  The cases (and series) are more serious than “Ghetto Justice”. They both have a different feel to it so I like both series for different aspects.

It gave me a very satisfying feeling watching the characters find out “the truth”. It makes it feel like they will always find out what the truth is, and fight for that, not simply defending for whoever pays them the money. Such heroic characters xD

The other truth

Cases I liked:

[Keith -Ruco]Louise’s Domestic Violence Case

It was very touching to watch the bond between Louise and her son! There were scenes which made me teary- I felt so sorry for the two of them! Her husband is such a total jerk!!.. why in the world would you marry someone to treat them like that??  It was very comforting to see her son love her so much, and would do anything to protect her. Ruco really impressed me through the extremes he went into and crossing the line to prove the boy innocent!  I  also thought it was very clever how he was able to pick up “fresh injury” and bring forth the truth- the boy wasn’t the one who actually killed his father, even though the boy initally thought so too. He had no intentions of killing, i.e self defense, but ultimately, his father’s death occured after he had woken up and slipped, causing the second patch of blood stain on the skateboard. I thought it was a well defended case and happy to see Ruco able to redeem himself 🙂   It brings hope to the world XD
[Mavis -Tavia] Chima Case: The first TVB series I’ve seen where the case is driven by the jury.  TVB once again pushed the theme of society being responsible for bringing justice. They showed us the procedure and thought process the jury went though to come with their conclusion. There were many factors going through their  minds which influenced their decision.It was interesting to watch the clash between the generations xD (and the various TVB cameo appearances XD). I also thought it was pretty funny having Louis’ mum there haha- such a “see lai” having a mind of her own XD

Given it was a rape case and only those who were involved knew the truth, it required a lot of thought.. it wasn’t just about how  convincing the barristers were, but the evidence which was brought out. The truth made Tavia realise she had incorrect judged the situation and things may not always be the way it appear. From this episode onwards, she started to see where Keith was coming from- things were not solely black or white and she had to think outside the box. At first, I had suspicion of Chima too- but then later seeing him appear so geninue in court with his crying scenes and Aimee’s attitude in court made me dislike her. I really pitied Chima, but glad everything worked out in the end!
[Keith] Keith’s mum pushing lady down the building

This would have been so intense!! So much dilemma for Keith..(if only Keith’s mother really pushed her down the building) xD. I really thought that lady was kind-hearted and all… but TVB decided to take the easier way out by saying she was actually the evil one plotting to suicide with her. It makes me wonder if Keith’s mum didn’t try to take back the property from them, what scheme/revenge would she make.

I liked this case because it brought Keith and his mother together after all those years of misunderstanding. I thought she was completely weird- she was so unlikable, especially after she tried to sue her back after Ruco convinced Leanne’s mum to let his mum off..

[Wallace -Raymond] Corrupted Cops Case

Very intense- so much action! It made the police force seem so dark and scary >< They would beat up the suspects, shoot innocent citizens and get away with it… such abuse of the system!! It brought a dark side out and I was so proud yet scared for Raymond for sticking up to what he believes is right and just. He stood firmly on his values, and I really feared for his character when they started threatening him- his friends and family. I wouldn’t know what to do if I ever was in his situation…Such dilemma!!I thought it was surprisng and fresh to see an undercover lol (not that he did a good job XD) I didn’t expect it and felt bit disappointed with Wallace (although I would fully understand) when he backed out when Tavia continued to insist on investigating further.  She was brave and courageous but she didn’t see what Raymond saw how the gangsters beat up their friend- can the legal system really do something about it?  The case ended quite dramatically with a killing scene/Wallace saving Mavis!!  Awwwwww <3 He protected Mavis with his life!  It was this scene which really made me root for Wallace! I thought the case resolved nicely. The “I love you too” bit was cute too XD They were in such a dangerous situation!! (and I can’t believe Tavia would still dare to enter her home after she saw someone broke into it..)
[Cecilia -Natalie] Kenneth’s Case

The Other Truth

Kenneth (Alex) finally makes his awesome appearance in episode 20 for the final case! He seemed like such a nice guy and he was sooo sweet toNatalie! It looked like he fell in love with her at first sight and the two quickly got together.  He appeared to be an innocent guy at first and was unwillingly involved with mafias..but it turns out he was such a jerk!! He lied to Keith and Cecilia and when he revealed his truth self- he was so scary- his whole face changed. I then thought he was only using Natalie, but then he  still appeared so in love with her.  He really seemed genuine towards her and wanted to leave with her to the UK to start their life together.  I don’t know what part to believe…I don’t know if he was really “forced” to setup the murder or whether he was just doing it for money. If he was forced, then why was he so cocky and proud of admitting it in front of Keith? When Natalie slapped him across the face he looked so upset- is that normal?!? They’re almost like two different people..I really did pitied him  when he mistakened Natalie to have betray him and sent someone to kill her >< (Just like  how Michael Miu’s character killed Kathy in EU). Poor Natalie !! What a tragic ending for her… I can’t believe she just died like that!   I liked watching Keith and Mavis trying to protect her (as her mentors) and then later grieving over her death to arresting Kenneth for all his crimes. I never really  thought much of Natalie’s character in the series until this final case… :< At the end, Kenneth gets stabbed in jail… I have mixed feelings for his character- I really hate him, yet pity him so much at the same time- maybe his death will finally bring a resolution to everything.
The Other Truth


