Here is my attempt at translating the themesong of Sisters of Pearl (Full Version) 🙂 At first I thought the song was pretty straight forward, but the more I read into the lyrics the more confused I got since the different combination of Chinese characters can be interpreted differently. I guess what confuses me about this particular themesong is that I only have 2 more episodes before the end of the series, and yet I can’t quite figure which character it’s supposed to relate to lol Here are my interpretation of the themesong, feel free to share your own/discuss!

Sisters of Pearl

TVB Sisters of Pearl Theme Song Lyrics

Forget Myself  (Sisters of Pearl Theme Song) by Myolie Wu

English translations by KTVB
Please credit if re-posted.

When you are scared, use my hands- even if they get dirty, I’ll still enjoy it
Realise that even if you give out/sacrifice, it’s still not enough. Why still accept?
I suddenly hope that you say it out- you don’t feel you have tasted enough of the glory
Emotions let the story last long, to see/understand who will go

For you, I have brought you success, yet never let you know
I have not yet prepared for the grief
Have tears but no feelings, how will you remember, when you can’t obtain appreciation, how can you deceive yourself?

I brought you success and forgot myself in the process
I have not left a leeway, so how to hide/avoid?
After that, who can let go of memories (Afterwards, if can remember to forget)
Be able to withstand separation and sadness, hearts dependent on each other

In times of happiness, don’t be too conscience. Obtain for a moment, lose peacefulness
Why have you not treasured lack of reaction/response? Why hasn’t it ever
reminded you?

When you’re weak,  hoping you’d tell me, speak to him- I’m willing to listen aside
My presence unexpectedly destroys the scene, only here is the last act

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KTVB’ s comment: As I’ve mentioned above,  I’m not quite sure which character this song is sung in the perspective of. It seems to be describing a woman who is willing to do everything to  help a man achieve his goals- to the extreme point of losing herself in the process. Which female character could this be? Kiki for Bowie? She does not even see his intentions, and not smart enough either XD Unless it’s talking about the episodes towards the end where she blindly lets him take his revenge..but still.

Doesn’t seem fitting for Joyce or Macy either, which leaves Jessica- which also does not seem to fit the description when considering her relationship with Michael Tao. yes, I’m confused.

So I thought, ok. Maybe the “person singing” is supposed to be a guy! Would be fitting if Bowie was a good man (what he appeared to be in the early part of the series), who did lots of things for either his wife Kiki or perhaps Jessica (whom he actually loves) which eventually lead him to become evil. This was not the case though as Bowie loses himself through his vengeful heart and hatred towards the Chu family.

Nevertheless, I love the song and think the lyrics fit to the feel of the series overall!

8 Responses to “[Sisters of Pearl] Themesong Lyric Translations”

  • chibi says:

    wah..such a nice song, thanks for the lyric translations ^–^!!

    • KTVB says:

      You’re welcome ^^ Here are the Cantonese Pinyin to the lyrics, please credit if reposted!

      nei hoi pa si yung ngoh dik seung sau
      jim do fooi chan do ya heung sau
      faat yin yuen loi foo chut do yik bat gau
      wai hoh ying si jip sau

      ngoh dat yin kei doi nei suet chut hau
      fung gwong booi hau gok dak mei seung tau

      yau jeuk ching gam yeung goo si cheung gau
      hon tau liu sui wooi jau

      *sing jau nei moot suet chuen wai nei
      ngoh mei lau san wai seung tung jun bei

      yau lui mo gam ching yue hoh yik gei
      dak bat do yan seung jam hoh ji hei

      sing jau nei mong diu si ji gei
      ngoh mei lau yue dei jam hui doh bei
      gwoh hau sui hoh fong dai yik gei
      (gwoh hau yue gwoh gei dak mong gei)
      ging dak hei fan hoi seung bei
      sam kaau joi yat hei

      faai lok yau si bit yiu taai ching sing
      dak do yat si sat hui on jing
      nei wai hoh chung mei jan sik moot faan ying
      wai hoh chung moot gei ying

      yuen yeuk si kei mong nei suet yat seng
      gan ta dui wa ngoh gam sam pong ting
      ngoh joi cheung ging jun poh waai cheung ging do je lui choi mei seng

