And the action continues..approaching the end!

As I had thought, Raymond deliberately rejected Myolie and pretended that he only did to take revenge on her to make her leave him, so he could commence with his plan with Power. They hope to gather evidence against the Vice President for his betrayal to the country and hope to rescue the President at the same time. On the day the Vice President was having his celebration for successfully become the President (‘Si Jerng’), Power disguised as a waiter and sticks a knife behind his back, using him as hostage. He wanted to free the President but the Police Captain, Derek, Raymond and a group of men arrive and surrounds them.

Power eventually gets captured, and Raymond was forced to beat him up to mislead the bad guys that he was on their side. However, the Police Captain saw through his act and decided to send men to follow Raymond to watch his every move.

Myolie left the Capital and returned to the countryside to find Selena, where she finds out that Vincent was alive! =) She tells them what has happened, and that the President is actually captured.

Melissa becomes upset and uneasily when she hears Myolie talk about loving a man because she thought she was referring to Vincent. Myolie tells Melissa that there was just a misunderstanding in Shanghai and that she doesn’t have any sort of relationship with Vincent. Finally cleared!!

They find Fred who turned out to be following Myolie and protecting her from a distant. He didn’t understand why Raymond was being so slack to her yet still cared about her safety and sent him to protect her. Myolie decides to return to the capital with Vincent to find out about the truth.

Melissa wanted to go with the two as well~ Even though Vincent told Melissa it would be dangerous and that she should stay, she said she’d rather be in danger than to worry about Vincent not knowing what was happening and Vincent finally agrees! ^^ She wanted to be there for him =3


On the other hand, when someone reported to the Japanese Sect people that they saw Vincent and that he was alive at the Countryside, the very furious man decides to take revenge for Ellesmere by attacking them! He came with the Sect people and started attacking the whole town looking for Vincent.

He was very powerful and beat up Kenneth and almost kills him. In attempt to save Kenneth and attack the man, Selena gets badly injured! Vincent arrives defeating him, however..he came too late. Selena ends up getting dying from her injuries..and with her last words, she asks Melissa to help look after her son, and raise him up like her own …to be the boy’s mother in replace of her ..omg…I can’t believe this…how selfish can Selena get?? How about Melissa and Vincent?? Could this be the obstacle that separates Vincent and Melissa??

Because of the promise Melissa made, she was not able to travel back to the Captial with Vincent since she had to stay behind and look after Selena’s son =(

Melissa: I’ve helped you pack your things. Originally I planned to go to the Captial with you..but now something happened to Selena, and her son is still so young, I can’t leave him.
Vincent: I understand.
Melissa: I planned to go to the Captial with you because I was scared you’ll do things without much thought and that at least I’ll be by your side to remind you..and if, if something really did happen, and we had to die, we can could die together..but now..

//awww…I’m so moved!!! Especially how she was prepared to die with him..T_T

so sad..I hate seeing the two separate.. T_T such sweet moments~

And so, Myolie, Vincent and Fred head off and as they take a break, Vincent and Myolie share some moments of awkwardness, as Myolie realised he was still distancing himself from her. Myolie deliberately got Fred away so they could talk.

Vincent: I’ll…wander around.
Myolie: “Mo Ma”, do you feel awkward and unnatural around me? *Vincent gives an uneasy smile and looks away*
Myolie: I’m really sorry. I know you’re really bothered about the incident in Shanghai. But actually, everything is just a misunderstanding…

Finally everything is cleared between them xD I wonder if Myolie actually told him it was Raymond instead..? Probably

Back at the captial, Raymond realises he is being followed by the Police captain’s men and he sees Myolie! Because he didn’t want the men to get suspicious, he continued to act cold towards her and she started asking him if he ever loved her. In the talk, Myolie shows Raymond a piece of paper saying “Mo Ma is not dead” and Raymond was really relieved and happy (^^). He whispers her to get Vincent to find Yoyo, and they continued on with the act as they walk in separate ways.

Through Yoyo, Vincent finds out the truth as well as Derek being “controlled”/”used” by the Police Captain. Vincent tries to convince Yoyo to work with him to arrest them and that it was best for Derek to free himself ( even though Derek would get punished as well). Yoyo tells him that she’ll consider it.

The next day, Myolie and Vincent were a bridge where they were supposed to meet Yoyo. However, Derek arrives instead, showing them that Yoyo couldn’t possibly betray Derek and the Police captain and his men surround them. Luckily, Vincent and Myolie were able to escape (and seemed like Derek didn’t spend much effort to capture tem, deliberately freeing them) and Fred lead them to find Raymond =)

Forgiveness…and finally become friends ^^

Myolie: Back then you already knew Derek’s plans..and didn’t want me to stay because you were scared I would be in danger, so you treated me like you did on our wedding day, isn’t it?
Raymond: I’m sorry. I was’ll get dragged into it too. At first I thought I could give you happiness. I couldn’t believe that now you’ll have to risk your life with me.
Myolie: As long as I’m with you, whether risk or pain, I’ll still feel happiness. No matter if you yell at me, or try get me away, I won’t leave you…

//awww…I feel happy for this couple =)

The Vice President, Police Captain, Derek and Raymond were discussing about Vincent’s return and the fact he did not die. Raymond starts suggesting to the bad guys to leak out false news that they were shifting the president to another prison and should set a trap to capture Vincent. The Police Captain knows Raymond is allied with Vincent so plans to fool him by sending men there instead. When Yoyo overhears Derek and Police Captain’s conversation, she couldn’t stand it anymore because she hated the way Derek was forced to kill people that he didn’t want to. The Police Captain orders a servant to send her back into her room. Yoyo breaks the mirror and uses a piece to cut her wrists so when the servant went to get first aid, she manages to escape!

Raymond and Vincent attempt to save the president, but Yoyo gets there to tell them that it was actually a trap! The Police Captain and all this men surrounded the three of them! Derek arrived too and Yoyo yelled out to use her as hostage. The Police Captain wouldn’t believe Raymond would kill Yoyo so decided to shoot them anyway! Because Yoyo meant everything to Derek, Derek takes the vice-president as hostage!

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  • truc says:

    Nice summary, but i want to ask when will you do one for A journey callled life. i been waiting for the summaries since it march 31:however, when i check every site possible, hoping for it, there is no summaries for that serie, even though it been at least a week since it came out..

  • KTVB says:

    I’m sorry to disappoint you truc, but I won’t be doing summaries for A Journey Called Life because I won’t be able to watch it. I’ve been really busy and will continue to be until about end of June. This does not make it possible to for me to watch a TVB series properly and definitely not a summary with screencaptures.

  • truc says:

    Kinda disappointed, but i guess i just have to wait until it come out in the u.s then rent it.

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    the leaving scene between vinlissa was so sad!! =[ sighs.

  • chibi says:

    woww… awesome summary K =) Its so fun to read during work lunch breaks ^_^ Such an exciting episode… Selena dying was annoying though- especially now theres an obstacle between her and Vincent.

    I’m glad things are now clear between Vincent and Myolie, and that Ray and Vincent finally become good friends, yay.

    Funny thing tho, since I haven’t watched it- and you don’t post many pics of the misc/minor characters- I have no idea who “Fred” is, LOL.

    Anyway, good stuff =)

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