September 2007

[Steps] Themesong Lyrics

Here is my attempt of a lyric translation! As you’ve all probably realised by now my translation skills aren’t that great which is why I don’t have many translations on this blog. Heard the themesong, didn’t think it sounded too hard to understand, so here it is. Greatly appreciated if you can help fix it up! =)

How coordinated, you and I a couple
How happy, you and I rejoice
Hugging me, soaking in the ocean of love
If I’m with you, I don’t dread
How beautiful, having you with me
How rejoice, I’m already clear
It’s because I have you, there wouldn’t be another
As this perfect, don’t make a mistake
* I’m so in love with you
From now one, continually being together
No matter the status, loving you
Willingly in this sentiment
I’m so in love with you

From now one, continually being together
Only hugging you in this life
In this world, I’m into love because of you
Whether or not after, loving me won’t change
The warm fragment, you and I played
Every habit, I’ll be willing to change
You didn’t feel sad, never complained…

//If using, please give me credit for the translation!

Download the Themesong (Full Version): Here

10 Responses to “[Steps] Themesong Lyrics”

  • F.B.I. says:

    the theme song actually sounds good with the series but just listening to it it sounded weird before

  • aww thanks for the translation! you did a great job! 😀

  • Mikkeh says:

    wow thnx! i was gonna translate for a friend of mine but look who done the job for me! oh and it would be nice if u put some sort of link with the actual themesong

  • KTVB says:

    To F.B.I: I agree with you =) when I first heard it from the “In love with Drama” album, i would cringe just hearing the music at the beginning, but after watching the series, its sounds so much better. I guess its because of the association you feel with the actual series and characters

    To Mikkeh : yay ^^; And thanks for your suggestion! The download link is posted above now !

  • Anna says:

    aww thank you for the translation!
    could you please post up the pinyin for this song too? ^^;;

  • truc says:

    i luv that theme sng…..especially the english part when she sang “im so in love with you”…cuz thats the only part i understood..*_* But it was still great!!!.

  • KTVB says:

    The Pinyin for the themesong =)
    Credits to: Alice @ Starz Central for translations!

    Doh moh pooi hap nei gung ngoh yat dui
    Doh moh faai lok nei gung ngoh seung jui
    Yung po jeuk ngoh jam joi oi hoi lui
    Yiu si woh nei moot wai gui

    Doh moh mei lai yau jeuk nei gan ngoh
    Doh moh hing hang ngoh yin yi ching choh
    Yan yau jeuk nei joi moot yau yat goh
    Je yeung yuen mei bit chut choh

    * I’m so in love with you
    Yi hau lin joi yat hei
    Bat goon san fan oi jeuk nei
    Yuen seung je yat fan ching dik nei
    I’m so in love with you
    Yi hau lin joi yat hei
    Gam saang do ji po jeuk nei
    Joi sai gaan tau yap oi ya yan nei *

    Hoh fau yi hau oi jeuk ngoh bat bin
    Wan hing pin duen nei gung ngoh sik yin
    Soh yau jaap gwaan ya yuen yi goi bin
    Nei moot naan gwoh moot yuen yin

    Repeat [*] x 2

  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for your translation.Thank you very much.The meaning of it is really nice and meaningful

  • Izzykonto says:

    Mhm, very great layout :).

  • briecheese says:

    The link for the theme song doesn’t work anymore! I’ve tried looking for it EVERYWHERE, but I can’t find it. 🙁 Can you please update it? Thanks a whole bunch!!

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