It has been a long time..I have finished this series in early April which is almost 3 months ago..finally I have the time to do a final overview ^^I figured I should hurry and finish this post now or it won’t be published indefinitely (and perhaps appropriate while the banner is still on The Master of Taichi XD)-as always, this post contains spoilers-

I love this series so much! From beginning until end this story grabbed onto much about it is just so wow.

The scenery is so beautiful! The fighting is awesome..and there’s also a lot of character development and drama! All the relationships between characters (Disciples/master, between friends, siblings, lovers…) were interesting to watch.

After watching 3 more months of TVB series, this is my favourite series so far for 2008!

Vincent as Mo Ma:

I loved watching his character grow. Watching the final episode then looking back at episode 1 you can see different people; not only his martial arts but he also grew as a person- advancements in life and able to live in a mind of peace with no hatred. He turned from a person filled with hatred, stubbornness and a vengeful heart to someone who learned to care, love  and let go… I loved watching when he became “soft” instead of being so “wooden”. His martial arts is also  awesome. When Raymond appeared in the story and fought with him for the first time, Vincent was so arrogant, filled with high confidence even though he was still an amateur. That made me feel embarrassed for him. I loved his character development and it was Master Kwan’s sacrifice and Song Ching who changed him. He grew emotionally and the transition was very smooth and natural. He was able to open up more and become more sociable. This is the first time seeing Vincent Zhao on screen and I think he’s an awesome martial artist and a great actor. I’m so glad to have been able to watch his production!

Melissa as Song Ching:

One of my favourite performances from Melissa! Being the very caring, kindhearted, gentle character she was, I thought I’d probably be bored watching her but Melissa’s performance made it otherwise. Her character was just so likable (especially latter in the story where she had greater significance) and I pitied her character for all the suffering and pain she had to go through, both from her family back-story and love plot. Because of her father (played by Lau Kong), she was left an orphan, though raised up by Kenneth’s mother, she was used as a servant for their family to repay them for bringing her up.  The scenes which I felt were outstanding were scenes with her and father. I was very impressed and touched by their crying scenes. On the romance side, the two sisters (Selena and Myolie) took her love ones away from her; first Kenneth and then Vincent. Finally, at the end when we think that Melissa and Vincent can finally be together, she was given another burden- to look after Selena and Kenneth’s child. I wished that she wasn’t so selfless…I want her to find her happiness too..

Raymond as Hiu Sing:

I loved his character from the moment he appeared on screen. He was fun, playful and genuine when it came to helping other. He had a very loving heart and went easy on others. I was sympathetic towards his character as he went through ups and downs. His love for Myolie kind of blinded him though, making his hatred and insecurities from losing to Vincent take the most of him. I understand where things were coming from though so I don’t blame him. There was an episode or two  near the ending where Raymond’s character turns “bad”, but I was really happy he was able to redeem himself and become the character I loved so much once again. His crying scenes were also very touching…poor guy.

Myolie as Ji Kwai:

One with the very extreme personality. I remember watching her scenes from the start. Her acting wasn’t horrible but she played such an annoying, hated character: one who went through so much. I did not like her character at all though 😛 If you noticed my episodic summaries, most of the translated direct quotes were from Myolie’s character, simply because I wanted to emphasis what kind of character she was, saying the things she did. It was amusing in a way to see what kind of annoying character she was, and it would often make my eyes roll.

I found her really irrational. She obviously cared about herself more than anyone else- very very selfish. How can she hate Vincent so much because she expected him to return her love? It was her own misunderstanding and she felt he owed her but he didn’t even do anything! He never implied that he liked her~ yet she blamed everything on him.

I once read a discussion at a forum where someone made an very interesting point about her character, saying that she is, however, loyal and nice to those who help her. I can’t remember which forum it is, but I guess that’s another side of her if you look into her character more deeply.

I don’t think Myolie did a bad job in acting, it’s definitely a very hard character to play. When she was “See Kam” I started to like her because she was really sweet and wasn’t as aggressive; losing her memories and she started to clam down.  I started to like her character towards the end (around episode 20) after she finally decided to leave Vincent and I wanted her to find her happiness with Raymond.  She created a lot of drama for the series.

I believe the 4 leads did a very good job. There were a lot of  crying scenes and almost all of them were so touching (excluding Myolie crying for self-pity)!

Selena as Chui Kui: At first I found her quite a sweet, innocent character but then after awhile I got annoyed at how pushy she was. However later on I grew to like her again when Melissa found her happiness with Vincent. At the end though when  she died, I couldn’t help but think she was so selfish for asking Melissa to take care of her son…

Kenneth as Fung Nin: One who doesn’t seem to group up. He is the character I did not like throughout the series. I don’t believe that he deserves Melissa or Selena..the two deserve someone so much better. I don’t know what Selena even sees in him, nor how he can be the man she could rely on for the rest of her life. He is weak, indecisive, immature and needs a lot of baby-sitting. I think he is very lucky to have Selena. The worst of his character came out when he tried to get Melissa back because he liked her cooking etc. He already had Selena but it wasn’t enough for him. When Melissa wouldn’t return to his side, he gets drunk and blames Selena for leading him on, on the night they started their relationship Argh!! omg.. I can’t believe Selena forgave him so easily after that…This has got to be one of the hated character Kenneth has played. His character doesn’t really do much for the story either (yes, he’s there for the love plot but) I found him quite useless..