I felt the ending ended abruptly. It was like, life continues and they move on. Other than lucky James (Louis) and Madam Mui getting together (I’m happy for them XD) in the end, the main love triangle get no resolution- how is this an ending? I suppose Wallace and Norman did become barristers in the end..Yea, maybe it was just the love triangle that felt so incomplete.  I had a feeling Tavia wasn’t going to end up with either. I’m not sure whether its because Tavia’s character always appears to be so indecisive when it comes to love triangles- That, and also the fact the main focus of the drama isn’t the love plot, but the cases. I just feel that it’s a bit of a waste for her not to pick either of them, and just leave the 2 chasing her. I’m glad that “Fei-jai” James found his happiness in the end but I also felt he had too much screentime in the last episode, and I just wanted to see more of Mavis, Keith & Wallace… Refer to my previous  post for thoughts on the pairings.
The Other Truth

All in all, a good series with some interesting cases. I don’t think this is a series I’ll watch for the 2nd time given its pretty case-driven. I’ll probably just look back and think of those coupley moments between the leads XD


Finale Preview:

17 Responses to “[The Other Truth] Overall Thoughts”

  • Chibi says:

    hahaha…”coming soon…” I’ll keep an eye out on this space 😉

  • Madeline says:

    that screen shot picture at the top should’ve just been the ending of this show. What’s the point of having that extra 3 minute clip at the very end, it seems a bit off topic, almost like I’m watching another show..

  • James says:

    What kind of ending was that. Maybe the producers didn’t want to upset Rico or Raymond fans but that is one of the worst endings I have seen this year. It wasn’t even a proper ending.

    • Madeline says:

      lmao Rico fans haha xD, you mean Ruco

      but if they have an alternate ending i sure want to see it cuz i hope that the alternate ending is far better than this one.

  • Ri says:

    Sorry but everytime James and Madam Mui came on screen in the last ep I was just annoyed because I wanted more time to be spent on the Mavis/Keith/Wallace triangle!! I like the James and Madam Mui pairing (esp when Astrid came back as Madam Mui’s aunt of all people haha) but I just really wanted Tavia to choose someone! When it was down to the last 5 mins, i had pretty much given up, but then James came and spoke to Tavia abt who she was more worried about when Wallace and Keith got kidnapped, and I thought, omg maybe this is it, she’s really gonna choose! And then.. she didn’t. Frustrating much?! Garh!!

    But then again, you’re right, this is a more case-driven drama. I just wish it could’ve been a well-rounded one too, with a proper ending to the relationships as well. Ah well, disappointing last episode aside, it was a really good lawyer show, and felt completely diff fr Ghetto Justice so it was alright to show them back-to-back after all 🙂

  • Snow says:

    i guess im the odd one but i like the ending 😀 esp. with how they showed the statue and ruco saying sometimes u have to close yr eyes and feel the truth. and it doesnt bother me tavia dint pick either one, just glad to see them all so buddy buddy haha

    and its so sad for kenneth… he’s a baddie and all but he seriously loved ceci

  • misstila says:

    it really surprised me when natalie died i thought she was just gonna get run over and be in a coma like those typical tvb dramas. but since this drama was more realistic she died. i loved all the cameos in the other truth even though i disliked kenneth but AT the end when he got stabbed i felt sorry for him cuz he died in grace under fire he was also stabbed lol. and i can tell a lot of people enjoyed this series from the past discussions from your blog everyone was so hyped up about it 😀 and the the ending was so typical though lol tavia ended up with no1. sometimes i do question if she actually liked one of them, cuz at the end tavia was like she didn’t want to make the same mistake again. if kenneth didn’t die i thought they would’ve made a part 2 where he was the main bad guy HAHA

  • Tiffany says:

    I really think Kenneth did an amazing job acting. Especially throughout the past few years he has improved so much. I never thought much about the two pairing up until I actually saw it in this drama. When Kenneth played the Seventh Day theme song on the piano it totally made my heart melt! It was sooo cute and the fact that he and Natalie couldn’t be together was just sad. However, like everyone else is saying, he’s the bad guy and we all know that the bad guys in TVB dramas always loses in the end. I would’ve loved to see more of him as a regular character in the series and more onscreen time between him and Natalie. They do match well with each other : ) Ruco did an amazing job too; his first role as a lead and one of the few times he’s actually not the bad guy, I hope they have a sequel!

