October 2007

[Steps] Thoughts: Episode 1-10

I’m quite enjoying this series, mainly because of Steven Ma and Bernice Liu. I love this couple and they have so much more chemistry and character compared to their role in The Brink of Law. Both of the characters are really likable and i thought it was cute in the episode they both sorta realised they ‘liked’ each other. The other inspiring part of the series is definitely the dancing. I’d love to see of it though~ I feel like learning to dance watching it lol But reflecting on, I don’t care so much about the other characters.

Claire Yiu’s character for example. I find her really shallow, annoying and plain dumb. The way she goes crazy over “Bob” her ex-boyfriend is ridiculous. They got-back together because Claire stuck back to him and claimed him to be her boyfriend.They didn’t say the reason why they broke up in the first place, but it seems like she was dumb not to care anyway. Who needs a boyfriend like that? (referring to his response when Claire told him that she had to stay behind for dancing lessons). I also don’t see why Wayne likes her so much…(I’m not Wayne’s character I don’t know) maybe it proves the point that love is blind. You can be attracted to someone, and love someone without a reason, even if there’s nothing good about the person. Ok..that sounds mean for Claire’s character since she is a nice person XD

Fala and Bernice’s rivalry reminds me of the one between Shirley and the other violinist in The Price of Greed. Fala is jealous of Bernice because her mother likes Bernice a lot, praising her for her natural talent for dancing. Fala also believes that she is better than Bernice, so holds many grudges against her. Fala’s character is unlikable, and its so wrong for her to try kick/trip Bernice over during the dancing competition, especially when so many people are watching, its obvious. Fala also only had herself to blame when her commercial was replaced with Bernice. Despite her bad character, I think Fala looks really pretty and skinny here, especially compared to Bernice and would have thought Fala would look better for the advertisement.

Because of the way Kate’s character is brought up, she acts like a child. At times I do find her annoying, especially in the part where she believed the old man and accused Steven and Wayne. I have to say I think she’s looking prettier in the series (excluding parts where she is wearing the glasses). I would have thought her dancing role was larger.. Onto the love triangle, I don’t particularly favour any of the guys (i.e Mathew Ko or Stephen Wong)

By the end of episode 10, seems like most of the conflicts were resolved (other than Wayne hating Steven). It feels like it could be a happy ending for them all. Steven and Bernice get-together, Claire finally likes Wayne, Kate is with Mathew and Fala no longer hates Bernice..wonder what else is ahead?

Random Screencaptures from various episodes from 1-10

10 Responses to “[Steps] Thoughts: Episode 1-10”

  • kinki says:

    I am currently at Ep.13.
    I enjoy watching Bernice and Steven together too!

    I found that I like Kate the least…I dunno..why..maybe it’s the way she talks/her accent or something..that annoys me!!

    And Wayne Lai is good too, as always.

  • AC says:

    I agree! I like Steps because of Steven and Bernice (and Wayne!) but all the other supporting actors are blah (both their characters and their acting) am i the only one distracted by the mom’s wig?

  • KTVB says:

    To Kinki: Wayne’s acting is good but his character is annoying me (esp how he blames everything on Steven) ..actually that “Judy” girl is the most annoying character. She just happens to be everywhere at the perfect time to hear everything -_-

    TO AC: There’s something wrong with the mother’s wig? Didn’t really notice..I thought she looks really cool XD

    Yeh..Kate, Mathew and Stephen are a bit stiff..

  • kinki says:

    KTVB: Oh ya..forgot about that Judy lady..she’s pretty annoying too…being so sneaky..
    ..but I guess sometimes these characters are supposed to be like that.
    In every series, there’s gotta be a couple of these characters annoying the audience. =P

    AC: I wasn’t bothered by the mother’s wig either. I think it quite suits her..haha..!

    I wasn’t surprised about Matthew and the other Mr HK guy (pairing up with Fala) being stiff..coz they are newbies.

    Oh, and one more thing. I didn’t really like how fast Wayne and Claire got together (+married). Cause how the heck did Claire fall for Wayne??

  • cF says:

    I’m loving Steps too! The cast and plot ain’t bad and the dancing is great to watch! I’m enjoying the Bernice+Steven chemistry here more than Brink of Law (which was already real good)..

    I hope Stephen Huynh’s character (Wallace) will be bigger soon. I’ve been looking forward to him being in a more substantial role. I think he’s cute^^

  • STEPSlover says:

    I wonder if you knew the song used when Steven proposed to Bernice when it was snowing in the end. please let me know if you got it. Thanks (:

  • Bitazh says:

    Yeah I wanna know what that song called too ! Please someone lemme know.

  • Bitazh says:

    I found that song STEPSlover. It is Diva Vi – Baby baby

  • juni3 says:

    Who’s the guy that acted as Bob? Claire’s ex-bf?

  • KinRi says:

    i have a question, do you know any of those like subsongs played during the dance competitions?

    Reply from KTVB: Sorry I don’t!

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