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    i think it’s Michael Tao actually…from the very start i really think it was talking about him… like he gives me the feeling that yeah he is kind of greedy and everything and like he does things with purpose, but he eventually came to help the Chu sisters, especially Jessica. And that scene where Jessica asks him why he is helping..and like how he says it’s cause he wanted 3% of the shares..i also think it’s cause he likes her..but jessica is disheartened because she was hoping he’d be doing it out of love etc.. when in reality, she really doesn’t realize it’s cause he likes her sort of thing…and like michael has many times helped Jessica without her knowing which has gotten her out of webs of problems and such…yet his work goes on unknown or not taken note of… so in a way i always felt it might be singing for michael..hahaha

    • KTVB says:

      You’re right! It could be Michael!! I don’t know why I left him off my analysis above lol

      I agree with you on that scene because I felt that Michael already liked Jessica at that point but he just wouldn’t admit it.

      For you, I have brought you success, yet never let you know” works well for Michael since he does so many things for her behind her back yet doesn’t let her know.

      “I brought you success and forgot myself in the process“<- could represent his change of heart. He changed from a greedy man into one who can give up everything for the woman he loves. Even early on when he started helping Jessica and his son, Joyce questioned his change of intentions of helping Jessica.

      And the more he helps Jessica, the more he is going against against Bowie which makes me feel that this chorus might be a reflection of Michael's final tragic end:

      "I have not left a leeway, so how to hide/avoid?
      After that, who can let go of memories (Afterwards, if can remember to forget)
      Be able to withstand separation and sadness, hearts dependent on each other

      At the end, he “exposed” himself to Bowie…

      It also makes more scene since Michael and Jessica are pretty much the main characters in the series- it’s more fitting that way.

      If the song is really Michael for Jessica, the song becomes so much more sweet and memorable for the couple..

      • Lavendar_Bluez says:

        SCORE!! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!! all the ideas i was having run through my heads..and no body puts it in english and words better than you..HEHE!!!

        yes i think it is…i wish they ended off with jessica thinking about michael rather than kiki & bowie..haha

        OOH JESSICHAEL!!i cant wait for your review!! hurry up and write it..HAHAHAHA

        • KTVB says:

          lol XD Yea…was not pleased with Bowie and Kiki having the final shot!!

          I know I should write my review..quite busy lately, hence the lack of updates I want to read your review too lavender 😛

  • chibi says:

    After finishing the whole drama, it becomes really clear that this song is written from Michael’s perspective.

    Michael becomes a very selfless character who cares deeply for Jessica. He is always secretly helping her and we can see that it clearly does not benefit him, like licking the shoe of the Business owner in order for him to supply them with pearls. For someone to go to that extent, for a man to lose all his pride, that is something we rarely see, and is totally not something the old Michael would do. So in the process of loving Jessica, he has “forgotten himself”, because love isn’t logical and you just don’t do things that make sense.

    “Realise that even if you give out/sacrifice, it’s still not enough. Why still accept?”

    I think this refers to the beginning when he realises that he indirectly “killed” Jessica’s husband, and he tries to do everything he can to make it up to her. This is a crucial part of their relationship, as Michael suddenly understands why she hates him so much, as oppose to him thinking she’s just being silly.

    When Jessica finally gets together with Michael, they hold hands and in this very moment, I believe it was the first time this song was EVER played out in the drama with Myolie’s vocals. The song has never been played out with vocals so I think that is really significant 🙂

    “Be able to withstand separation and sadness, hearts dependent on each other”

    This speaks for itself..

    • KTVB says:

      Nice analysis chibi : D your interpretation is Michael “losing himself” in a good way ^^

      I actually didn’t realise “Realise that even if you give out/sacrifice, it’s still not enough. Why still accept?” could have linked to Michael indirectly causing Jessica’ husband’s death. Makes sense now!

      I can’t believe I didn’t realise when the full song with vocals was playing in their scene together XD Should have been obvious to me lol

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