June 2014

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26 Responses to “[The Ultimate Addiction] Polls”

  • karened says:

    Hmmm I think Anson is the name of Nancy Wu’s character, not Kate.

  • Nana says:

    Cheuk Yuk! Cheuk Yuk! 😀

  • KTVB says:

    The 3 most interesting characters are Bosco, Nancy and Kate. I actually like watching all 3 of them and watching how their relationsihp will unfold. I get this feeling that Kate is going to turn ‘evil’ as she gets close to Bosco to get her revenge, yet at the same time makes me wonder whether she’ll end up falling in love with him and causing some sort of dilemma.

    Kate seems to respect Nancy quite a bit but I wonder whether she’ll betray her in the future? Nancy is willing to do anything for Bosco. Can’t wait to watch more!

  • dongfangguniang says:

    I hate kate’s character here. yes she is trying to get revenge for her dad but it’s no excuse for her to be a home-wrecker. I’m also quite disappointed in Bosco’s character too. he already has a wife that is willing to do anything for him and she has been with him through thick and thin suddenly he is trying to protect kate just cuz she semi reminds him of his ex wife that died. meanwhile kate keeps trying to find ways to hurt him.

    • KTVB says:

      Home wrecker- you mean breaking up Bosoc/Nancy or Stanley? If you mean Bosco and Nancy..I actually don’t think Kate’s strategy is to get close with Bosco that way. I think she just wants to get close to him in terms of work/the business to get insider information. I think Bosco falling for Kate just happened to be consequential because the two did click. I do feel sorry for Nancy though, but I don’t think it was Kate’s intention to ruin their relationship..

      If you meant Stanley..I think that was Kate’s mistake..don’t think she intended it to turn out that way.

      • mandy says:

        Agreed! 😉

        • Daphanie says:

          If she’s not intend to wreck someone else marriage~ she should’ve reject bosco to accompany her to US for treatment though since she promise her si fu to avoid bosco but she breaks it.. That’s wicked! She is one unpredictable.. She look so innocent with some sort of evil side..

        • KTVB says:

          That is true…Kate is so hard to understand sometimes..when she told her Si Fu she won’t have any relationship with Bosco anymore because it’s all over etc I thought she meant it. She seems so genuine about it as well. I was quite surprised when Kate accepted and let Bosco go to the US with her.
          To me, it seemed like she wanted him to be by her side. If she only treated him as a friend, she would have just let Ah Him (Jack Wu) go with her.

        • Daphanie says:

          Thats what i mean~ i just think kate bring so much trouble! Its make everyone pissed off… Mandy since you say Love is cannot be control.. I think that bullsh*t 😎 I’m sorry to say that coz that’s the mind of 18 years old that not mature enough.. If everyone think like you.. There’s alots of marriage end up divorcing! Being marriage is not easy when u simply love bring someone else to bed with you that is polygamy.. But I wouldn’t blame you coz you know some people don’t really mind to be in that kind of relationship… Chi nga suck!

        • KTVB says:

          Something tells me Kate is “kinda innocent” in all this. Maybe she let Bosco accompany her to the US as a way to let him ‘make up to her and her dad’, and the fact she doesn’t have anything against him. And maybe because Kate knew Jack Wu’s feelings for her so refused to let him come with her. Then again, pretty sure Kate knows Bosco has feelings for her =_= I’m glad Kate rejected Bosco…but she still has feelings for him and cares about him. I don’t really know what is going to happen with these two..and when she finds out the truth. Go NANCY!!

    • mandy says:

      Lol but it isn’t exactly Kate’s fault that Bosco is falling in love with her! Her primary motive wasn’t to be together with Bosco, it was for revenge. & in this process, she didn’t even flirt with him or what not. She was just being… Herself. You can blame Bosco for liking Kate, & you can’t blame Kate for Bosco liking her. It’s love. It cannot be controlled. It just comes lol . soooo Bosco & Kate foreverrrr

      • KTVB says:

        Yea I agree with mandy. He just fell for her..