Derek and Yoyo: Derek seems to  fit nicely into the roles of a ‘cool’,  powerful man, protecting a weaker women (like in Face to Fate, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion). I’m glad Yoyo does not find out the truth that Derek was the one who killed her father. I was rather disappointed with Derek’s character though. I felt that he was going to change, and help Vincent who he ended up becoming friends with. He finally got out of not having to lie to Vincent anymore, yet he continued to work for the police Captain. I guess it goes to show the tough decisions he had to make- to return the favour his god-brother which he felt he owed. I like Yoyo’s character and feel proud of what she did at the end, even though she died in the end..

Master Kwan: A great actor! I liked his character a lot =) His sacrifice was sad and touching and I enjoyed watching the bond he shared with Mo Ma.

Melissa’s father- Lau Kong: TVB uses this a lot. An “evil” man yet has a soft spot for his daughter and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her (like in Face to Fate- Tavia and her father). He can really gain your sympathy and it makes you feel that there is still some good in him. I also like the way he cares for Raymond like his own son, yet being the manipulative man he was, he still used Raymond…*sigh* I liked the final scene before his death~ they were quite touching.
Vincent and Melissa

My favourite couple in Taichi!! Vincent and Melissa shared a high level of chemistry together, even when they just look at each other you can feel something <3 Both being orphans, the two share a feeling no other in the series can relate to. It is Melissa who changes him and complements him. There were so many touching scenes and lots of sweet moments which I’ve detail nicely in all the episodic summaries, so I won’t elaborate on them again. I also enjoyed every ‘rice’ scenes/references hehe.. I enjoyed watching the two; they went through so much to be together and I really wished they did at the end..

Raymond and Myolie: The two shared so many crying scenes together and I felt very involved with the interactions that exchanged. There were some very powerful line especially towards the latter half of the series.  Because Myolie was so obsessed with Vincent, I wasn’t 100% convinced when Myolie loved Raymond when she went to his side…At the wedding day where Raymond rejects her, she tells him that he “was the man she once loved the most, and now, he was the man who hurt her the deepest “. I’m not convinced how true that statement is, but it sure sounds pretty powerful XD During then, i jsut had to convince myself that she did love him (but I think I was just glad she finally let go of Vincent, who never loved her). I liked Raymond and Myolie’s relationship best when Myolie lost her memories and became “See Kam”. That was when the relationship felt more genuine. Every time, Raymond would appear by Myolie’s side when she needed someone, and no matter how evil Myolie’s character was, the gentle music playing when she was with Raymond made me feel liking her. I’m glad the two were able to live happily, ever after..

I highly recommend this series =) I thoroughly enjoyed it ! Which was better? First half or latter half? I can’t say lol because I honestly found the story exciting the whole way through! Perhaps the second half simply because the story reaches its peak climax!

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10 Responses to “[The Master of Taichi] Overview”

  • Summer says:

    KTVB .. wa.. seen u really love Master Of Tai-Chi alot..haha.. come to today.. u stil posting abt tis series..haha.. any way..its just nice to me.. i voted at 4/5 Above Average… is enjoying watching it too..

  • Ginger says:

    I am a fan of Myolie. Even though I must admit that Myolie may not be the right person to act ‘Ji Kwai’, I still love to watch her and Raymond together. Sometimes I feel like Myolie is just forcing herself to be ‘ladylike’.

  • Anna says:

    This series is currently being aired in canada and i started to watch it on tv, but i ended up watching all the episodes in 2 days on the weeked. I SO AGREE with you, this has been a great series! I was in shock to find out that ratings for this wasn’t high.. there were a lot of boring parts but most of it was very entertainig. rayolie couple was wayy too sweet.

    • KTVB says:

      ooo..that explains why there’s a huge flood of searches to this blog through Master of Taichi these days ^^

      Ratings is based on just HK viewers anyway~

      But yesh!! I love the series!!

  • 0rchid says:

    lol, it’s been a while since i watched this but i remember loving vincent&melissa together so much that i found myself hating the series because of the ending.

    i couldn’t stand myolie’s and selena’s character. it just didn’t matter how genuine myolie was in her confession when raymond rejected her, i just saw her as manipulative. and selena.. omg.. i wanted to slap her when she asked melissa to take care of her son, because given melissa’s character there was no way that she would have rejected selena’s request. she didn’t want to burden myolie (her sister) to take of her child but she felt that it was okay to put this on melissa even after everything that happened?? urgh.. that’s taking selfish to a whole new level.

    and vincent.. omg.. why did he not talk to melissa after coming back to the village?? they clearly still love each other very deeply but he couldn’t even go up to her to say “hi” but rather climbed up the mountain to practice taichi?? i just didnt’ like how ambiguous the ending was. if they explicitly showed that these two characters ended up together then i definately would have rated this series higher.

    the cinematography, the settings, the fights were pretty epic and done so incredibly well, but the storyline definately draggged the series down.

  • bluerainz says:

    Really love this series.. its makes me become Rayolie fans… Myo character very annoying in the beginning.. so childish.. but i thought maybe bcoz she came from rich family and spoiled than being selfish… glad in the end she change..
    Love the part when she lost her memory.. Love the way ray keep taking care of her and the end deep fallen in love to her… Really enjoy every scenes they together no matter how small it is..

  • JacJac says:

    Vincent Zhao is a handsome man. He’s on of the cutest actor I see. <3 him in Wong Fei Hung and Hua Mulan.

  • Ree-ree says:

    We don’t have this series in England, but I really like Vincent Zhao movies and began to watch the Master of Tai Chi. I watched the whole series within a week. Simply amazing.

    I loved his and melissa’s relationship, so sweet, they went through so much together but I was disappointed with the ending as we didn’t see them together, although we know that happened as he came back.

    However, I give the series 10/10 as I have never watched any series in such as short time.

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