  • Ella says:

    I’ve heard people say that there will be a sequel. Who knows if that’s true. Guess time will tell. I liked this drama and I hope there will be a sequel with the same casts.

    Never thought Ruco Chan (Keith) is such a good looking guy until his role in this drama lol. I guess the dramas I’ve seen him in are the ones where he plays the bad guy so never really given it much thought. My favorite scene of him in this drama is the one in the lift with Tavia. Such a cute scene!

    • ee cheng says:

      i totally agree with you! when i saw him looking so moved in the case of the abused mother and son, my heart went out to him! and he started to look more and more handsome and manly from then on!! Keith is super-well portrayed by him!

  • IceCream says:

    I still don’t know who is the main character. Based on the pictures, Tavia’s picture is always the biggest or in the center. But based on the plot line and song, Ruco seems like the main character. So, who is it?

    Also, this drama was amazing. The cases are so serious and intense! Scenes like when the evil police were interrogating the lawyers and the lawyers said such clever remarks got my so excited! I’m glad Ruco got his chance to shine. I hope he’ll be starring in upcoming dramas.

  • B says:

    I hate how the triangle wasn’t resolved at all. I stayed up to watch the ending, wasted preppie sleeping time. Kenneth seems to act in alot of roles where the character is very two faced. I feel so uneasy when he is in the scene. (he also gets stabbed alot eh). I found the saddest part was when the wind kept blowing Natalie’s photo away when he died. Ahh tvb karma…

    • Madeline says:

      I fully agree with your thought B. But remember the whole point of the show is to enjoy watching how they resolve the cases and how courts are displayed and I think this is a good show happens to be a really good example if anyone wants to be a lawyer or a barrister one day.

      Just because this show ended up bad, it’s not right to fully hate this show. I enjoyed this show a lot and I hope everyone did too. So overall, this show is not a huge disappointment.

  • Cammie says:

    I just watched the ending, and I feel it’s a bit unrealistic for Tavia not to pick one. I mean, they loved her so much and they’re both rich, good-looking, and has great personalities. I know her marriage didn’t turn out well but that doesn’t mean she’ll stay single her whole life. 1 is better than none! I’m sure deep down inside, she loves one a bit more than the other (And I’m hoping that’s Ruco). 🙂
    I felt it was stupid to let Kenneth get stabbed and die in jail. It was better if he had to stay there for a longer time, and the wind blew away Natalie’s photo and he’ll never find it again. I never really hated him and pitied him a lot when he died.
    The last ep. focused too much on James and Madame Mui. I like them, but out of all the episodes, it has to be the last one. The last ep. should’ve focused more the leads.
    Overall, I enjoyed TOT a lot more than GJ. The cases were more serious, and maybe I’m biased because I like Ruco and Tavia more than Kevin and Myolie. 😀

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    Wow, firstly I have to say I am amazed by Rucco’s acting in here. I was hesitant to watch it since no actors appealed to me. but I thought I might as well watch it since I have nothing left to watch. Personally I don’t like Rucco due to his villain roles BUT I loved Rucco in The Other truth! , main character material! I am looking forward to more series with him as the main. I really wanted him to end up with tavia! they are such a cute couple, and it was kinda annoying seeing him so jealous over her everytime he loved her so much. He confessed to her and yet she…in the elevator, then on her bday. I believed they started liking each other at chima’s case and then evergreen case, it was so sweet when the hugged and we can all see how happy tavia was!

    gahh tavia and her love traingles! I rem she got me so annoyed in cupid stupid too!

    but looking forward to the sequel if they plan to release one..

  • zazuki says:

    TOT was just as good as Ghetto Justice!!
    I loved how TOT shows that the truth isn’t as simple as it is. I especially loved the way the drama showed the bts of how the jury works. I also loved the corrupt cops case but felt a little disappointed with the conclusion. having an undercover checking up on the department seemed to me, a little too easy. I was hoping for Raymond, on-kor and Ruco’s hard work to pay off eventually.
    As for the ending of why Tavia didn’t choose anyone, I thought it was reasonable. This show is one of the rare ones where the content/cases are more interesting than the romance. I actually liked how none ended with her though I was rooting for a keith and mavis loveline.But that would just have ruined their beautiful friendship. at the end of the day, who knows? if a second season comes out, romance could be on the way:)hopefully between keith and mavis:P hehe

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