        At first i liked Bosco x Nancy’s pairing. I thought they were a very powerful couple together and Nancy did so much for him. Nancy still continues to do so much for him, but Bosco slowly starts neglecting her for Kate.

        While I do feel sorry for Nancy’s character, I started liking Kate and Bosco pairing because of the chemistry they shared. Felt like there was sometihng unspoken between them, a kind of chemistry that connected the two characters although they haven’t admitted it.

        Wonder what will happen to these two!

        • mandy says:

          yes yes yes! my sentiments exactly! Yeah I do feel sorry for nancy to a certain extent. she has done a lot for Bosco, but she kept trying to harm Kate. Yes, it’s to “protect” her husband as she says, but the fact that she’s being mean to Kate… makes me feel a little less sorry for her I guess. & yes, I feel the chemistry between them too. it kinda reminds me of highs and lows, which happens to be one of my favourite tvb dramas. looking forward to subsequent episodes!

        • KTVB says:

          If you put yourself in Nancy’s shoes it’s totally understandable though. She loves him so much and did so many things for him yet this is what she gets in return. Her marriage is at stake so she’s desperate to do anything to save it. She’s also warned Bosco numerous times that he’s just playing with fire because Kate will eventually find out the truth. I loved it when Nancy said to him ‘Don’t be so greedy”. That’s exactly what he is. Greedy. In a sense I think Bosco doesn’t deserve a wife like Nancy.
          I found the scene in episode 23 where Bosco returned his ring to Nancy quite “woahhh”. So so harsh.

          0_0 @ Sharon’s character development in episode 23!

          P.s Love Highs and Lows! <3

  • mandy says:

    Bosco and Kate forever! xD hahaha I think love is really uncontrollable so even though I pity nancy (kinda), I think that Bosco and Kate deserve to be together.

    • KTVB says:

      I wonder whether Bosco would be able to give up his greed for Kate though..

      • Mandy says:

        he did xD he gave up his company! but he’s a pretty intelligent & capable guy so he can easily build up another “fortress” I guess! ahahah watched last night episode and Kate had like 2 minutes screen time whaaattt ._.

        • KTVB says:

          Up to episode 25!

          I’m actually excited to see Bosco vs Nancy’s company. Nancy is a very intelligent woman and it’s kinda comforting to have more girl power on her side with Sharon helping her (although Sharon’s transformation in character is a bit bizarre). I want to see Nancy take Bosco down! ^^

  • KTVB says:

    As for the Ben/Sharon/Elena love triangle, I am actually rooting for Ben and Elena (although I doubt this would happen….I just hope Elena’s character won’t die or anything bad happen to her..that would be tragic!) I think these two share so much history and chemistry together! Maybe I’m bias because I admire Elena’s character so much more than Sharon (I’m quite indifferent about her character). Other than Elena looking a bit old for Ben Wong; they seem like the perfect match. She’s more mature and elegant, while Sharon seems to get fussy over a lot of things. I enjoyed watching the scenes of Sharon getting jealous over Ben/Elena XD

    Loved the scene where Elena kissed Ben on the lips!

    • mandy says:

      lol we must be soulmates or something because I agree with everything you say hahaha. I really like the chemistry between them too! I’m not sure if they have collaborated before, but I really like their relationship here hehe.

  • JacJac says:

    Watched up to 22. The part where Nancy leaving Bosco makes me think that even if Kate doesn’t show up, Bosco might fall for another woman in the future too. If Bosco truly loves Nancy, even if Kate appears he will still loves her. I guess Bosco just respects Nancy as his wife since she’s done so much for him. I can feel Nancy anger about her husband leaving for another woman. Sharon is jealous of Elena while Nancy is jealous of Kate. Jack is jealous of Bosco cause Kate likes Bosco.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you about Bosco possibly falling for another woman- and that woman need not be Kate. He seems to change woman pretty quickly…He seems to have this notion in his head that that’s because he is successful and has power that he can have more than one woman in his life.

  • Aero says:

    May I know who is the guy Sharon is currently having an affair with in the series after leaving Ben Wong?

  • Jolie says:

    Toby’s my favorite.

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